‘She Is Not Racist, Firing Her Solves Nothing, I’m Upset,’ Says Forgiving Black Victim Of White Woman Who Almost Destroyed His Life

I don’t even know where to start really. Yes, you read the headline right, these are shocking words of the black man who recorded a white woman hysterically calling the police on him after he had simply asked her to put her dog on a leash in Central Park according to the law of the land a few days ago. The video was so shocking it went viral, leading to the woman being fired from her job as her employer said they did not tolerate racism.

Investment Firm Franklin Templeton fired Amy Cooper

The victim, Christian Cooper has received so much global support, people are rightly outraged because what this woman did is very common and classic in the USA; a white woman makes a hysterical call to the police claiming she is being threatened by a black man. The police will come and simply arrest, or kill the black man, his side of the story is never heard or considered, the hysterical call from the white woman is enough evidence to condemn the black guy.


Christian’s video evidence is so incriminating, the world has no choice, including white people but to condemn the actions of Amy Cooper. In fact, the incident has sparked so much outrage, New York lawmakers are calling for false reporting an incident to be made a hate crime. That is how powerful Christian’s video has been, history can be made from it, and laws to protect black people can be implemented, resulting in black lives being saved.




But what does the black victim Christian Cooper do? He now undoes everything, spits in the face of all who are supporting him and calling for change, and says the white woman should be left alone, she shouldn’t face any punishment or consequences for her actions. He goes as far as to say he’s upset about how she has been treated. He takes it even further and says she’s not even a racist after all, apparently she was not herself when she made the phone call. You would think that’s his wife he is talking about whom he had a fight with last night but now has no choice but to defend her publicly because she is the mother of his children. He is suddenly behaving like he owes her some loyalty, like they share a bed together at night.

Christian Cooper says the white woman wasn’t herself when the incident happened

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Cooper has said that firing her from her job was unnecessary, apparently, it doesn’t solve anything. He is saying too much attention is being given to Amy Cooper when we should use the incident to focus on “underlying racial issues in America” apparently.

Christian Cooper is so upset that the incident has cost Amy Cooper her job

I’m literally restraining myself from saying bad things about this black man. He is barking mad that’s for sure. He obviously regrets recording and posting that video. He feels so sorry for the white woman, I am sure he is busy comforting her as I write this article. She has since publicly apologized, and my guts tell me he has definitely reached out to her. He is now the one defending her, he can’t even bring himself to call her “racist”. He says she acted racist, but that doesn’t make her racist.

He is not the first black victim of racism to behave like this, millions of black people do. Their obsession with “forgiveness” and “making peace” with white people is beyond comprehension. This is why we remain in a vicious circle, and racism can not end.  every time we move one step ahead, we move a 100 steps back.

The truth is black people are the ones who do not want racism to end. Deep down they do not want to be free. The bible has turned them into zombies and fools. The bible is the curse of black people, the only thing they got from Genesis to Revelation is “peace with your enemies” and “forgiveness”. Out of the entire book, those are the only two things they came out holding to their hearts.  This is why I hate the religion of Christianity so much, the only people who became fools when they hold the bible are black people. The sorcery done to black people with that book is the saddest thing to ever happen to humanity.

I am 100% certain that this Christian Cooper dude is indeed a Christian, his name says it all. He is only practising what his religion and his master teaches him.

Christian Cooper doesn’t want his abuser punished and feels upset about what she’s going through

A few days ago I had one of my readers, a black Zimbabwean woman tell me that I had to make peace with Walter Masocha, a paedophile and a cruel Christian “Prophet”  who almost sent me to an early grave before my time, yet a Christian woman tells me to make peace and reach out to him because thats’ what God would want. I consider this thinking a curse. The primary underlying problem of black people. I guess that’s the underlying problem Christian Cooper was talking about, his own curse which follows him even when the world is crying for his justice.

How can he publicly come out and defend a white woman who almost destroyed his life with just one phone call to the police? How do you even excuse her behaviour and say, “She wasn’t thinking straight.” If the cops had heeded her call and came and arrested him, the white woman would not have cared one bit about what would have happened to him. She would have never felt sorry or extend her shoulder to him. Yet now that she is getting the backlash she deserves, he is the first one to say, “Leave her alone, she is not the problem. We need to focus on underlying racial issues.”

Well, Mr Christian Cooper, Amy Cooper is the underlying racial issue. It can’t get anymore underlying than what she did to you. She needs to be dealt with accordingly, that is how we get to the underlying problem. White people weaponizing the police against black people is a huge underlying problem which has cost black men their lives. and nothing has ever been done about it. And now for the first time action is being taken and you are here with your Christian sorcery preaching to the world that we need to leave the “underlying problem” alone.

And what’s scary about this is that millions of black people would do and say the same things Christian is saying in those circumstances. They are in a sunken place. They don’t even know that they are still in chains, and even if they knew, they hate the idea of being free so they have no choice but to defend their captors.

No wonder Harriet Tubman said, “”I freed a thousand slaves, but I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


5 thoughts on “‘She Is Not Racist, Firing Her Solves Nothing, I’m Upset,’ Says Forgiving Black Victim Of White Woman Who Almost Destroyed His Life

  1. A beautiful write-up my melanin sister from my neighboring country. You are an organic intellectual in black socratic traditions. Just one small point of correction:It was Harriet Tubman who said” I freed a thousand slaves, but I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. When I saw your comment I was surprised because I thought of course I wrote Harriet Tubman. I honestly don’t know where Audrey Hepburn came from. I appreciate you noticed that.


  2. There have always been humans who have used Scripture out of context, or clearly DIDN’T know what the Scripture MEANT, but the Bible and Christianity are not the problem! It is sin! If you “hate your brother” without a cause, REGARDLESS the melanin level of his/her skin, that is like Murder in God’s eyes, spoken by Yeshua, the Creator!

    It is wrong to hate PEOPLE without a cause for they are all, ALL, made in God’s image and are due a modicum of respect and honor REGARDLESS our perceived differences, OR their particular sin(s) (sin color as opposed to skin color). And even if you have a CAUSE to hate a particular person, that same God REQUIRES us to forgive, to even LOVE our enemies. After all, HE first loved us and gave Himself up for those who hated HIM!

    The Bible and Scripture written within are not the enemy of “blacks”! Christianity and Scripture are NOT slavers!

    You really need to research God’s Word and not take anecdotal Or alleged evidence regarding those who call themselves “Christian”! There are many hypocrites of ALL faiths, even that of Apism (humanism, Darwinism, paganism).

    Why is it that “people of color” almost NEVER see so-called “reverse racism” such as black-on-white crime, or in hiring or education? How is t that only “blacks” can use the “race card”?

    BTW we are ALL of ONE race, genetically PROVEN, refuting Darwinist claims that we evolved from lower life forms separately and Darwin himself saying that the “superior” “white” “race” would surely eliminate the lesser “races”! It is not Christianity that is the enemy of “blacks”, it is Apism, Darwinism, which, when BELIEVED and acted upon caused racism against blacks in Africa and Australia to grow EXPONENTIALLY, to the point that HUMANS were traded as animals and even hunted down and killed for their skulls, for “science”!

    Christianity fought hard to eliminate these atrocities! Hate your brother without a cause and you are guilty of murder!

    What about the hatred of those who use a little known person who was killed by A “white” cop, as a banner to loot and maim and torch businesses of people who NEVER did anything to them! That is the epitome of “hate without a cause”! So, according to Jesus/Yeshua, these looters and torchers and Maimers are MURDERERS! Some bad cops kill unnecessarily a FEW people, but these “thugs” (BLM and the like) as you called them in another blog are demonstrating that hatred-without-a-cause against HUNDREDS of not THOUSANDS people THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!

    I truly like some of your blogs, but some of them are way out in left field! Hey, itsyyour blog and you can say whatever you want, but PLEASE, Mary-Tamar, PLEASE do more research. You owe it to your readers! Then maybe you’d get more readers and more positive comments. And maybe you’d help calm the storm!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and contributions, but the reality is one can never seperate spirituality and colour of skin, especially if one has dark skin. Its a lot easier to do so if you are white.

      You will obviously see things differently because you are WHITE and was born in a white supremacy world. You have reaped the benefits of that system big or small. So your mental and spiritual judgment on the matter is flawed. It is so bad you can never understand or process what I’ve just written to you.

      For you to even mention the word “race card ” to a people who can never benefit from that card, even if it was real tells me that the bible and God aside, you are a white man and you think like a white man.

      But I do appreciate your views.


      Liked by 1 person

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