Dear Black People, Leave The Cecil Rhodes Monument Alone

So today the Black Lives Matter protesters are calling for the statue of Cecil Rhodes to be taken down in Oxford, United Kingdom. I, as a black woman who grew up in Zimbabwe, an African country where Cecil John Rhodes colonised, I have a problem with his statue being taken down. Today, Boris Johnson has issued a warning that anyone who touches these ‘monuments’ such as Rhodes will be prosecuted.

Black Lives Matter protestors want the Cecil Rhodes statue in Oxford taken down

Well for starters, today the body of Cecil Rhodes lies in Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park.

The grave of Cecil Rhodes in Zimbabwe today

It’s not appropriate to take Rhodes’ statue down in the UK, when he remains a hero of the very people he colonised, Zimbabweans. A lot of Zimbabweans boldly claim that life was way better for them when Cecil Rhodes ruled them. In 2017,  Dumiso Dabengwa, a former home affairs minister in Zimbabwe said this about Cecil Rhodes and his grave, “There are certain things in history which you must leave for posterity’s sake. People must get to know — when they hear about Cecil Rhodes and they want to see the place where he would want to rest — and be able to make up their minds about the type of man that he was.” Dumiso even went on to say Cecil wasn’t even a racist, that’s open to debate, he did good for the people of Zimbabwe.

When Robert Mugabe was in power, Zimbabweans lamented and wished to go back  to the days of Rhode’s colonial rule. Recently Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa compensated the white farmers who benefited and acquired land during Rhodes empire.

There will never be a riot in Zimbabwe over Cecil Rhodes, if anything he is a god to them.  I have seen enough social media posts from Zimbabweans praising this man. I know a black Zimbabwean woman who named her own son after Cecil Rhodes because she saw him as a hero. So what justifies people here in Britain taking down a statue of a man who is adored by the very people he conquered, so much his grave in Zimbabwe is a tourist attraction, advertised by the Government.

Rhodes most famous quote was…

“Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.”

This was a man who knew who he was, and the power in his own identity, hence he conquered Africa. Even beyond his grave in Zimbabwe, he still reigns.

So there is a big problem when black people demand for Great Britain, their source of livelihood, to take down the statues of Slave traders, Colonizers and Slave masters. There is a big problem because you are asking Britain to take down the very pride and essence of their existence and history. And for that white people are rightfully upset, for they do not want the spirits of their ancestors and heroes disturbed.

This is their power and history, I ask you, where is yours?

This is what made Britain Great, where is your greatness?

This Empire was built on the blood and sweat of black slaves? What is your Empire built on, if at all you even have any?

Tearing down the Statues of Edward Colston or Cecil Rhodes is plain stupid.

It’s plain stupid because the problem is not the statues, the problem is the system, the image is just a mere representation of the system and empire. The tearing down of statues just gives black people a false sense of victory, after the statues have come down, then what?

The system still remains. What is the system you may ask me. The system is what Rhodes described…

Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.

The Englishman will fight tooth and nail to protect his system and empire, as Boris Johnson did today via his live video.

No black person in this world today is prepared to tear down the system of Cecil John Rhodes. White people are rightfully bringing forth this argument, “You can’t just tear down our heroes images, tear down the entire British system as well, because those slave traders and imperialists are the ones who actually built Great Britain. They are the reason we black people, shun Africa and come here for a better life. That better life was built on slavery and colonialism.

This whole thing makes no sense at all, when the truth is we black people depend on white people for even bread.

Tearing the statues down is like going to a war without armour, worse more going to war without knowing who the enemy actually is. It’s going to war without knowing who you are, or why you are even going to war in the first place. You become a complete joke in the hands of your enemy.

And remember that it’s not only white people who enslaved black people, Arabs and Asians are still enslaving black people today, in a very brutal and barbaric way. This shows that the problem is actually with us, why do all the other races feel they can just put chains on our neck so easily? Ask yourselves that question.

Equality is a myth, it has never existed since the beginning of time. World empires were built on inequality.

As much as it is somewhat encouraging to see black people try to fight back with the Black Lives Matter movement, its very sad at the same time, because black people still deep down love their masters and still obey like we see in Zimbabwe today. They are still bridled and they are still in chains, they just don’t know it.

I am very reluctant to celebrate the riots going on in the UK, especially the topping of statues of White Slave Traders. I have a feeling this may actually come back to bite black people.

I have a feeling this is not a very good idea

Black people will never be able to fight “racism” without addressing the root of it or why it happened in the first place. You want to clean the outside of the cup when the inside is filthy. That is what Black Lives Matter movement actually is, hence white people respond by saying, “What are you talking about, all lives matter. White lives matter too.” And when they respond like this, half the time you don’t even know what to say, because mentally and spiritually, they are still your masters.

A few years ago black South Africans fought for the statue of Cecil Rhodes to be taken down in South Africa under the Rhodes Must Fall Campaign, yet within a year the same activists who were tearing down the statue made international headlines when they accepted the Rhodes Scholarship offer to come to Oxford University in the United Kingdom, prompting people to sign petitions for the scholarships to be revoked. Because of course there is hypocrisy and irony in all these “Statue” campaigns. When all is said and done, the black empowerment activists are still at the mercy of those they are campaigning against. And when breadcrumbs are offered, the activists will gladly accept the crumbs.

Black Lives Matter is a weak weapon to use, because you are literally going to your masters to beg for freedom, asking them to loosen the chains a little.

Now tearing down statues of British Slave Masters, that’s touching the gods of your Masters when they still rule you. It’s a dangerous game to play. You really are still at their mercy folks. You depend on their system for survival. Back then slaves who disobeyed were punished severely. The slave system is still very much in force today, just in a different way.

So dear black people, do not bite more than you can chew, do not go to war without armour. You have no idea who you are and yet you want to fight people who know who you are and who they are…

Over and over, I have seen black people celebrate false victories with tears of joy. Nelson Mandela was one false victory. Martin Luther King was another. Barack Obama was a major one.  I remember writing so much against Barack Obama when he was campaigning because I could see right through him that he was never for black people.  Black people were ready to shoot me. But sadly, I was right, black people suffered the most under Barack Obama, most of the brutal killings of black people by white police was done under the Obama administration. Obama even went as far as signing a bill which claimed white policemen were at risk of being attacked by black people and gave them more protection and power. Barack Obama didn’t even do anything for Africa, each time he went there he fought for gay rights. Wasn’t your Barack Obama your own Trogan horse whom you thought was a gift from the gods.

Dear Black people,  be careful, that this whole George Floyd riots and this whole statue destroying frenzy is not your own Trogan horse whom you think is a gift from the gods outside your gates…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar Was Jean





5 thoughts on “Dear Black People, Leave The Cecil Rhodes Monument Alone

  1. So you’re happy to praise an empire built on the back and blood of African slaves?? Wow. You are truly lost. Why is it ok to have statues of people who killed millions of people through their actions? Should we build statues of Ian Huntley, myra hyndley and Derek chauvin as well?


    1. Rhodes was syphilitic psychopath that raped Africa and I’m a light Shemite.
      Smash his statue with Howitzer. He created the Rhodes scholarship to indocrinate overtly what Masonry and Skull and Bones do surreptitiously (secretly, where secrecy is the closest one can come to lying and fraudulent larceny without actually doing so) to propagate the Rothschild dynasty aspiration for a Jewish ruled planetary authority via a compound interest scam that is morally desolate.
      If Boris is going to arrest people caught doing so, make Howitzer and blow the bloody thing off the wall. My mother is Jewish, so I am not anti Jew, I am anti psychopathic banker that made most of his money through warfare and the deaths of 400,000,000,000 people he continually tries to white wash.
      If you want a guy from a Dynasty like that ruling over you with his Rabbinic Pharisee-ism on the record thousands of times that gentiles are mere cattle devoid of humanity when they are behind the dwindling job so they can call them useless eaters, and only Jews (and Khazarim at that) are Holy, then be my guest because as a banker he could easily stopped the Auschwitz industrial complex but actually made money of it. Money, the Fiat currency Magical talisman based on nothing but a war mongering psychopaths aspiration for world domination, has bought the souls of the soul-less, and love of gold over life itself as all the supermarkets and banks introduce automatic checkout so you do everything while still paying for his planet theft with your Taxes and when more people have needed work than anytime in history, a world leadership with the curse of Bowes Lyon as HIS proxy will be the most miserable mistake ANYONE has ever made. They are the checks on every coppers hat that has persecuted and berated on their behalf; covered up for Jack the Ripper and industrial paedophilia. This is the truth without one iota of speculation so hear the Clarion call on this digital Cloud.


      1. I do not believe the “Jews” are even the real Jews the bible says they say they are Jews but they lie they are of the synagogue of Satan. The real Jews are black.

        I’ve never supported Rhodes, fact is in Zimbabwe where he is buried his grave is a tourist monument.


  2. Hi Jean,
    The History we learned in Zimbabwe is not the History that is Evident here where he came from! We in Zim enjoyed his wealth and uploaded him as a “god” because we were comparing his Supreme mindset to our owning cows and goats with a lot of Mamas (wives) by our side while, on the other hand, here the History they see is a chap that down trodded the Africans as “nothing ” ; backward and not worthy to share a table with! He started Racial Discrimination. He wanted the Africans to sleep and continue sleeping and develop at their own pace (father of Bantustans). He was a Devil in sheep’s skin. He was like a house mouse that bites you and blows a sweet breeze of air to soothe your pain, and your people enjoyed the breeze and did not hate the bite. You are looking at the same coin but on different sides. Just reflect on the other monuments of slave masters. They accumulated their wealth by selling your ancestors to work in Sugar Plantations and throw some in the Ocean (not worthy ) and your “god ” came to your land and paid you a few Pence for your labour (compare salaries between Muzungu and A Zinopindlana guy (Shona, Ndebere, Nyika etc)!!
    Jean this is what the Rhodes chap wanted you to do…..keep you sleeping and wake up at your own pace. Don’t worry if you have not, but maybe your children will and they will smash all the monuments in Zimbabwe! The children in Europe have awaken and they are smashing.
    Maybe, on the other hand, you are thinking of the Economic Chaos that Zim is in! This is Racial Discrimination. The guys here support their kind. They agreed to share land during Independence Negotiations but the Party that negotiated with Mugabe Lost Elections (how the hell can you share land with ‘nothings ‘)…and Mugabe still went ahead with what was AGREED! What would you expect? They wanted to bring him down and he REFUSED. If the ruling President has succumbed to unnecessary compensation …..he is just playing their cards…..he is DISCRIMINATING his own at the expense of settlers!!….ie to please them so that Zimbambean Assets Abroad can be UNFROZEN!


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