My Daughters Are Not African And Will Only Speak English

If you know not who you are, you will never be free. If you know not who you are, you will never know where you are coming from. If you know not who you are, you will never know where you are going.

As the House of Offeh celebrates the first historical Feast Of The Tabernacles this week after 400 years, I feel totally liberated that my children can now officially say they are not African but Black British Royalty.

For me the African way of life has always been strange, something I could never relate to, especially the Zimbabwean culture which is already barbaric enough as it is. As a child, the country and people of Zimbabwe rejected me, and I always felt like I belonged to another Kingdom. I felt like a lost Princess.

I have always been an open book when it comes to my freedom, I refuse to have anyone tell me how life is supposed to be lived, especially the woman who took me as a baby and tried to sacrifice me. I lived the real life of Rapanzel, but I am here out of the tower to tell my story. I have four beautiful daughters whom I refuse to live a life of being told by the world how to be.

Even though I have a lot of respect for Ghana and especially the Ashanti Tribe, from where the King of the North comes from, I follow my Lord and King who also says he has never seen himself as an African.

I am not able to connect with being an African, neither are my 7 children. Africans are Hamites, so if you are called and set apart, you actually move away from being African and you seek the Most High Yah of Israel.

There is an African woman whose pictures are going viral and I keep seeing her photos on my social media timelines. She is trying to build the African Dream, by making the African way of life as appealing as possible. She poses for pictures with her two young daughters selling what I call the African Dream. Black people so love her artistic and creative concepts, and shes making a living out of it, but when I see her pictures, I see a life I can never want or desire. I see a life of toiling and bondage. I don’t want to be African and I have taught my daughters that they shouldn’t live like that.

When my girls see these pictures, they have so many questions and find it all rather strange. They are not able to connect with that sort of life. I have taught them that they are Princesses who should live in a palace with their own handmaidens waiting on them.

My daughters have never had dreams of going to Africa to live in a mud hut and wash clothes outside. They have never had dreams of living in an environment which lacks comfort and luxury. They were not born to toil.

My daughters are Black British Royals. Ever since they were born they love everything royal and magnificent. They love Palaces and Castles and Servants. They do not want to wear African clothes, they want to wear ball gowns. My oldest daughter especially hates African cloth and finds it rather loud and tacky. My daughters do not like wooden jewellery, they want shimmering tiaras on their heads and sparkly shoes. They want pianos and harps and classical music playing all day. They love ballet and dancing gracefully. My daughters are not African, they have never been. They are Black British Royals.

African way of life is the Canaanite way of life of returning to the earth, but my children’s life is of royalty and having handmaids around them. They even have two handmaidens dolls for their doll house. One white maid and one black maid.

Last week it was my daughter’s 5th birthday, and for two years she has been asking me to get her a doll palace, and I got her a personalized royal palace .

She did not ask me for a doll mud hut, and an African doll because it would be like something a sangoma uses for voodoo. She asked for a doll house/Castle/palace, something that can not be found in Africa.

I am just happy that my daughters are no longer African, this is why they only speak English, the language of their forefather King James. This week is the affirmation of that as the House of Offeh celebrates the Feast of the Tabernacles.

My daughters are not African. My daughters are Black British Royals.

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2 thoughts on “My Daughters Are Not African And Will Only Speak English

  1. I will keep it positive and say that you gave your daughter a lovely birthday. She looks so happy and beautiful in the photos, as do all your children. However please don’t try to only tell your children bad things about Zimbabwe and being African. If they do an Ancestry or 23 and Me test, it will tell them that they are African. Please don’t teach them self hate. God created them in His image and likeness, their origins and culture is a huge part of them and every culture has positive aspects that you can impart on them. God bless you.


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