Why I Was Called To Prophesy Against Zimbabwe

As a prophetess of my anointed husband, I prophesy. I mainly prophesy against the evils of my past, were I came from, that’s how I get my deliverance.

Well, for some strange reason, black African Christians think prophecy is about telling women that they will get their breakthrough this year. Black Africans think to prophesy means telling someone that God is about to bless them, that’s what the black church is all about in a nutshell.

But they don’t realize that biblical prophets were there to actually prophesy against. They were there to prophesy against wicked nations, against wicked leaders and against wicked people. That is the highest calling of prophecy, to call out wickedness and judgement of God upon a wicked generation.

I, Mary-Tamar was Jean, am called to prophesy against Zimbabwe. This is one of my main calling, apart from being a mother, a wife, and all the things I am, I prophesy against the evils of my past, I expose the wickedness of a people who used to be mine. I have lot of liberation and healing in prophesying against Zimbabwe.

The culture and people of this land put me in chains, and when my Boaz found me, I was delivered.

So how can I not stand on a hilltop and prophesy against such a people. That is my thanksgiving to God for saving me from Zimbabwe.

Right now, I am in the season of prophesying, and prophesy I will.

The responses I get on my Facebook wall from the Zimbabweans tells me that the Lord has called me to prophecy against this Sodom and Gomorrah.

I take so much inspiration from one prophet called Micah, he was the only Prophet at that time to speak the truth. And the King of Israel hated him, and said, “There is still one man by whom we may inquire of the Lord, but I HATE him because he never prophesies good concerning me, but always evil. He is Micah, the son of Imla.”

The wicked king hated Micah, and the people would tell Micah to stop saying negative things about the king or the kingdom. Everyone hated Micah, because he was the only voice of God Israel had. Micah prophesied the death of that wicked king, and behold it came to pass.

Well, I take great joy in that I remain the only one who stands on a hilltop and prophesy against Zimbabwe and her wicked people. Like Jeremiah I say these words are like fire in my bones.

And I know that God is with me, because there is no single prophecy I said about Zimbabwe and it never came to pass. Everything I say about Zimbabwe and her people happens.

So today, I say may all the hashtags of Zimbabwe fall.

I say may there be confusion in the camp of her territories.

I say well done to Miss Red, a Zimbabwean radio personality for telling Ghana and the world the truth about the confusion in Zimbabwe, that there is a disconnect between social media politics and what actually happens on the ground. And yes it is true, people on the ground have no idea who Fadzayi Mahere is, or that there is a silly hashtag trending called #ZimbabweansLivesMatter.

So yes, I say like Micah, “If Zimbabwe will ever see deliverance, then the Lord has not spoken to me.”

That’s why today, everyone worldwide is talking about Mnangagwa signing a bill to give billions to white farmers. Zimbabwe is in bondage again, and in bondage it shall forever be.

The hashtags are silly, very very silly, indeed, because the West is on ZanuPF’s side now, lol. Mnangagwa is now their puppet, so who are you doing the hashtags for. These are not Mugabe’s days, now you have no one to cry to, and to be frank, no one gives a damn about your hashtags. Talk about cockroach behavior at its best.

Oh, how I laughed when I saw Zimbabweans signing a petition to get Nick Mangwana’s family in the UK deported. I love Nick’s family, his wife is the sweetest Zimbabwean woman I know, she so full of life, so beautiful inside and out. She came to support me at the BBE Awards. Only 3 Zimbabweans came to my Awards, and Nick’s wife was one of them.

Nick Mangwana’s wife is the sweetest Zimbabwean woman I know.

Nick wanted to come and support us, but he couldn’t because he was in Zimbabwe. He sent us his blessings, and my King and I have so much respect for Nick and his family.

I celebrated with them when Nick was elevated to be the secretary of information for Zimbabwe. I am no Mnangagwa fan, but the only good thing that happened to his administration was the elevation of Nick Mangwana.

May God continue to bless Nick Mangwana and protect his family.

My King always says to me if Zimbabweans hates you, it means you are a good person. If they love you, it’s not a good sign.

I have watched Nick Mangwana being bullied by the so called activists of Zimbabwe. The irony of it is those who bully Nick are the ones who are claiming to be fighting for Human rights and freedom of speech and democracy. One Todd Mafarimbo, a so called activist tried to get Nick kicked out of nursing for supporting Zanu-PF. Zimbabwean internet politicians and activists are the most wicked people of Zimbabwe, they bully anyone with an opposite opinion to them.

Now they want Nick’s beautiful family to be deported from the UK and have their UK citizenship revoked! Like really Zimbabweans, for what? What law has his wife broken? Are you not even ashamed of yourselves? You are a laughable bunch, sorry but the UK Government supports the regime now, did you not see how Nelson Chamisa was grilled on BBC Hardtalk a few years ago in favour of Mnangagwa. You have nowhere to go now, no one to cry to. Nick and his family can never have their citizenship revoked, it ain’t going to happen. Sorry.

I prophesy prosperity, great wealth and success for Nick’s family in the UK. May their businesses flourish, and may they find even more favor with the system as they dwell in this land of fatness of the earth.

I used to wish that the Zimbabweans on my wall would disappear, for they are like flies, they won’t go away, but my King said to me, “So how will you ever enjoy your table, my dear Prophetess, without your enemies watching you. Now because of your baby, they can’t even sleep.”

And with that, I end my prophecies for today.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

One thought on “Why I Was Called To Prophesy Against Zimbabwe

  1. I do agree with some of your views my sis. You speak so openly on some of the socio economic and political issues the bedevil Zimbabwe. Remain true to your beliefs

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