Black People More Likely To Die From Coronavirus, Another LIE From White People

For over 400 years, many lies have been told about Black people, and as usual, we always wait to be told the statistics and narratives from the white man’s chambers.

Today I have been reading a lot of headlines in the mainstream media from BBC to Sky News saying that “Black people are more likely to catch and die from Coronavirus.” This is supposed to be according to a latest research, which claims that because black people are mainly from poor backgrounds, their immune system is weak, so they are the most risk group in the world when it comes to the global pandemic.

I know that a lot of black people do not have a problem with statistics such as these, because the research is coming from the learned ones, the scientists, the white people, the ones who rule the world.

Yet according to world death statistics the USA, a country of white people as the majority has the highest Covid 19 deaths in the world with 75 000 deaths,  followed by the United Kingdom with 30 000 deaths, then Italy with 29 000 deaths, Spain with 26 000, France 25 000 deaths then Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Netherlands, China and other European countries have the highest death rates in the world.

Surely, if in these countries, especially the top 4 ones hit hardest with Covid 19, black people are the minority race, then obviously the hundreds and thousands of those who have died of Covid 19 be it in the USA, UK or Itay, are white. You don’t even need to be smart to work this out, its the blatantly obvious truth.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the majority of people who have died of Coronavirus in this world are actually white people because their countries are the ones that have suffered from this plague the most.

For the past months, Africa as a continent has not even been affected with Covid 19 if you want to talk about the scale of deaths worldwide. Africa has been literally invisible during this pandemic, yet that is the continent of black people.

If there is a disease which is meant to kill black people, then obviously that disease will be a plague in Africa, like HIV Aids, or “Ebola”. We all know that when we mention these plagues, black people are the face of it, end of. White people may die of HIV Aids here and there, it doesn’t mean they will never get it, but this virus kills black people, and we all know it. Millions of people have died of AIDS in Africa, and Africa is populated by Black people so obviously, the people who will be infected with HIV are black people, Africans.

Now, these researchers and scientists claiming that black people in the Western Countries are more likely to die of coronavirus than white people is the same as claiming that “White people in Africa are more likely to die of HIV Aids or even Ebola than black people”.  Any sane human being will know that that doesn’t make any sense at all.

And if really this Covid 19 plague was targeting black people in the diaspora because of poverty and weak immune system as they claim, why are black Africans back in Africa not perishing with Coronavirus? Africa is the poorest continent in the world where millions of people live in poverty and have no access to a balanced diet and survive on little or less than one meal a day. How come those poor Africans are not dying from Coronavirus?

Almost all African countries had their borders open to China, way after the pandemic had started, if this was really a “poor diet, poor immune system virus” which targets black people, surely today Africa will be a hotspot considering the exposure the continent had to Chinese people, where the plague originally started. But yet, Africa the world of black people remains the less affected continent in the world.

Even China had to nerve to racially abuse black people and accuse them of “spreading” coronavirus in China! You couldn’t make it up, could you?

African countries populated with black dark-skinned negros have had no death cases at all. South Sudan 0 deaths, Rwanda 0 deaths,  Namibia 0 deaths.

On the other hand, Egypt has one of the highest Covid death rates in Africa, over 400 death cases confirmed, and by the way, modern-day Egyptians are not black negros. Algeria also has one of the highest death rates in Africa, with a recorded 400 confirmed deaths, and may I just mention that Algeria is not populated by black Negros. Morocco has 200 deaths, again these are not black negros. Should I say more?

And yet the mainstream western media wants to tell the world that Covid 19 is a plague for black people. They now want to put black people as the face of coronavirus, and the black people as usual all say “Amen” to their masters because that is the word they were always taught to say, for over 400 years. They say in the diaspora our immune system is weak and we don’t eat a balanced diet and we still say “Amen” to the degrading insults. If you dispute what they tell you, you are a conspiracy theorist, you have to accept their version as the truth. Yet we know that black negros have the strongest immune system in the world, they are physically strong too,  whatever they eat, they run the fastest, Usain Bolt, they play the best football, France National Football Team. They dont age as white people do. Black people are not weak, they are the strongest race on this earth.

Black people are the strongest people on earth


I refuse to have my God-given intelligence insulted in such a manner. Coronavirus does not target black people, especially for the pathetic reasons they are giving. Weak immune system my foot. Covid is a pandemic that’s affecting the WESTERN WORLD, where white people populate. It’s almost scary to say it out loud because we are not supposed to say this, it’s not allowed. Subconsciously, we are even afraid to say this blatant reality in broad daylight, because we don’t want to upset them. It’s easier for us to accept that Coronaviris is killing more black people than whites.

Are black people genuinely getting infected by Coronavirus, of course, they are, just like white people get infected with HIV, but we know the percentage is very low. Coronavirus affects white people the most for reasons known to God.

I will just end with this tearful video posted by a frontline USA ICU nurse in New York, claiming that minority patients in the ICU are not dying from Covid 19, they are being murdered and nobody cares. New York has the highest Covid death rates in the USA.

She speaks about how these minority patients are not being treated for Covid 19, they come into hospital to be murdered. She tearfully said, “They are not dying of Covid. Yes people are going to die of Covid, I know this. I am literally saying they are murdering these people, and nobody cares because they are all minorities (black people), and we are in the f****ing hood.”

This is a live testimony of a woman with a heart, who is a nurse and every day she is seeing black people and other minorities murdered and classed as Covid deaths.

Yet we all accept a report on BBC, CNN or Sky News which says “Black people in the West are likely to die from Corona Virus than white people.”


96408329_3050925908301520_831537416903852032_n (1)96292356_3050925958301515_258670534319931392_n

Are you f****ing kidding me? These are lies from the pits of hell. It’s such a shame that as the black race we are not in a position to write our own stories or share our own version of the TRUTH, so we just have to accept theirs. Satan knows whys they are pushing for this narrative, but we will get to the bottom of it one way or another.

But I boldly say that NO, Black people are not more likely to die from Covid 19 than white people, not in the USA, not in Europe and certainly not in Africa. This is not our portion ya’ll, the black chosen ones I mean.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho




5 thoughts on “Black People More Likely To Die From Coronavirus, Another LIE From White People

  1. Hi

    Am trying to get to you ,been following you from day one I need a Huge favour Due to the lockdown I stayed at home and because I work for Agency things have not been easy . But Thank God!! I was in a system which a friend from church introduced to me through a company called ALL COMMUNICATION NETWORK(ACN) This company has been operating since 1993 and has generated billions of revenue changing lives and feeding the hungry children .Now its training people to get paid from the bills they are already paying.I was wondering if you can also look at it closely and assist me to carry out the project.If u want to first understand whats involved check on rvpfamily .com Or attend any of the international zooms they do online. Or I can give you an overview.I have now made up my mind am.packing my bags from nursing you know I have done enough, my kids are grown up.

    I need to give back to the community by alleviating unemployment and poverty triggered by the season we are in.The System has changed my life and as you know sometimes you dont get support for your vision from those you expect to help I now see things diferently and work and earn from home I feel there must be others up there who might benefit from what Iam doing and might need me to explain .Thanks for your time Keep safe and God bless you..



  2. Dear Jean,

    Thanks again for this thought provoking food for though article.You see, there is something about white people that many black people don’t realise. They think they are made of tough stuff. They never want to look weak and meek. Surely, if there is any thing to go by, coronavirus has exposed their weakness and look how they are now trying to create a fake narrative that we black people are likely to die from it because we are poor. So, when did all those white people we see dying everyday from COVID-19 became black bodies? They will only fool the fools. They have always tried to use their power(story telling) to change a narrative. And more importantly, they know who their competitors are. Why did they not single out Asians because there is also poverty in Asia? What is it about blacks that scare white people? Why does the white media want Coronavirus to wipe us off the face of the earth? this is also confirmed by racists remarks from the so called members of the scientific community that suggested that the vaccine should first be tested in Africa and yet we know that in Africa statistics are still low. When are we (blacks) going to wake up and smell the coffee and realise that we are in a war? Unfortunately we black people do not know who our competitors are even after we have been taught by our ancestors such as Malcolm X.

    Those are questions that keep me awoke at night Jean.

    Once again thanks for your thoughts.

    Kind regards,

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