My Husband Has Finally Put Hagar Away, And Shulamite Is The Happiest Pregnant Woman

When I wrote about Mary Chiwenga and the power of a woman in a man’s life, I had no idea I was about to live that testimony. Women have always influenced men since the beginning of time, even Kings.  It was Sarah who told Abraham that he had to put away the bondwoman and her son. Abraham did not want to do this, but the word of Sarah prevailed, and God told Abraham to listen to his wife, and the entire race of Ishmael was displaced.  A few weeks ago God revealed to me that Hagar was not to be given a house by my Boaz, and secondly she was to be put away. As the prophetess of my King, I put the word to him, he accepted it, but he believed God had told him to keep Hagar as we are now under grace.

As a submissive wife, I listened and obeyed my King, and continued praying that the King would heed my word.

Shulamite had also expressed her concerns about Hagar, the presence of Hagar disturbed her very much. With Shulamite being pregnant, I recently told the King that it was not good for her to be distressed and she doesn’t seem to be clicking at all with Hagar.

It is Shulamite’s birthday next Tuesday, and the King asked her what she wanted and he would give her if it was possible. Shulamite said she would think about it. Shulamite asked me what she should say, and I asked her what her wish really was. I told her to be honest with herself and that what the King had proposed to her was really big.

 She told me that Hagar made her sad and uncomfortable, and every time she told my husband about it, he told her to just accept it, and try and deal maturely with the situation. I told her to be bold, and go and tell the King that the best birthday present for her would be for Hagar to be put away.

I told her that I had already told the King about Hagar even recently, so both of us saying it would put pressure on him.

The original plan of our polygamous lifestyle was for my husband to have only me and my handmaiden Shulamite. This is actually what Shulamite signed up for, so Hagar was a shock to her. She had not even adjusted to her role when another woman was introduced. If Boaz was to add a PA, it was supposed to be a black woman to be honest, as I do not believe in interracial marriages. I also believe that the Israelites, specifically are not to intermarry with the Ishmaelites.

Hagar is a lovely young woman, with her whole life ahead of her, but I truly believe that she was not right for the rebirth of the Davidic dynasty.

So at the beginning of the week, on Sunday night, Shulamite went to the King and told him what she wanted for her birthday. Boaz came to me and was really shocked that Shulamite had asked Hagar to be put away, he almost seemed angry with her. And I managed to calm him down about it.

But I could sense there was power in Shulamite’s words.

So just yesterday, it so happened that the King came to me, and told me that Hagar had presented him with an engagement ring at her apartment, and she had claimed that it was for her so that she can be officially engaged to the King. She then asked Boaz to kneel and propose to her so she could make the engagement official at work and to her friends.

My Boaz does not believe in proposing to a woman through bowing down to her. Nowhere in the history of Isreal did a man ever bow to a woman asking her to marry him, it is an abomination. And you wonder why after men bend the knee and propose to women, they start acting like sissies and lose their manhood. A man should ask a woman to marry him, yes, David asked Abigail to marry him, even Rebekah was asked if she wanted to be Isaac’s wife,  rings and gifts may be given, but no man should ever bend the knee to plead his husband duties to a woman. The moment a man pleads with a woman to marry him, he has sold his birthright. It is disgraceful.

So the King told me that I was right about Hagar all along, and he had actually put her away and was not going to have a husband/wife relationship with her. He said Hagar pleaded with him to continue to the relationship, but the engagement ring incident was the final straw.

The King said at first Hagar cried so much, and said she will go on a hunger strike and will never eat again if he leaves her. But the King told her that it was for the best, and he will always care for her and love her as a friend, but he could no longer take her as a wife. Hagar calmed down and accepted her fate. The King said she dried her tears and said she understood that she was not worthy.

Hagar pleaded to continue working as Boaz’s PA. Boaz advised her that this was not a very good idea, and he told her that he would not need a PA for now.

The funny thing is Hagar texted me and asked me to ask Boaz if she can just work as his PA, no strings attached. And Boaz said to me, if she is to ever work as a PA, she will have to deal directly with me, not Boaz, which would be impossible.

I wish  Hagar all the best, she is still young and a very beautiful woman, but she is best off marrying a man of her own kind. The King’s harem is not the best place for her. She will always be my sister and I will always be her friend. She asked me to take down all her pictures from my blog, which I had already taken down by the time she asked. We still chat, there is no bad blood. It was an experience, a learning journey for everyone involved. Everyone handled themselves with grace, maturity and dignity.  Hagar told me she had no idea a “ring” would cause her to be put away and still believes it was Shulamite behind it all, but she will not walk away with a grudge.

My King will not be the first or last to put away a wife, King David had to put away Michal by not touching her ever again. Abraham put away Hagar.

So for now, it is just me and Shulamite and the King. Shulamite is so over the moon. She was praying for Hagar to go. Hagar was her thorn in the flesh, and she felt like she had taken away her shine. Now she is just looking forward to her birthday.

So yes, women we have our power too if we play our cards right. I was right, after all, I looked out for my King as his prophetess, and God finally showed him that I was right. The thought of my husband having children who would look different from his other children disturbed me. It would have confused the children.

So I have lived to be a Sarah in my husband’s life, and I told him, “Put away the bondwoman, for her son can not share the inheritance with my son.”

And behold, it came to pass…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean




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