Yes, I Killed Moana Through Juju! Jealous Young Sister Of Ginimbi Death Victim Brags As she Celebrates.

As the burial of the late Moana, real name Michelle Amuli, (the beautiful young woman who also perished in the fatal car crash which took Ginimbi’s life) is set for this Thursday, the young sister of the Ginimbi car crash death victim who goes by the Instagram name tatts_zw has taken to social media to sensationally brag that it was indeed her who caused the horrific death of her older sister after she posted a series of pictures and videos online which depicted her celebrating soon after the fatal crash. She was then accused by her followers for killing Moana through witchcraft, of which she replied, “Yes I killed her so what!”.

Moana was burnt alive in Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce below.

The main thing I have learnt from this Moana’s death is that when you leave Zimbabwe, especially when you have toxic family members, as most Zimbabweans do, do not ever go back to that cursed land, they will sacrifice you.

I have also learnt that, “Do Not Cry More Than The Bereaved.” Literally too.

I have also learnt that Zimbabweans will always stay true to their cockroach behaviour. They were hailing Ginimbi in death as if he was some sort of HERO, when he was alive they mocked him daily for his so called UGLINESS, so much that Ginimbi felt the heat of the mocking he had to change his image in a bid to prove to Zimbabweans that he was CUTE. Now, in their extreme poverty, they close down the capital city to worship his dead body like he was some sort of god, well he was a spirit god I suppose.

But anyway, back to Moana, if there are victims who are supposed to be mourned the most out of the Ginimbi death, it’s the three people who where burnt alive in the car. They died the most painful form of death a human being can ever experience, being burnt alive. Ginimbi himself did not even suffer this fate, he died rather peacefully besides the road, compared to the fate of his friends who got trapped in the Rolls Royce.

I expected the family of this young woman to be totally heartbroken, visibly, at least, knowing that their beloved daughter/sister died such a painful death.

I have read about how mothers especially, normally reacts to the sudden horrific passing of their children, some are so traumatised and go into such shock that they need to be sedated.

But alas, not in Zimbabwe, the cursed Land of evil and abominations, where evil is called good and good is called evil.

Just hours from Moana being burnt alive in Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce, her father was on TV giving interviews calling his daughter a whore, the mother didn’t hold back either, she also gave a lengthy TV interview, laughing at times even, talking about how Moana threw her a big bash for her birthday, making the TV interview, which she shouldn’t even have been doing in the first place, all about herself…

From the abominations I have seen over the past two weeks, I do not believe for one minute that Moana’s mother had a healthy relationship with her daughter, the father also testified that the mother neglected her daughter as a baby, so badly that the father had to take his daughter and look after her himself, as Moana’s diapers were often left filthy until the poo turned green or something, apparently.

When I thought I had seen it all, then behold, within hours the young sister of Moana then spectecularly took to social media, after she had also given a very lengthy TV interview, in a way I have never seen grieving done before…on this earth. The little sister of Moana, within hours of her sisters’ horrific passing, posted numerous pictures of herself on Instagram as she “celebrated” her sisters death with bizarre innaporiate captions like, “Smile Baby Girl, You Are Gold.”

I mean, what are you smiling about when hours before, your own sister was burnt alive, screaming. Videos of her even screaming as she was dying are even on social media. How do you get the energy to go on your phone at that very time, and smile, seductively as well, then go to settings on Instagram and select the best picture and click post. How is it possible to do that when the body of your sisters is not even identified yet, probably still in smoke, never mind being buried. I mean, you would think the young sister is the one who actually killed Moana, as some of her shocked followers accused her of. That seems the only logical explanation for her sudden happiness when she is supposed to be crying, at least.

When I showed my husband, the King her Instagram, he was like, “It’s like she killed the sister. This is celebration on her part, she is not grieving.”

She even recorded a chilling video lip-syncing to a song about a person who never thought they would die and now they have died and their clothes are being divided or something to that effect, the lyrics of the song she was singing to was so shocking and inappropriate, cruel rather, and she had the nerve to post it. And as if that was not bad enough, she then put a fire emoji as the icing on the cake…I mean, you couldn’t make it up.

I know people grieve differently and all but hey, this is a whole new level of grieving…and the Zimbabweans staying true to their nature of calling evil good and good evil defended her and said, “That’s the new way of grieving y’all, let her be!” Apparently she didn’t mean it when she wrote with her own fingers that, “Yes I killed her, so what!”. Apparently she was joking, Zimbabwean know what’s in her heart, and apparently in their culture its quite normal to joke like that after your loved one die.

Prior to that, she had actually badmouthed her own dead sister on a TV interview whilst the body of Moana was still smoking fire, she went on TV and said she had told Moana to stop the lifestyle of partying and have a quiet birthday, no party. I was shocked when I visited her own Instagram page and saw that she was a wilder party animal even more than her older sister. Her sister was a party animal alright, but Moana had ambition, and was at least talented, and had a bit of class, well a bit, but this jealous young sister of hers, she’s a perfect picture of African trailer trash, if there is such a thing.

The thing is, in Zimbabwe, these young women are more dangerous than snakes, they stay true to the territorial demons of the country. This is why I keep telling the world how dangerous and dark the country of Zimbabwe is. Most of these young women and young men too have turned to a life of voodoo, they are always seeking fame and fortune. They go to the underwater world through sangomas and will do anything for fame and fortune. When I last went to Zimbabwe in 2011, I saw this reality with my own eyes, how relatives are always the ones to seek juju and sacrifice their own closest family members, especially successful ones, for fame and fortune.

My own so called young sister who is also extremely jealous of me cursed me and predicted my divorce when I last went to Zimbabwe, and because she is the kind of person who doesn’t stop visiting n’angas/Sangomas, I knew prior to my visit to Zimbabwe she had visited a few sangomas. I vowed to never set my foot in Zimbabwe again. I even had a few near death experiences whilst I was there. Zimbabwe is a demonic land of territorial spirits and if you are not careful, your closest relatives will sacrifice you when you go back there, and you won’t make it out alive.

Moana’s life was taking off, she had emigrated to South Africa and had allegedly got engaged. Apparently, Moana even told her jealous little sister that she was not returning to Zimbabwe, that she was going for good, and gave her her old wardrobe.

But on her birthday, something pulled her back to Zimbabwe, and little did she know that death was pulling her back, through Ginimbi who had his own spiritual issues he was dealing with, and her own parents who oozes so much negative energy, especially her mother, and her own little sister who was clearly so jealous of her fame and so called “success”. She clearly wanted those Instagram likes and followers for herself.

Whoever killed her, or sacrificed her, whether it was Ginimbi’s spirit that called her, or her own even, or her little sister’s juju as she confessed boldly on social media, or if it was even her own parents who killed her…yes in Zimbabwe parents sacrifice their own children a lot…Whatever happened to this beautiful young lady who was living such a sad life of vanity herself, we can only say Rest In Peace, if there is such a thing for her in the afterlife…

In the meantime, Moana’s little sis is really seizing the moment, she is using this time “wisely” to build her name as the latest social media seductress of Zimbabwe, and in all fairness, she seems to have taken the throne.

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Mary-Tamar was Jean

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