Black Lives Matter Protests Will Never End Racist Killings, Rayshard Brooks Is Proof Of That

I saw the news about Rayshard Brooks trending on my timeline all weekend but I never paid attention to it because I thought the black guy was shot months or even years ago, and the family was seeking justice now because of BLM movement and what’s been going on.

I only learnt today after I read somewhere that Tyler Perry has offering to pay for his funeral that this poor man was actually murdered by a white police officer just last Friday. What has boggled my mind is that with everything going on today, George Floyd, the protests, the riots and everything, a white police officer went on to shoot a black man just like that.

But I suppose it shouldn’t shock me really, because I’ve come to the realization that this whole BLM movement is not going to solve anything when it comes to institutionalized racism. Yes, a few things have changed here and there over the past few weeks as a result of the global protests, but the institution and the system is not changing. I feel like a new form of racism is actually arising, where white people are getting a bigger voice to say, “you are being racist against us by saying we are racist towards you” and so forth.

What happened last Friday in Atlanta is proof that no amount of BLM protests will make white people who hate black people change. Watching the final moments of Rayshard Brooks was so heartbreaking.


This poor man was killed for one reason alone, he was black, and being black he made a mistake of being drunk at the same time. So he was killed for being drunk whilst black. It all started when Rayshard slept in his car, drunk, outside a Wendy’s drive-through. He wasn’t a threat to anyone, the Wendy’s employee who even called 911 had tried to wake him up so he could park in a proper parking bay and sleep. The staff had no problem with this man sleeping in his car on their car park, they just wanted him moved from blocking the driveway.

What is crazy is that during the 911 call, the operator asks the Wendy’s employee if the man was black. I had no idea they asked that. After she told the operator he was black, she is asked if he was armed or posing a threat to others, to which she clearly said, “No, he is just intoxicated.”

An armed policeman then responded to this call. Yes, a harmless drunk black man is asleep in his car and armed police officers respond. Where is the logic in that?

As Rayshard speaks to the police, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that he is drunk, he doesn’t even know where he is. At some point during a very lengthy conversation, he acknowledges that he doesn’t want to drive whilst drunk, and says his sister lives nearby and offers to walk home. Throughout his interactions with the officer, he was compliant and calling the officer sir. Rayshard was even smiling at the officer. Yet the calm situation took an unpredictable and shocking turn when within an hour, Rayshard was shot dead by the ‘sir’.

Rayshard Brooke was compliant and respectful towards the police officer until they started arresting him

The reason which “justified” the shooting was that Rayshard resisted arrest and grabbed the taser from the officer and tasered them back as he ran away. Well, he was very drunk, so this behaviour was that of a drunk man. Drunk or not, no one want’s to be arrested anyway, and obviously, if you are drunk, you will resist. Shouldn’t the sober police officers have been the ones to deescalate the situation and made sure that Rayshard himself was safe? Surely the penalty of being drunk can’t be death. Rayshard was shot about 2 or 3 times in his back and died. He left behind a wife, 3 daughters and a stepson, and possibly a girlfriend he kept talking about in the footage. He was just about to celebrate his daughters 8 birthday within hours.

Rayshard was about to celebrate his daughter’s eighth birthday
His eight-year-old daughter is visibly distraught by the unjust death of her father

After the death of Rayshard, the officer who killed him, Garrett Rolfe, was immediately fired. Devin Brosnan, another officer at the scene, was placed on administrative duty.

Rolfe’s firing follows the resignation of the city’s police chief, Erika Shields, who left the department just a day after the deadly shooting. Former Assistant Chief Rodney Bryant, who is black, will serve as the city’s interim police chief.

But the fact is Rolfe has not been arrested or charged for murder. And even if he gets arrested for the murder, evidently it will not stop other black men from being at risk of being killed by white cops. George Floyd’s killers are in jail as we speak, yet it never stopped Garrett Rolfe from brutally shooting an unarmed black man.

And what makes it worse is how the majority of white people on social media are responding to the death of Rayshard. They are celebrating his death. They are laughing at his death. They are saying he was a criminal. He shouldn’t have resisted. He got what he deserved.

Rayshard’s wife wants justice for her husband’s death

Below are some of the comments from the story on Daily Mail in response to an article about Rayshard’s wife seeking justice for her husband’s death. Not only is the lack of empathy shocking, but there is also pure joy that a black man was shot.


When slavery was legal, white people sat down to eat picnics and would enjoy their food as they hung and burnt black people. Nothing has changed today, they now gather on social media to express their excitement at an unjust death of a black man in the hands of their brother.

Just last Saturday, a day after Rayshard was fatally shot for “resisting” in London we saw white far-right protesters beating the hell out of police officers, yet not one white protester was even tasered. I didn’t even see tear gas being used.

But these people are more vocal than ever. Their minds and hearts can never be changed by Black Lives Matter Protests.  These are the hundreds of thousands of white people who are raising children in this world. Their children are the ones who go to school with our black children. And somehow we black people think things are about to change. We somehow believe that soon, because of Black Lives Matter protests we will all be one big happy family on this earth.

When in fact, the opposite effect is arising, Raynard Brooks’ murder is proof of that.

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