Black People About To Spark A Second Wave Of Coronavirus, Says Mainstream Media

Century after century black people are always falling for the trap. There is no freedom on the horizon for you, certainly not through Black Lives Matter or any Riots or any Protests. No toppling of statues of white supremists is going to free you from your chains. If anything you are actually agitating your oppressors and provoking them, whom you are still very much at the mercy of so there is no point.

As much as Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement is exciting for black people, I am the first to admit when I saw the protests after George Floyd’s death, I got a little excited about it all, I thought maybe something will come from it. I had never seen anything like it. Black people are also moved by some white people kneeling and washing their feet in America, there is this hope that after 400 years of brutal opression, things maybe about to change.

But if you open your eyes and look around you, there is so much anger and even more racial spirit arising from the other side. Its almost like a racial WAR is about to start.  There are a lot of angry white people and they are even gaining a bigger voice protecting their white supremacy. Now we are hearing public outbursts of “If we are so bad, Go Back To Africa” more than ever.

Today I read at least 10 articles in the mainsteam media of white people fighting the Black Lives Matter movement. They are now claiming that to even say “white supremacy” or “white priviledge” is even racist.

Right now a Washington DC Mayor is even being sued for painting Black Lives Matter on the street leading to the White House.  Black people are busy celebrating that change is about to come through Black Lives Matter. Yet the movement is actually giving birth to a more supreme child of institutionalized racism. Just look at the mainsteam headlines and those who comment.

What makes this more crazy and confusing is right now especially, BLM movement is driven mainly by white people. The statues of white supremists are even being torn down by WHITE Black Lives Matter Protesters. But when the mainstream media reports about the THUGS who are vandalizing and looting, it is Black people who are tagged with the behavior. This to me, is very strange and odd. I say it as an enough reason for Black people to withdraw themselves from this so called Black movement.

Black people who are really rooting for the BLM movement are claiming its a good thing that white people have taken over the movement. “White people are sick of racism too,” black people are saying. “They are on our side. We can’t do this without them. When white people start protesting with us, the racists pay attention. If we do it alone, no one listens. They even marched with Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement, they are the ones who abolished slavery for us. WE NEED THEM!”

White BLM protsters are the ones at the forefront of “vandalism”

Personally I can not partake in this inferiority complex and madness.

If white people are the ones to end racism for the black race, you might as well sit back and watch them do it. Let them do the work then, all of it, the riots, the vandalism, the looting, the tearing down of statues, let them fight for you then, completely and totally. If your voice is so irrelevant that you can’t be heard without them, then you should be quiet.

And don’t think that the answer is for Black people to go out there and protest “peacefully”. Peaceful protest is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a peaceful protest. That’s stupid. Protesting means to resist something. You are resisting a force or a tide that is going against you. The force itself is already violent, one can not possibly resist it peacefully. Its like someone trying to strangle you, and you are told to fight back but do it PEACEFULLY. How do you peacefully fight back a person holding a gun or knife to you.

Goerge Floyd peacefully begged an Officer for breath, and what happened to him, he was cruelly strangled.

When America is simply threatened by other nations, they BOMB back, even killing innocent civilians. They don’t respond peacefully to threeats or violence.  Yet Black people are lectured on how to respond to cruelty and violence peacefully. That’s what you call being a doormat, always being taken for fools, and you don’t even see it.

Then when white people join the “peaceful black protests”  they start looting shops and tearing down statues, because that is what protests are actually about, you are rebelling agaisnt a system that is sufforcating you. But then the funny thing is it is you black people who are called “violent” and “thugs” and that tag on you comes with a severe consequences. In fact that tag brings forth more racism on you.

Whilst you are busy celebrating that Black Lives Matter protests have mostly white people, and that you need them to end racism, you are just about to be made the cause of the second wave of the coronavirus plague.

Just think about that.

Who will be the ones to be blamed for the apparent second wave of Coronavirus?

The headlines are already there. Rumours are already there in the mainstream media that Black Lives Matter is about to trigger a bigger second wave of Covid 19. Do you have the slightest idea of the implications that will have on you as a race?


And before I end, do you know who funds Black Lives Matter? This is not a conspiracy theory? It is not a theory at all. It’s not a speculation. It is a fact. George Soros a white “Jewish” billionare funds Black Lives Matter.

That should just tell you everything you need to know about BLM. But I know you Black people still dont care. You are just happy that white people are on board to help you.

Well lets see how they will help you when you becaome the blame and face of the so called second wave of the covid plague…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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