Dear Patrick Hutchinson, Play The Hero All You Want, But To Them You Will Always Be A THUG

So today, a Black Lives Matter protester, a black man by the name of Patrick Hutchinson has made headlines by picking up and helping an injured white far-right protester at the London protests today. The rightwing Britain First protesters were in London led by Tommy Robinson protecting the statue of Winston Churchill from being torn down by Black Lives Matter protesters. A white man got seriously injured during the clash of protests, as they turned violent and bloody. Patrick, who is a personal trainer, wanting to show that he is a “GOOD BLACK MAN” quickly helped the injured white protester and picked him up to safety. Patrick is very proud of his actions today. His friend Jamaine Facey who was with him at the protests took to his Facebook page to share what he considers a “heroic” moment for his “team”.

Patrick Hutchinson played the hero at the violent London protests today

Patrick then took to Instagram to proudly share how he has saved a life and was flooded with comments from black people praising him for being the bigger person and showing humanity. Some even praised him with Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go higher” famous quote.

To black people, in the wake of everything which has been happening in the past few weeks, this man has actually become a symbol of humanity and heroism for them today.

Patrick Hutchinson proudly shared his “heroic” moment to his Instagram followers 

I don’t see a Hero in this man, I see an utter disgrace of a black man. I am not even going to talk about how disturbing this behaviour is, from a political point of view. This kind of behaviour bears serious implications on the black race socially, but I am kind of exhausted to talk about that today. I will just go to the basics of humanity. If you black men are so itching to be heroes of humanity, let’s talk about humanity in its most basic and simplistic form.

Dear Black men, there is no bigger humanity than one which teaches you that charity begins at home. You can never be a hero of white people if you can not be a hero of your own people, especially your most vulnerable, your own women and your own children.

Many black men are exactly like Patrick, they want to go around playing the Good Black Man to white people, especially those who hate them, yet they can not even play the Good Black Man to their own baby mamas, or even their own children.

You think you are being a good “Christian” by loving your enemies and doing good to those who hate you, yet you can not even love your own family. How can you have so much love for the people who hate you if you have no love for the people who love you? Is that not wickedness of the highest order.  The only lesson you picked from the entire bible is “Love your enemies” yet that same book teaches you that, “A man who can not take care or look after members of his own household is worse than an unbeliever.” How many of you black men out there even obey that biblical teaching? You go around sleeping with as many women as you can, planting seeds everywhere and refusing to have anything to do with those seeds. How many black children in London are fatherless as we speak? Yet you want to play the humanity hero to white people.

You are the only men on this earth who never leave an inheritance for your own children. The bible you claim to obey explicitly teaches that, “a good man leaves an inheritance for his children and children’s children.” That’s is the ONLY description of a GOOD MAN according to the bible,  one who makes sure his children have an inheritance when he dies, not just his children, but his grandchildren as well. Black men are the only race in this world who do not leave an inheritance for their children. Black men raise their children so that they go to work and look after them instead when it’s supposed to be the other way round. They do not even have a desire to leave an inheritance for their seed. This according to the bible you love so much is inhumane and evil. Yet you want to go around playing the humanity hero to white people.

I can go on and on about the basic things that the bible teaches which the black man refuses to even acknowledge or obey. Yet the only moral and spiritual obligation the black man feels compelled to do is “to go the extra mile for white people and be forgiving to them.”

Well, Patrick and other black men who believe in this disgraceful form of spirituality, there is no reward for you on this earth or in heaven for this kind of behaviour. If anything you are cursed the more for it.

As for you Patrick, if the coin was flipped today and you were the one laying there on the ground bleeding, no member of the far-right movement was ever going to pick you up and nurse you, they would have probably finished you off. The violence from the rightwing protesters today in London was really bad and showed their true colours.  These people are ready to protect their white privilege and “superiority” at any cost, they even boldly beat up the police in a way no black person can ever do. If a black person beats up the police like they were doing today, they are dead, it’s as simple as that.

A black man being punched today  in London by a far-right protester

Below are just a few pictures of the disturbing bloody scenes from London today. This to me looks like a racial war, or the beginning of it, nothing good is coming out of the BLM protests.


Anyway, these far-right protesters will never have sympathy on a black man even if the black man was in their most vulnerable and desperate situation.

A Black Lives Matter black protester had a statue fall on him a few days ago in the USA, and he’s in hospital in a coma fighting for his life. If you read the comments and reactions to the story in the mainstream media, they are having a good laugh and literally wishing the man dies.

To black men like Patrick, if you think God is looking up from heaven ready to give you brownie points, he won’t. He sees through your wickedness, hypocrisy and cowardness. He hears the cries of the black women and children you treat like animals and constantly let down. He sees the hatred you have for your own kind and brethren.

So Patrick, to me you are not a Hero, but a traitor and a bigger cause for the suffering of your race.

And remember this, after everything you did for that white man today, still when they see you, and look upon your very dark skin, to them you are still a THUG. After everything you did today,  the police will still stop you and arrest you for being black.

To them, you are still a THUG

No amount of heroism to the white race will ever redeem you from the mark on your forehead.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho




15 thoughts on “Dear Patrick Hutchinson, Play The Hero All You Want, But To Them You Will Always Be A THUG

  1. A few things to make you aware of, that is not Jamaine in the picture, and also you clearly have no understanding of the motivation why Jamaine and his team did what they did. If you think they went out there to appease anyone you’re completely wrong. They went out there to watch over the young black men and women that are angry, to try and ensure they don’t do something that they may regret, and that will affect their lives negatively for a long time to come. Your high horse is a long way to fall from and you are so, so wrong about this, it’s painful. Why didn’t you try to reach out and find this out before pointing the finger at these men? It’s sad.


      1. The point you’re trying to make accuses these men of going out and risking their lives with the motive of trying to appear “good”
        If you had taken the time to speak to any of them, read or watch what they post on social media you would not have jumped to that conclusion. Do you even know these men that you’re trying to tear down? Have you any clue what they stand for? No.


  2. Respect to these guys. One thing I would like to point out the guys protecting churchill were not britain first but military veterans.


  3. I didn’t even finish reading this, it’s full of s#!t…why do we always have to put down our own, even when they are doing the right thing, and then you wonder why people from other races don’t treat us equal, your as bad as them.

    And yes charity begins at home, maybe it should start with you.


  4. Sounds like you are painting these men with the “same brush” type of thing……..
    I would like to know, do you know any of these men personally? Are you talking from personal experiences with any of them.
    The most important thing in life is not the way others see you……but the way you see yourself!
    For me it looks like you both have fallen into the trap of tearing down black men to get your hit rate up your blog site….. Know one thing…… white men walk out on there children and families all the time……’s not a colour exclusive thing.
    To judge these men by the colour of there skin makes you no better than the people we are fighting against.
    In fact after reading this I believe you might actually be a white person trying to sow division amongst us?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I actually read this article and I personally know Patrick. Do you? Are you a spawn reject of Patrick? Is this what this article is about – as I am still scratching my head?
    I have known this guy for over 30 years and I can categorically tell you this man looks after ALL his children and ALL his women and he ain’t no thug! This article is factually incorrect, its beyond comprehension and quite frankly poorly written. I am still trying to correlate the title, to the article and what point exactly you were trying to get to? Yes, we all know black men are painted as thugs and congratulations to you, a big round of applause as you just added to the statistic of selling out your people to ratify your blogging ego!
    However, people DO you read your stuff…but like Trump you are directionless, rely on ignorant followers and really totally full of shit.
    Any of you followers want a correct article on someone who knows him please feel free to read my article!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lol I’ve never read such crap in all my life….n u have the cheek to use the bible as reference as the definition of a good man…..consider that the Christian faith slaughtered millions in the name of God because of their colou……or maybe u have forgotten that slave owners used the bible to instill fear amongst their slaves…..the bible is not a good book…..its book full lies n shit that dont make sense…..n anyone with half a brain cell would see that.

    People like u are always quick to use some ones past to tear them down like ur doing the world a favour…..ur not by the way ur just showing that u are a lost individual that has nothing better to do. Instead of going against the grain…..pick up a book…..learn ur history….maybe then u will be a good woman in gods eyes 👍🏾👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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