Is Your Husband’s Second Wife Not Jealous Of Your Royal Engagement?

Becoming Mrs Offeh Series

I get asked a lot of questions about Shulamite, some think she doesn’t exist, some think she is an anecdote, some think she’s a fantasy of my imagination, but others see through the veil and know within their hearts of hearts that there is a delight of the King, a Shulamite in the Northern Palace. The handmaiden of Lady Mary-Tamar. So this question I got last week about my sister-wife, the concubine of my husband and my own handmaiden stood out for me…

“Dear Mary-Tamar, is your husband not making Shulamite jealous by all these things he is doing for you, especially the royal engagement.”

Facebook inbox

I have always maintained that Shulamite is the exact opposite of me, whilst I am an open book, literally, Shulamite hates anything to do with her life being hung out to all and sundry on social media or just having things about her being discussed out there. I even convinced her to start her own blog but it wasn’t in her. She doesn’t even like taking pictures. You can not expect everyone to be the same, whilst some of us love being transparent on social media, others hate social media and want total privacy.

I have a son like that, my firstborn son never poses for a picture, he never wants to be even in family pictures, he avoids anything to do with the camera. I hardly post him on social media. Whilst all my older children have Instagram accounts and are active, he only has a cartoon on his Instagram, he will never post his pictures online. That’s just the way he is and I totally respect his privacy. Wheres, my other older children will ask me to post their pictures on my Facebook because they love the idea of being social media celebrities lol.

My first son sounds more like Shulamite’s son than mine. I had to respect Shulamite’s privacy especially when I wrote about her pregnancy, and she never got to go through the pregnancy, I should have never announced her pregnancy, there is witchcraft out there. Her experience taught me to keep certain things private and sacred in this mad era of sharing everything online.

So that’s why I chose to keep my pregnancy private. I learnt from my handmaiden Shulamite.

I kept my pregnancy private

Ok, so Shulamite has given me permission to talk a little about her. In fact she has agreed to come on my Northern Palace broadcast this Sunday afternoon, she thinks it’s way better than writing on her blog. Hopefully Chaniya doesn’t interrupt us like she did last Sunday. So stay tuned this Sunday, you may be able to hear Shulamite speak, so I am asking my readers to send in questions you may want me to ask her during the broadcast.

Now back to the question, “Is Shulamite jealous of my engagement.”

Maybe she is a little, as she is only human, but she doesn’t show it to me. Right now, Shulamite is actually the happiest she has been for a very long time because the King practically lives in her Chambers now. The King is in her bosom every single night, so she is in such a happy place right now.

I made this arrangement when I fell pregnant, I asked the King that when I gave birth, I wanted to share the bed with the baby and have my own bed-chamber. Since the King stays in my bed-chamber, all night, I thought it would be lovely for him to be with Shulamite all the time as I nursed Chaniya. This is an experience I was longing for. It was exciting for me to buy my stuff for my bed-chamber with Chaniya, and Shulamite was so excited for the birth, because she wanted to be with the King.

Shulamite and I were both excited about Chaniya coming…

It was actually a win-win for everyone. Frankly, I believe every woman who gives birth should have some sort of peace and tranquility from her husband. And the word says a woman is unclean after giving birth, so she should not be sharing a bed with her husband anyway. This alone should tell you that polygamy is actually the norm in God’s eyes. Normally, in monogamous marriages a man will actually compete for attention from his wife with his own new born baby. A man will pester his wife for sex before she heals and recovers from child birth. It’s madness really.

But its not the man’s fault really, he would have been starved during pregnancy, then he is starved again after his wife gives birth. Sometimes women take up-to six months to fully become themselves again. So what is a husband supposed to do for all those long months? That’s how unnatural monogamy is? And it is the reason why most men cheat when their wives are pregnant.

But this is not a problem found in the Northern Palace, when the King comes to me and kisses me and Chaniya goodnight, I feel so happy and relieved that he is going to his delight Shulamite, and I am content knowing that the King feeds his flock among his lilies.

So for that reason alone, how can Shumalite be upset or jealous of me? She is so excited that the King dwells in her chambers. For Shulamite, because she loves my husband so much, just being with him and feeding his flock is enough for her.

Actually, the King moved into Shulamite’s chambers a few months before I gave birth. I was so big and was sleeping in the lounge in an armchair, it was more comfortable than lying down as I had terrible heartburn. So if anything, my pregnancy and childbirth has been a blessing to her, she has become the King’s only delight, and I am happy for her.

And I am not in any rush to have the King back, I need to have my 2 months of purification according to Leviticus, and I am happy to have a bit more time as I nurse my new-born, honestly, I am so enjoying the peace and tranquility of being alone with my baby, it feels like she is my first when she is actually my last.

And the other reason why Shulamite is not jealous of my engagement is because she knows my story and knows how much I deserve this moment. I have sat up with her till like 5 in the morning, telling her about my life and journey and all the painful things I have endured, sometimes she has been moved to tears just listening to my story. So how can she not be happy for me, unless she is a witch like Hagar of course, whom the King rightfully disposed of because she despised me, his Queen. The King can not have anyone upset his Queen. Hagar would have killed me, literally, if she was around to see the glory of my engagement rings, considering she once bought her own engagement ring in a bid to force the King to propose a wedding to her.

And the beauty of this royal engagement is that Shulamite is the only person the King told he was planning to engage me. Thats how much he trusts her. He had told her everything, she knew, so nothing came as a shock to her.

He told me that he told her that “Because Jean has allowed me to be with you, and she is so selfless and giving without expecting to be rewarded, I have to honor her like no woman has ever been honored on this earth.” And rightfully, this made Shulamute even honour and respect my engagement more.

She and my daughter organised a very beautiful quarantine baby shower for me, and her gift to me, or rather to me and the King, as she knelt before us to present it, was a card and a white dress for Chaniya. She and the children also made me a beautiful Chaniya name card which I framed. She knows I love scrap-booking so she got me a scrapbook for Chaniya, which I have already started on, well I have only put her name on it so far…

Card gifted to the King and I from Shulamite
Gifts from Shulamite
Thoughtful gift from Shulamite and the children

So no, Shulamite is a very beautiful soul, she has her faults like the rest of us, but she never means me any harm and is genuinely happy for me. She makes me food and serves me in bed. She does these little things for me that only a pure soul can do.

In fact, every evening I have dinner with my King in my bed-chamber, whilst she stays with the children downstairs. She comes up and serves me and the King on her knees, and she leaves the room, so content and happy, because she knows when all is said and done, she is the delight of the man she loves, and she gets to enjoy him in ways she never dreamt were possible…

The truth of the matter is when I kneel down to pray in my chambers at night, knowing my husband is in her bosom, I pray for Shulamite. I pray for her peace, joy and happiness. I pray that she pleases the King to the best of her abilities.

And all I ask of her is, whilst I enjoy my beautiful baby, my book reading and my Netflix in my chambers, I say to her do whatever you please to my husband, but please don’t rub it in my face, you shall not make any noise…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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