White Man Sleeps With Over 50 Black Kenyan Women, Proving The Curse Of Canaan

For over two weeks, this story kept on propping up on my social media timelines, but I kept ignoring it. I found it painful to look at the pictures, so I could never bring myself to pen an article about it. But part of being a writer is having to pen things you are not comfortable about, so I had to bring myself to write this, in the most brutally honest way possible.

I found it very hard to write this article, because I am a black woman and I love black women. It is beyond disgusting to me, to see a white man, a very unattractive white man at that, one who would struggle to even find women to date among his own kind, go to Africa and take any black Kenyan woman he desires, then takes selfies of his repulsive self with these beautiful but cheap desperate looking black women, and post them all over social media to mock and spit on the value and essence of the black woman.

This is the kind of thing which makes a normal black person look up to heaven and ask, “Why God why? Why do you allow black women to be the laughing stock of this world, their sacredness and beauty trampled on by the worst of the worst of this world…”

But the Most High looks down from Heaven and says, “But these are Canaanite women. How do you expect them to behave? For them being laid with a white man, being the whore of a white man is the highlight of their very existence, the best thing to ever happen to them. Whilst you think it’s degrading, they think this is making it in life.”

For black people, as painful as it is to admit this reality, it is nevertheless the fact of the matter.

Africa is cursed ya’ll, it is the land of Canaan. It is the land of extreme paganism, spiritualism and vodoo. It is the land where all the richness and fatness of this world is, the gold, the diamonds and all sorts of precious stones. Every wealth and beauty of this earth is found in Africa, but it is the continent where the inhabitants of the land can never enjoy the fruit of their own soil, but rather the peoples of this continent go back to the soil, and try to be one with the earth, instead of reaping the fruits of the earth.

It’s the curse of Canaan, no other continent or kind of people on this earth fit the description of the curse of Canaan, and unfortunately Kenya especially, has people who historically fit the Canaanites.

Black Africans may find this upsetting but its the truth, and the truth will set you free indeed. The problem with most black people is they hate history and literature, they just do not like to read. They don’t even bother to attempt to know their own history. For black people, their history begins at slavery and colonization, what they were told by the white man, and that’s enough for them. Someone once said if you want to hide anything from a black man, you only have to write it down, I will add to that and say if it’s in small print the better.

As an essayist, I love reading, especially the small print that no one reads. I love to walk on empty undiscovered roads, where black men never want to go.

I grew up being told that the name of God is called “Mwari, musikavanhu” in Shona, and I tell you 99% of Zimbabweans pray to Mwari without having any clue of the origins of the deity they are praying to.

Mwari is a modern derivative of Nwaali, an ancient Canaanite god, even though it is now used to refer to God the creator by “Africans” and mostly Zimbabweans it is still a name of a pagan deity, as most African names of God are. A lot of African tribes and cultures are still very loyal to their Canaanite gods, even hidden under the deceptive “modern guise of Christianity” without ever knowing it. But it is the lives of these Africans which manifest true to their paganism.

So it is no wonder, though it is a wonder indeed, that behold, a wretched white man goes to Kenya and takes whatever woman he wants, tall, short, slim, fat, married, single and lie with them, and after he humbles them he shames them to world, then dumps them.

These women are the servants of servants, do you know what it means to be a servant of servants, a slave of slaves. There were such people from the beginning of time, even described by Michal to King David in 2 Samuel 6, when the King uncovered himself and danced for the Lord before the female servants of servants.

Michal said to her husband in disgust, “How the king of Israel honored himself today, uncovering himself today before the eyes of his servants’ female servants, as one of the vulgar fellows shamelessly uncovers himself!”

What these women of Kenya have shown to the world today is what used to happen even during the days of David. There is nothing new under the sun.

There were women who served the servants. These women where the sex slaves of the servants.

This white man who has slept with so many Kenyan women today is clearly in the rank of a servant, that’s why the whole thing is so repulsive and shocking. But these black Kenyan women, some even beautiful to behold, did not see a servant in this white man as they disrobed for him, but they saw their MASTER, and they were happy to sexually serve their MASTER.

So when all is said and done, there is really nothing to be upset about here, even as I pen this article, I see nothing to be upset about, but rather a fulfillment of prophesy. What is happening in Africa today is not going to stop anytime soon, wretched old white men go there to be sexually satisfied by the cream of black young women, who will fall at their feet in numbers. This is just proof that Noah did really say, “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.”

It is sad and tragic, but its not like the Canaanite women themselves want any redemption from the curse, they are happy to serve their white masters.

Personally, in my painful journey of life, on my search and walk to Eldorado, I have learnt to never cry more than the bereaved, this is something I used to do a lot, before I knew my identity, it was my biggest weakness. Feeling hurt or getting upset about these black women is crying more than the bereaved.

I have a wedding to plan, I have no business crying over women who are staying true to their curse and serving their own MASTER faithfully, I have my own black Master to serve, whilst they prove the CURSE of Canaan, I prove the redemption of Canaan, to those willing to be freed and redeemed….

Rahab the Canaanite Harlot was redeemed, she married an Israelite Prince.

Tamar the Canaanite woman was redeemed, she gave birth to the sons of JUDAH.

And the most blessed of Canaanite women was Bathsheba, the one who was never meant to wear royal robes, but became the most beloved wife of King David…the first ever Queen Mother.

Like Bathsheba when she married King David, I am that Canaanite woman that got away. If it wasn’t for the grace of God upon my life, I could have been like one of those Kenyan women or African women who live to please and satisfy the servants….

They even willingly go to Dubai, the most beautiful of African women, and willingly bow down to drink urine and eat feces of Arab men…

Should I say more….

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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