What Became Of Hagar, My King’s Third Wife

All my readers asks me about Shulamite, my husband’s second wife, but nobody ever asks about Hagar, my husband’s Asian third wife, well almost third wife. She never quite became a wife after all.

Hagar is the Asian woman my King met when we were homeless, living in hotels and air bnb’s and looking for a property. Hagar worked at an Estate Agent and is very knowledgeable in the property industry. She was also a part time teacher. She developed an interest in my husband. She saw the brilliance, intelligence and the potential of my King during this time, and said she wanted to help him on his journey to Eldorado. During this time my King was able to buy a property at the auction which needed complete renovation.

My King then told me that he wanted to take Hagar as his third wife, and that she would be his personal assistant and help him in his property business as she was quite knowledgeable. I personally did not agree with this arrangement, 1) because Hagar was not a black woman but Asian, and 2) though she came across as a sweet cultured woman, God showed me in dreams that Hagar was actually cunning.

But men are men, my King only saw the brilliance in Hagar, and convinced me that she should join his harem, which in the end I agreed. But I told him that she was not the sweet woman she tried so hard to make us believe she was. Needless to say, I completely trusted him, as he is a man of wisdom.

Hagar was then promised the house which needed renovation by my husband, and then went on to sell herself to him, in a very undignified way, so she could move into the house. I warned my King not to let Hagar move into the house, as she never deserved it, and my King obliged.

Hagar went out of her way to be “nice” to me, and called me her Queen, but it later came to my attention that during this time Hagar was calling me Queen, she told my King to leave me, and go travelling the world with her. She also told him over and over that she cannot be “second best”. She also told my King that she wanted to have his baby as soon as possible. Then she also went ahead and bought herself an engagement ring, and said she wanted a grand wedding, when I haven’t even had that.

She wanted me outnumbered, so she could become the Queen. She repaid my kindness to her with evil. How many women in this world can share their husbands?

So yes, I said to the King, “Put her away, she’s a bondwoman by lineage, and she cannot come to take the inheritance of my son.”

My King started to see the serpent in this woman, and put an end to the relationship.

However, fast forward about a year later, Hagar is now gone, but not completely gone.

When I fell pregnant, somehow she was able to find that out, even though it was a sacred pregnancy.

She texted the King and said, “Congratulations on Mary-T’s pregnancy” with a smiley emoji at the end, which we both found very spooky indeed.

My King said to me, “The news of your pregnancy will kill her. She will react to this obviously, the way she wanted my baby… “

Well, my king knew her well, she then started being a bunny boiler. A very bitter bunny boiler.

She accused the King of treating her like a “cheap slut” and said my King had turned her into the vicious woman she had became. She said my King had turned her into a nasty woman and he was going to see her nasty side.

At some point I had to watch my back wherever I went, I would imagine her turning up at my doorstep. My King almost sought legal action against her, but the God of my King humbled her.

After everything I did for this woman, she didn’t even want me to be happy. Little things like going to the woods for a walk with my own husband bothered her. At the beginning of the year, in winter, I posted this picture on my whats-app profile of us in the woods and she texted my King to ask, “Where did you go?” It wasn’t like I was whisked to Paris for a romantic weekend, it was just a flipping walk with the children in muddy bloody woods, and the woman couldn’t even breath with envy and jealousy.

It was little things like this which made Hagar angry

Do I regret Hagar ever coming into our lives, the answer is no. I am still a strong believer in polygamy, its just that a lot of women of today can not share a man, most of them are wicked, and if you treat them right like I did to Hagar, they will try to outnumber you, and literally have your own husband leave you.

Men of today also do not have the wisdom to practice polygamy, they don’t know how to deal with women who “claim” to accept this lifestyle when they have ulterior motives to outnumber the main wife. Polygamy is a practice that’s very difficult to work in this generation because of the wickedness of the women and the ignorance of black men. Even Sarah back then struggled with Hagar repaying her kindness with wickedness. If my King was an ordinary man, he would have been completely taken by Hagar and her wicked devices.

But the beauty of our story is that Hagar outnumbered herself, and brought my King closer to me. God used Hagar to prove to the King that I was indeed his prophetess.

My 7th glorious pregnancy was nothing but a bliss, I was waited on by my King, and spoilt rotten. My King cooked me whatever I desired to eat, and would go out of his way to bring me even a subway sandwich at 11 at night.

The moral of Hagar’s story is a chosen Queen can never be outnumbered. Polygamy or no polygamy, a Queen will always be a Queen, and a handmaiden will always be a handmaiden no matter how she thinks her skin or social status gives her privilege in this society.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS; Hagar requested I no longer post her pictures on my blog, and yes the feeling is very mutual.

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