Why UK Zimbabwean Nurses Are Making The Highest Coronavirus Deaths In The Black Community

Follow up to my article yesterday, one of my readers pointed out that he is a black Zimbabwean researcher in New Zealand who has been involved in the research and analysis of Covid 19 deaths. He said that, Yes black people are more likely to get Covid 19 than white people, according to proportions.  He said that the ratio of black people to  white people shows that black people within their population are more likely to die from Covid. He said in New Zealand they have only had 2 black cases of Coronavirus but still according to WHO data on Covid, black people are the high-risk group. He argued that I am spreading an uninformed message and I should focus on WHO data.

Firstly I already have a HUGE problem with the World Health Organisation and would never trust them to tell me the time of the day if my clock was broken. Thats how much I ‘value’ any information which comes from WHO, but that’s another blog for another day.

Now, I have read the above narrative over and over in the mainstream media that Black people in the diaspora within their own communities are dying more than white people in their own communities even though they are a minority, so that gives them the justification to claim that Black people die of Coronavirus more than white people.

I still throw this crazy ratio statistic in the bin, I chose not to even go there in my article yesterday because I never thought it was worth mentioning as it is total bullshit to me, excuse my French. But then if I am going to have Zimbabwean black researchers coming to back this ridiculous claim, then I will write about the black Covid deaths, especially in the UK where I live. I will warn my readers this is a long read, but I could not take away from what I wanted to emphasize.

About UK black Covid 19 cases, they even had Idris Elba, the most famous black man in the UK make a bizarre video out of the blue claiming that he had Coronavirus with no symptoms just to prove a point that black people get Coronavirus,  that’s how desperate they are to make this a black plague.

Idris Elba strangely claimed to have Coronavirus with no symptoms

Now, if you are a Fireman, obviously you are more at risk of dying from fire. If you are a soldier, you are more at risk of dying during war. If you are a black man in the USA you are 10 times more likely to be killed by a white policeman. So its so sad to have to state this obvious reality that if you are a nurse, you are more at risk of catching Covid 19 whilst working on the wards. Worse more if you are a nurse who works like a donkey and subjects themselves to unnecessary risks without adequate PPE, you are even twice more likely to get Covid 19.

That’s the case with black people in the UK during this pandemic, who are mostly NHS frontline workers, especially black Zimbabweans. This is not a case of “Black people more likely to get Covid 19 than white people because of something inherent in them which makes them more prone.” That is literally spinning something they create to suit their racist narrative. If you are a black person in the UK and you are not a nurse or NHS keyworker,  No, you are not likely to get Covid 19 than white people. There is nothing in your DNA which makes you more prone. No one is more likely to get Covid 19 because of their black skin, this a white people pandemic hence it’s dominating in the USA and Europe the most.

So for them to keep pushing this blanket statement that “Black people are likely to die from Covid 19 than white people”, is a blatant lie. Black people are not randomly dying of the virus as white people are, hence not many cases in Africa. The black people who are dying of Covid 19 in the UK are mostly NHS frontline workers. Zimbabweans are making a big number of that because most Zimbabweans in the UK are nurses. There are thousands of Zimbabweans in the UK, and I believe 90% of them are NHS nurses.

96521146_3052513038142807_4225916685875412992_n (1)
Most Zimbabweans in the UK are NHS Frontline workers 

Let me tell you something about Zimbabweans, especially those in the UK, they love to WORK. When I say Zimbabweans, I don’t mean every single one of them obviously, this is a figure of speech in writing. I always get Zimbabweans getting their knickers in a twist each time I say Zimabweans do this and that. They cry, “Stop saying Zimbabweans, say “some”. They don’t get that when you are writing you can’t go around saying “some” in every sentence, common sense should tell you that when you write about a group of people, you are talking about the “majority.” Again it’s so sad that I have to explain this to Zimbabweans.

Now back to my point, Zimbabweans in the UK love to work.  So it can’t be a surprise that black Zimabweans in the UK are dying from Covid 19. From all the deaths I have heard in the UK of Zimbabweans, which is about 30 or 40 if my counting is right, I do believe all of Zimbbawean UK Covid deaths are of nurses according to media reports. But still again, 30 Zimbabwean deaths is such a small proportion compared to the hundreds of thousands of white people who have died of Covid in the UK.

But if you want to talk about ratios and proportions, I believe that most black nurses in the United Kingdom are actually Zimbabweans and they really are making up “big” numbers of black deaths in the UK.

Today you have Zimbabwean nurses sadly perishing as frontline NHS workers, and I read about them saying nursing is their first calling and they are doing it because they love it. I do not believe that nursing is their calling or passion or all that, these Zimbabweans are nurses because of political and economical reasons.

I lived in the Zimbabwean UK community for 15 years. I came to the UK at 17, I got my visa to come for an interview to train as a nurse.

“Are there no other professions in Zimbabwe, are you all taught that you have to be nurses. Ey Zimbabwe, all doing nursing. Why not engineering or teaching or anything else, why nursing?” This Congolese guy would always tease and mock me when I was a student nurse.

For thousands of Zimbabweans who are nurses in the UK, the truth is they are nurses because it was a way of coming to the UK and getting papers. To do nursing, you didn’t need to pay anything and you got a student bursary every month, then as soon as you graduated you got a work permit, so that is the reason why Zimbabweans are nurses in the UK.

Sadly when I was in the Zimbabwean UK community, I saw enough to make me cringe. Their motto as Zimbabweans was ” We Came Here To Work!” Initially, I was drawn into this mad frenzy of working like a slave. I would “connect” as we called it, going from one shift to another without any break or sleep for days. If you didn’t work like a donkey, Zimbabweans would brand you lazy. For me I faced a lot of pressure from my ex-husband and his family, they all work like donkeys in the care industry, so I had to keep up. I remember one Christmas, I was only 18 years old, and I spent about 5 days at work without going home, “connecting” because the rates were higher during Christmas period. It was excruciating and by the end of my “connecting”, I was so exhausted. I told my then-boyfriend that I would never do this again, the money or whatever was not worth the pain, I wanted to live not to survive.

I will not even go into the racism I faced from the staff, who gives you the hardest jobs, gives you the most difficult patients to deal with, on top of insulting you saying, ” Can’t hear what you are saying love,” each time you speak.  When you are black you work twice as much as your white colleagues, I experienced this especially in the nursing homes. As if that’s not enough, the patients will be screaming at you saying “Dont touch me with your black hands, your skin is burnt.”

For me as a young black girl it was torture, I felt like a slave, I could not do it. Not for the money, not for my sanity.

I never did anything meaningful with the money either apart from sending it to Zimbabwe to a “family” who hates me. My then-boyfriend who was later to become my husband would argue with me and call me lazy for not “connecting” and say “ Takauya kuno kuzo shanda, We came here to work, Jean.”

This is the reality of Zimbabwean nurses in the UK, some would even collapse and die on buses from exhaustion. They never even did anything tangible with the slave money, as the wisest man Solomon once said, “Do not overwork to become rich, because of your own understanding, cease!” Proverbs 23: 4-5.

Sadly for Zimbabweans in the UK, they will not cease or give up, or even take a break during this global pandemic. They will continue to work like slaves and donkeys even during Coronavirus and say it is their “calling” and literally sacrifice themselves as sheep. Because they are black, they are obviously given the worst jobs in them ICU Units I can imagine.

Now because Zimbabweans make a huge population of black nurses in the UK, WHO will now tell you that black people in the UK are dying more than white people because they are poor and don’t have a strong immune system.

Headlines should read, “Black nurses risking their lives and overworking during the pandemic, which kills mostly white people.” More headlines should read, “Black healthcare workers subjected to terrible working conditions in the UK.” But nah, for them black people die of Covid than white people.

There is no justification for spinning this narrative to make black people the face of Coronavirus or claim that they are more at risk because they are black. They are not at risk, they are just slaves in the UK who are diving into the fire and expecting “Jesus” to save them.

I do have a big Zimbabwean readership, even now I have an article trending in the Zimbabwean community about how Zimbabweans are obsessed with University degrees which don’t improve their lives in any shape or form, so racist statistics from WHO aside, I am pleading with ya’ll Zimbabwean nurses in the UK to just stop this “We came here to work”, madness.


Blood money is not everything. Nothing is worth putting your lives at risk, and remember you are giving white people the reason to say you are weak and don’t eat a balanced diet so you are prone to Coronavirus when this is not even supposed to be your plague or portion in the first place.

I do not care how much double pay you are getting during this pandemic, if you are black and in the diaspora and you work on these Coronavirus Wards, stop making yourselves unnecessary sacrificial sheep and cease! Go home and let them deal with this plague, it is their plague.

It’s so sad that because of this slave mentality from Zimbabweans in the UK, they are certainly contributing on a global scale to the racist agenda from WHO and white researchers who are now making black people the face of Covid 19.

But knowing black Zimbabwean frontline nurses, they will not cease as Solomon advised, apparently being on the ICU wards is their “calling”. More like sacrificial calling, claiming a plague that’s not even yours. They don’t even care about you, so the “calling” you are sacrificing is not worth anything. When they do their “Clap for NHS” in the UK, they are clapping for white nurses and doctors, not you black nurses, thats why they only have images on their Newspaper headlines portraying an NHS of only WHITE keyworkers, when it’s you black nurses who are sacrificing the most and dying.

The UK media portrays the NHS as an all-white institution where black keyworkers are neither acknowledged or appreciated


Meanwhile, Zimbabwean UK nurses perish on the frontline

So I rest my case…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



23 thoughts on “Why UK Zimbabwean Nurses Are Making The Highest Coronavirus Deaths In The Black Community

  1. Yes my Zimbabwean colleagues, some are too greedy for money and fight for overtime instead of sharing appropriately with others. Too much competition on material things as if when one passes on , you will take the money to Jesus instead of Helping the poor . Colleagues please read that extract and Accept Self actualisation-Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.

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  2. I agree with you jean that zim nurses are over working and volunteering on the frontline risking exposure and death. And as you rightly said its because of the political and economic situation back home where everybody’s eyes are on you.back home there is no social welfare to fall back on and hence we have to take extra shifts to support them at home. The statistics mean nothing but just propaganda and hatred from what I have seen.meanwhile we will continue to soldier on for our relatives and rely on you to fight for our hated skin.Aluta continua

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  3. This Jean Gasho certainly has aversions with her Zimbabwean counterparts.She writes a lot of nonsense without quantifying her claims.She should learn to substantiate her foolish,nonsensical allegations.However there is some semblance of truth in what she is saying.She certainly has issues with Zimbabwe &Zimbabweans.


    1. Is that your real name Dr G? And are you a Doc Phil, Professional Doctorate, Hon Doctor what? And why such a response to such a reasonable perspective? Why not just argue like a Dr?


    2. I beg to differ. I have worked with Zimbabweans in the care Industry. They never sleep. They work day and night. They eat zadza and meat. No fruits. No veggies. Truth hurts acknowledge it and move on. Take on board her argument and argue with facts


  4. Whatever sense she says is overshadowed by her stupid reference to Jesus -another malady brought on blacks by whites and Jewry.

    A divorcee busy microsciping on the dust in the eyes of fellow fools when she had a corona virus log in her own eyes. Damn it, she will say forgive my French to try impressing her Britishness on the readers. Ane daa mumusoro


  5. I beg to differ .Give me numbers of other African states to compare .Its just that as Zimbos we never see good in what another person does .Some families back home depend mainly on children working abroad, so don’t blame anyone for working hard .if you have family here your choices are more coz you have a roof over you .Alone you choose what works and is marketable for you


  6. Interesting read, I guess every person life demands are not at the same level as the other. Some are main family heads some have no commitments apart from feeding their own mouth. Some have medical bills for their parents and families.

    At the same time an individual has a choice to fall in the high risk areas or not. Sad to be able to be left with only choice of Stay working in high risk areas.

    God knows all this and why all this is happening! Noone came and Certainly started on a silver platter but may have started at a very hard and unbearable level. So Some of those and not all you see today in covid19 crisis as nurses maybe at the beginning of their level where we all started and the only difference is your one was a different era/time. I wish them the best. Some naturally hate slow life and feel happy being bust. If they are dying, it’s God’s time. Some are dying with Covid19 without Covid19 and not even nurses in this pandemic. Their time has come.

    I agree With you when this expressed About high risk As nurse and other work areas. True, lots of asians in nursing are dying equally the same as black even so more of those are dying. Whites are outnumbered in nursing as most move up. Other nationalities work on the floor due to either money reasons or love being busy.

    Degrees can be obtained by anyone regardless. If your calling is about making more money. It will happen whether one has a degree or not. Let one be and not critisise as business is not for all.

    The script will open many different eyes depending on what they think, want and or see. Good script in general.

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  7. I think you have so much anger resentment in your personal life. For you to come up with an article like this, without you realising that you sound like a raging bull, you lost your rationality for the sake of portraying brutality. Where is your compassion, is saving others by way of reasoning is your compassion. Yes Zimbabwean work hard, we are not forced we are loving and compassionate of what we do. Yes there is great infection due to exposure. Speak your mind but first examine the poison in your tongue. Since your are so intelligent and all knowing. Reflection is a best tool to be used at all times.


  8. Let us put things into perspective:

    What percentage of UK is BAME?

    What percentage of the BAME is black?

    What percentage of the Black is African?

    What % of the Africans are Zimbabweans?

    Then what % of those Zimbabweans are in the NHS?

    It is a long data mining process BUT I think it will help here. I used the same algorithm when I tried to work out why Gamu did not win X Factor even after all Zimbabweans I knew agreed to help by voting twice!!

    I hope that helps.


  9. Let us put things into perspective:

    What percentage of UK is BAME?

    What percentage of the BAME is black?

    What percentage of the Black is African?

    What % of the Africans are Zimbabweans?

    Then what % of those Zimbabweans are in the NHS?

    It is a long data mining process BUT I think it will help here. I used the same algorithm when I tried to work out why Gamu did not win X Factor even after all Zimbabweans I knew agreed to help by voting twice!!

    I hope that helps.

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  10. Just adding on that Jean, I have realized that black nurses especially (Agency Nurses) are normally allocated to work with Corvid positive patients yet the white coloured nurses are given patients that are not COVID positive.

    Staff are not treated the same. They are being put on the front line. Unfairness and not having proper PPE appropriate for COVID are the main reasons why most black nurses are dying more than the white. It’s not to do with the colour of the skin.

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    1. Why do they say yes to working without proper PPE? They have every right to refuse working under those conditions. They are scared of not getting double shifts.

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  11. Just a point of correction Jean, when you said Idris Elba was claiming that he had Corvid 19 without any symptoms. I agree with him because when this Coronavirus started I looked after patients that didn’t have any COVID symptoms and we were not allowed to wear any face mask. We were told that it was not a Corvid hospital and we were told that we were scaring the patients. Being (agency staff ) we were allocated to work with those (3) patients on a 1-1 care as they were confused and being the most difficult patients to deal with.

    Those patients didn’t have any temperature or any Corvid-19 symptoms. This was only proved after those patients were tested for COVID-19 and they were positive. All the staff that looked after those patients fell ill and tested positive to COVID-19.

    So that famous man might be correct to say he had Corvid 19 but without any symptoms. That’s the reason we have to treat everyone as being positive because we don’t know how has got the virus or not.

    Wear face mask, keep social distancing to stay safe and save lives.


  12. I saw the title of this on Facebook and came here as I was genuinely interested in the subject as a Zimbabwean. Some constructive criticism: first, the style of writing isn’t very great. As a writer you should pack your thoughts into an introduction, main body, then conclusion. It’s a blog yes but your thoughts are written all over the place. “Why UK Zimbabwean Nurses Are Making The Highest Coronavirus Deaths In The Black Community”: the word making is a bit off for lack of a better phrase. Take this with a pinch of salt. I suggest you invest a some writing courses. Your passion comes across in your writing but there is room for grammatical improvement. All the best.


  13. This Jean girl has a lot of personal anger and emotions flying everywhere, and I gather something to do with a failed relationship from a Zimbabwean man, she has therefore taken that personal anger and directed it to every Zimbabwean in UK specially! She has no facts at all. Get your statistics right, not even a third of black Zimbabweans constitute NHS key workers, Afro-Caribbeans rather are the highest! Nigerians are even higher than Zimbabweans.

    Get some much needed therapy before your expose your vulnerability more like you just did, you need help girl, get over whatever happened to you,.or whatever our Zim brothers did to you and move on with your life, that anger is consuming you and will be your downfall, I pity you!


  14. While every one is entitled to his opinion I found the article making to many generalizations. In life everyone has his/her priorities. Even in the white communities. Therefore the article is a personal taste than a factual representation of life.


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