Nick Cannon Was Right To Apologize For Saying The Truth About The Black Jews

When I read about Nick Cannon being fired last Tuesday from ViacomCBS for saying black people are the true Hebrews, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to write about it. I was more excited about what he said about the power of melanin, I was like wow, something is really happening.

Cannon said,” Our melanin is so powerful and it connects us in a way that’s the reason why they fear us because of the lack that they have for it.”

I was reminded of my King, and some of the sad reactions he has had online from Zimbabweans and some Black Americans because of his rich melanin.

Anyway, Cannon made the comments whilst interviewing former Public Enemy member Professor Griff on a June episode of the show, Cannon’s Class. Giff was fired from the rap group in 1989 when he said “Jewish people are responsible for the majority of wickedness that goes on around the world.”

As he interviewed Professor Griff, Nick Cannon went on to say, “The Semitic people are black people. We can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people. When we are the same people they want to be. That’s our birthright.”

I actually couldn’t believe that Nick said this, I have never heard a high profile black celebrity openly and boldly say such truths about black people, (well some) and their true identity.

But my excitement bubble was quickly busted by what Nick did after he was fired by the Media giant. He then wrote a grovelling apology/statement to the so called “Jewish” people he had offended. I was so angry and I told my King I am not going to bother writing the article. “He is worse than a coconut and a sellout”, I told my husband.

But my husband said to me, “Sweetheart, why should Nick Cannon risk his life, his job and everything he has made for himself for a people will not appreciate him or stand by him. Since he got fired or said that statement, where are the other black “big” celebrities to back him up. Black people are not worth what he has lost, you can not lose your livelihood over people who don’t even care about what it is you are fighting for. When Nick said those comments, he was just speaking the truth, but his intention was not to cause a riot or for him to face such a backlash. He is no Malcom X, and after he got fired, he didn’t get any solid support, so obviously he has to grovel and apologize and try to get his job back, because now he is literally on his own.”

I really thank God for the wisdom of my King, well I guess its the melanin in him. I just started to see Nick’s situation from another angle all together. If the Tyler Perrys, the Jay-Zs, the Kevin Harts and the Will Smith’s stood up with Nick in his darkest hour when he was fired, and said “The brother is telling nothing but the truth.” It would have caused such an impact, Nick wouldn’t probably had apologized. He had been fired for refusing to apologize to the so called Jewish people in the first place, but later on apologized after he was already fired. So obviously something went on behind the scenes, and the brother had no choice but to grovel.

Rapper 50 Cent even took to Instagram to mock and ridicule Nick Cannon for saying black people are the Jews. I mean, honestly, what is a brother supposed to do when his own kick him when hes already down.

The thing is, when you are black, and start saying the black people are the true Israealites, its not the white people who discredit you and see you as mental, its actually your fellow black people who see this theory as utter madness, especially black Christians.

I believe black Christians are the biggest threat to the truth about who the true Jews are.

I was born in Zimbabwe and on my Facebook and Instagram, most of my followers are Zimbabwean, and when I write that black people are Israelites, they can not even grasp or converse with such talk, they think I need “medication”. Its a rare thing to find a Zimbabwean who believes that black people are the Jews, yet they will be all Christians.

The irony of it is that Christians love to pray for Jews, well the so called Jews, as they believe that the bible says whoever blesses my people will be blessed, and whoever curses my people will be cursed, so they pray for the “white Jews” then in turn curse and mock the BLACK people who say, “but we are the true Jews.” Black Christians believe that the Jews are important, as long as they are the white Jews, if these Jews became black then they curse them for “madness.”

And to prove this, just last Thursday, my husband was in town, and lo and behold, he was stopped by a black brother who started to preach to him about “Jesus” and invited him to a Church that he pastors. The brother turned up to be a Zimbabwean. So my husband started educating him about history of the true Jews. He even tried to educate him on who the Shona people were, and the Zimbabwean brother became so irritable and upset, telling my husband that he should stop obsessing about history, and focus on the future, which was Jesus apparently. He said it doesn’t matter who the true Hebrews are, or if Jesus was blue, black or yellow, he said all that mattered was Jesus.

My husband told me that he had nothing but pity for this Zimbabwean brother, who was trying so hard to preach to people and bring them to his church, when he is lost himself. These black African Christians like the Zimbabwean brother my husband met last week are the ones who pray for the white Jews and curse the black Jews. If the bible says if you curse my people you will be cursed, does this not explain the continued curse especially on Africa, Ham.

My King was cursed by a Zimbabwean brother for saying the true Jews are black. I bet the Zimbabwean brother was thinking how can someone as dark skinned as you claim to be a Jew. Is this not what Nick Cannon meant when he said melanin makes them uncomfortable.

For me, the first thing which attracted me to my King was his rich melanin, whilst other Africans find this rich melanin uncomfortable, I saw POWER in it. I saw a King. On Friday, my King was dressed up ready to leave the house, and he just looked so good, like when I first saw him, I had to grab the camera and capture his beauty.

My King was ridiculed by a Zimbabwean street preacher for telling him that Jews are black

Anyway back to the Nick Cannon saga, what followed on social media was proof that my husband was right. I saw videos of black people actually bashing Nick for saying “melanin was unique and special”. I read on a black Israelite page that Nick faced so much backlash from the Black American Christians, who mocked and ridiculed him for saying black people are the true Jews. Then when he apologized to so called Jews, black people also turned on him and called him a sell out.

Then Nick posted this on his Instagram, I couldn’t help but feel for the brother…

Well, according to the wisdom of my King, I can’t fault Nick Cannon in this whole saga, the brother is dammed by black people, whatever he does or says. So he might as well apologize to the “Jews”, as they control Hollywood. Nick cannot afford to bite the hand which feeds him for nothing in return, especially from his own people.

So the brother was justified to apologize and grovel, my husband said if he was in that same situation he would apologize too, so he can keep bread on his table for his children…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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