Why I Will Never Forgive My “Family”

So my readers are urging me to FORGIVE and FORGET what my former “family” put me through all my life, and apparently I have to be the bigger person. This came after I had posted pictures of myself celebrating that last month my former younger brother predicted that I will be walking naked in the streets right now, eating from the bins because I am apparently mad and cursed, (kutanda botso).

According to my former brother at this moment of my life I should be eating from that bin on my left..but lol God forbid.
As I am writing this article I am eating delicious orange Chinese chicken and rice cooked by my handmaiden

So how can I not boast that all the curses of my enemies has been turned into blessings? Did you guys really want me to be eating from the bins?

The first comment came from a Zimbabwean man after I celebrated the bin curses turning into blessings. The Zimbabwean man said I should forgive and forget and that apparently my “mother” who fantasized about me being raped by my father “loves” me.

The second comment was from a follower who said I should be the bigger person and forgive and forget. Though I do love this follower, I have to be brutally honest here.

If there is one thing I hate about being black is the Forgiveness Syndrome. I will never understand why black people are so obsessed with FORGIVENESS. They forgive as though their lives depends on it. They force the concept of forgiveness down the throats of abuse victims. They go as far as forgiving men who rape, torture and murder their daughters. Just yesterday I read news that a black man had forgiven a pedophile who raped and murdered his little girl…

I refuse this black madness. To other races this sounds like some form of mental illness. There is no evidence that there is a reward in this life or the next life for “being the bigger person.” What does it even mean to be the bigger person? Why should anyone be a bigger person? Who gives you brownie points for being the bigger person? I have never seen any human being receive brownie points for being the bigger person.

If anything, being the bigger person means you are a doormat. An idiot. A fool. Being the bigger person means you are void of any intelligence. Being a bigger person means you are a scapegoat, born to suffer. Being the bigger person means you carry the sins of other people on your shoulders.

Sorry Zimbabweans, that shit ain’t for Lady Mary-Tamar. She is a Queen, and no Queen in history has ever been a scape-goat. If anything, Queens are the ones who execute righteous judgement and vengeance. Bigger person my foot.

Do white people ever force forgiveness on the throats of abuse victims? Is that not abuse itself to tell a person who has been abused to forgive their abuser?

Dear Zimbabweans, honestly, considering how cruel and abusive your culture is, how do you sit on the throne of God and go around being holier than God telling victims of your barbaric culture to forgive and be the bigger person? This is why your country will never be healed. This is why your country is forever cursed.

Look at your president Mnangagwa, he chose to be the bigger person and compensate white farmers at the country’s expense, now Zimbabwe is suffering more than ever and Mnangagwa is now known among all black people on this earth as the father of all fools.

Why do you feel so uncomfortable looking at a woman who has broken free from the chains of your evil culture? Each one of you reading this article should ask yourself why you feel so damn uncomfortable with who I am, more so who I am becoming…are you afraid….of something….

After the traume I suffered in the hands of not one family member, but a host of them, you now come on my Facebook page and say “Be the bigger person”…

I don’t want to be the bigger person. I am not Nelson Mandela. I am not a sacrificial lamb. I wasn’t born on this earth to carry the sins of Zimbabwe and the Gasho family.

What you call “bad” energy around me is FREEDOM and glory. You are heaping more curses upon yourself if you continue pleading for my “family”.

As you can clearly see, God is blessing me and vindicating me.

None of you, in the whole of Zimbabwe has ever walked my shoes, so none of you can tell me that it is time to “let go”…

No one has ever walked in my shoes…

Anyone who comes on my Facebook wall to pray or wish that I forgive and forget and move on will carry the curses of my “family” themselves. Anyone who is feeling sorry for my “mother” and telling me that “she loves me” will partake in what is happening to her today. Anyone who blesses my enemies will be cursed, and anyone who curses me will be cursed too…

Do not awaken the Lioness in me Zimbabwe…for you know not who I am…

The nation is like a mighty lion;
When it is sleeping, no one dares wake it.
Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed,
And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.”

Numbers 24

This is my life story, and it has only just begun…

You shall read of me in generations to come, you shall hear of me…

If my testimony and pictures are making you uncormfortable, then you have not seen anything yet, my light will shine so bright it will blind you…

I carry the spirit of my forefather King David, he wasn’t a fool, he never went around forgiving people who were cruel to him or to the God of Israel. If anything King David prayed that his enemies die and perish. And they did…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

3 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Forgive My “Family”

  1. I love your spirit. No one should be forced to forgive it they do not feel it in their hearts. I understand not wanting to become like the person who wronged you I also realizes there are times you need to become like them or worst to defend yourself.
    I learned a long time ago to trust myself, my gut feeling. In the words of Rapper Notorious B.I.G. “You can be as good as the best of them, But as bad as the worst, . . .”

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