Cursed Zimbabwe Welcomes “Chinese Coronavirus Experts” And WON’T Quarantine Them

This is exactly what I mean when I say that Africans are the descendants of Ham, their behaviour pattern alone is enough proof that there is a serious curse on that continent, Zimbabwe being the leading cursed African nation. I find myself literally opening my mouth wide each time I read news from Zimbabwe, some of the things which happen there are beyond my comprehension, especially the leading news dominating Zimbabwe today.

I can only link what has happened in Zimbabwe today to the curse of Ham, sorry but there is no other logical explanation in my head. Africans love bible prophecy and all, they are generally obsessed with “prophets” and the “Bible” even to them this COVID 19 is a bible prophecy coming to pass, but strangely they are always silent on the biggest prophecy of all, the curse of Ham. Who is Ham, and how do we recognise him today? How is that curse prophecy being fulfilled? For me, I say just look at Zimbabwe today. Talk about the servants of servants. Today I say the servants of the Chinese, who today, by the same bible the Africans are obsessed with, the Chinese are actually SERVANTS.

Now, of course, not all Africans are descendants of Ham, there is a tiny population in South Africa and even in Zimbabwe, called the Lembas, whose DNA was proven to be direct descendants of the biblical Jews. There are also Jews in Ethiopia. However, in Ghana the Ashantis and in Nigeria the Igbos are probably the highest populated descendants of the Hebrews in Africa who fled to the continent when the Temple was destroyed.

The Ashanti Tribe from Ghana  connecting with their lost Jewish heritage 
Nigerian Igbo tribe practising their Jewish traditions who believe are the lost sheep of Israel 

Apart from these lost tribes scattered in Africa,  I strongly believe that the rest of the continent is populated with Hamites, hence the abnormal behaviour patterns which dominate these countries which indicates that the people are under a huge spell.

Now Zimbabwe, proving how cursed the country is, has today announced that, “A plane carrying a consignment of medical supplies together with a team of experts in fighting Covid 19 has arrived in the country. The team is expected to visit various health institutions and share its expertise with local medical practitioners.” It is shocking and embarrassing, isn’t it?

As if the Chinese coming into the country is not bad enough, these Chinese “experts” will not be quarantined at all, instead, a red carpet has been rolled out for them and I am sure they will stay in 5-star hotels whilst in Zimbabwe. They have also apparently donated medical supplies to help the country fight Coronavirus.

You would think this is some kind of sick joke, but it’s not.


The biggest fool in Africa at the moment is Emmerson Mnangagwa, the fool who removed the anointed Robert Mugabe from power. He undid everything Mugabe did and compensated the white farmers, you couldn’t make it up, could you? The compensation of white farmers shocked black people all over the world, it cannot get any more jaw-dropping than that. I always say that the worship of white-supremacy by Zimbabweans always makes me cringe. Now the country is 100 times worse off than it was when Mugabe was in power.

So today Mnangagwa brings in a team of “Coronavirus Experts”  whatever that means, from China, where the virus supposedly originated and rolls out the red carpet for them, to an African country which has one of the lowest cases of Covid 19 in the world. Zimbabwe has had 4 deaths from Covid, that’s if , a very big if, the deaths were even truly from the plague. Yet this damned country sees it fit to bring in people from a country where thousands have died, to help “treat” a virus which is not even in the country.

Chinese COVID “Experts” in Zimbabwe today 
Donations for Covid “treatment”  from China to Zimbabwe, one of the lowest affected Countries in the world 

Not to mention that just last month, China hit the headlines for treating black people like dogs in their country, kicking them from their homes and accusing them of spreading Coronavirus.

Yet Mnangagwa’s responds to how evil the Chinese have treated black people during this plague by rolling out the red carpet for them and calling them “experts” to a plague that currently has no cure.

If these Chinese where really experts in treating this plague, why have they not come to the UK, USA or Itay where thousands have died. Why on earth are they going to an African country with one of the lowest cases in the world?

I believe the so-called Chinese “Experts” are not coming to treat a non-resistant plague in the country, they are coming to take over the land, and rule, and have access to the silver and gold of Zimbabwe. Just like Noah said, “Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants He shall be to his brethren.”

Just last month, returning Zimbabwean residents from the UK were subjected to 21 days of mandatory Quarantine in a filthy hostel with no running water, because they were coming from a Covid hotspot. Yet for the Chinese, where the pandemic originated, a red carpet is rolled out for them and they will not be quarantined.

Returning Zimbabwean residents were subjected to forced inhuman living conditions  last month
Zimbabweans were quarantined in filthy hostels with no running water 

For Mnangagwa, the Chinese do not need mandatory quarantine, certainly not in those filthy hostels. I am sure if he was to quarantine them, it would be a 5-star luxury hotel.

Is this not enough proof of the curse of Ham on that land? Is this behaviour even normal? Africans love the bible, how is this behaviour explained biblically or spiritually?

Mnangagwa cannot help but bow to the Chinese, even when they cruelly ill-treat his own people in China, he bows and gives them whatsoever they wish at their command. A servant of servants Zimbabwe truly is.

A servant of servants 

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


5 thoughts on “Cursed Zimbabwe Welcomes “Chinese Coronavirus Experts” And WON’T Quarantine Them

  1. This story is difficult. I have too many friends from Africa, however. I am so sorry this situation has to be the way it is. It seems we are all cowering one way or another rather than standing on who we are. My friend from Kenya was told the story of Ham when he was a child. The account was used to keep African people submissive in colonial times and to demean their heritage. Based on your account, it is a reasonably blest thing that descendants of Israel infuse the continent as you said with the knowledge of YHWH and His gracious love for all families of mankind. My current associates from Ghana are a beautiful and intelligent people whose wisdom is unparalleled. The Ashanti Kingdom was known for its governance and even admired by Britain in the past. And the Akan people have a common brotherhood which can shame us selfish Americans. Biblically, the curse was placed upon Canaan, Ham’s son. It seems reasonable that God may have bypassed the dishonorable act of Ham towards Noah by putting the curse on to Canaan, who Israel later conquered. I had a friend once from Eritrea, who was very astute about what kinds of people came from Noah’s sons. He would always talk with me about the Semitic and Hamitic lines amongst his own family in a very strong Tigrinya accent. Haileab Asgedom gave me a love and respect for African peoples all over the continent. I have heard of China’s incursions and attempts to take over the minerals which rightfully belong to African nations, and which should bring wealth and honor to those nations. I have often thought why would someone bend to any other nation and let themselves be under them. China’s people at large are not the problem. I have spoken with so many who have had trouble with the communist party’s stronghold. Part due to the fact that China has always been unable to change quickly. But you are correct generally. Once again your article touched my life and associations.

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  2. Let me begins with a quote from Late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Zambia former Vice president. 1967 to 1970:
    ” We Africans have to be very careful, otherwise, the Colonizers will come back under the covers of Investors and unleashed Slavery on us again”

    Ham descendant are not limited to Zimbabwe. They littered every nook and cranny of Africa Including Nigeria.
    The same Bible gave a clue to the wise and says:: “My people perish, because they lacked knowledge”
    Remember, Jabez and the people of Nineve shared the same Generational curse as well on the Bible, like this Ham, but not as foolish as this Ham descendant of our time. They amended their ways and revert the curse placed on them, unlike the Ham descendant in Africa.
    They see nothing wrong with this 2n Degree Slavery in our continent.
    Given every audacity to the Chinese to siphon the Progress and Proceed of Africa economies, subjecting them to everlasting debtors in the Chinese enclave.
    This is what we are witnessing in Zimbabwe now, presenting the Chinese as COVID 19 experts, they arrived last month in Nigeria as well.
    Thank God for people like you, who stand as Voice to the Voiceless.

    Dear Jean.
    It’s now a known fact that History will be Kind to you in the nearest future, as a result of all this your assertions.
    Keep it up sister, if any is mad, they are the one.

    Remain blessed.


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  3. I’m no longer interested in Zimbabwe. I think it’s better for me to be treated like a second class citizen in the UK and enjoy all the trappings of the very good life that I created for myself, than to go back to Zimbabwe and risk my health, sanity and financial well-being. My entire family now lives in Europe except my three closest cousins. I can’t wait for them to get out of that hell hole.


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