Dear Marry Chiwenga, Grovel To Your Husband If You Want To Save Your Soul


Now before I write to you Marry, let me just take a moment to address my Zimbabwean readers who can’t seem to comprehend why I keep writing about Zimbabwe when I denounced the country. Zimbabwe is my history, not my future, but I have taken it upon myself to tell the world about this country I was born in. A few months ago I got a blog follower from Egypt. I was hooked and intrigued by this Egyptian blogger because she portrayed modern Egypt in a way I have never heard in the mainstream media. In one blog post, she spoke about the vulnerable young beautiful Egyptian girls who are born to live and satisfy the sexual desires of old ugly tourists who go to Egypt with a lot of money. I loved this blogger because she tells of the raw side of Egypt that I never knew of. She encouraged me to keep on writing about Zimbabwe from my own eyes. I breathed my first there, I learnt to walk there, I learnt to talk there, I even learnt to write there, and I loved Robert Mugabe, so anything to do with my former president I will write about. You will not be able to shut me up about what I believe is Zimbabwean culture, I’m afraid. Besides, as a blogger, I can not waste a good story. Marry Chiwenga is a damn “good” story.

Now back to you Marry, it is my earnest prayer that you read this, I know you will. It truly amazes me Marry, that Grace Mugabe was your biggest rival, and you fought so hard to dethrone her, then mocked her endlessly when she fell. Even Mnangagwa’s wife never showed the glee you showed at the fall of the former first lady.

After I wrote my article about your fall from grace yesterday, more details came to my attention about the events which transpired in your matrimonial home before the General, your husband Vice President Constantino Chiwenga ordered your arrest. I read that you actually humiliated him in front of the elders and relatives, and told them that your old Lord husband was useless in bed, and had not touched you for months, if not years.

I am sorry to say this Marry, but you literally took off your crown yourself and prompted your own husband to take the action he has taken. You know very well what your husband is capable of, the people he has hurt and abused. You know betrayal is his middle name, so whatever made you think he would spare you after you humiliated him like that is beyond my understanding. You knew that the information about him being impotent would be obviously leaked to the media. This is the second most powerful man in Zimbabwe, if not the most powerful, and you had the audacity to degrade his manhood to all and sundry.

Marry, you made your bed sweetheart, you knew very well when you married him that he was old enough to be your father, that at some point, things would stop functioning.  You married an old man, knowing you are young and have sexual needs. Tell me, I pray, how you expect a 70 something old man, who is clearly sick, to touch you?  Sex should be your last concern madam, the man almost died for crying out loud.

I read somewhere that Chiyangwa’s daughters sell toys for women like you in Zimbabwe, I am sure the General would have given you the blessing of buying yourself a toy, he never denied you anything, after all, thanks to him, you lived a life of privilege and luxury in a poverty-stricken country. So how would he deny you a toy if you had asked him? This is the life you signed up for when you married him. You had to find ways of dealing with it, there is more to life than sex actually, especially where love is concerned. The problem is you did not love this man, you proved it yourself. Even Kings and Lords need a woman’s love too.

Let me tell you this Marry, I am just a wee bit younger than you, but I was married when I was only 19 to a Zimbabwean fool. I met him when I was 17, he was my first romance, so I never knew any better. This fool was impotent,  he would go for months without touching me. He never even told me I was beautiful. I had to take him to the doctor once because I really believed he had a medical problem, but he went in and told the doctor that I was mentally disturbed instead. The doctor reading the situation wrote in my notes that I was in a very abusive marriage, and behold those medical notes saved me years later when the fool was now trying to take my children from me, and he dared the courts that I provide medical records of my “mental illness” because he thought all the things he told medics about me were actually written down. But funny enough, he was only proving to the doctors how abusive he was.

But even in such an abusive marriage where I was not only starved physically as a young woman, I was also starved of material things, this fool would not provide for me and his children, but I never went on a rooftop to shout that the fool was useless on the marriage bed, I tried to fight for the dammed marriage as I never knew any better. But God loved me too much and dragged me out and gave me to a man who was able to do all the things the fool could not do.  But you Marry, at least the General was providing for you financially, he gave you all of Zimbabwe’s wealth at your fingertips. When he dethroned Mugabe, with your help I believe, he rewarded you and gave you a crown, he even let you be free to dance like the way you did at Mnangagwa’s inauguration.

What more did you want sister? O Mary Mary quite contrary, how you fit that nursery rhyme perfectly.

I really pray that all the younger girls who are professional slay queens, and dream of marrying older established men learn from you Marry. If you are going to marry an older man for his power, money and fame, at least do the honourable thing and be loyal to him, especially at his lowest. Carry the cross you choose to bear. Do not pick and choose what part of the old man you want, lest you be condemned like what has happened to you.

How could you even ask him to write a will when he was sick and dying. You have his children. He married you under the customary marriage law, which is recognised in Zimbabwe. Why did you panic? Who gave you such wrong counsel? Surely you were going to get something, had the Vice President died. You became so greedy and you didn’t want his children from other marriages to have anything, and that greed became your downfall. Why did you want all his wealth to yourself Marry? You never laboured with the General, you met this old man ready-made, in fact all the fruits you enjoyed were actually the labour of his first wife, whom he shamelessly put away for another woman. Why did you become so greedy considering the “luck” you had in marrying him in the first place.

When I told my husband your story, his first comment was “Aww shame, but the girl became greedy though. She should have focused on his health, not the money.”

The least you could have done was stand by your old husband, and love him to death in sickness. But that you failed to do.

I never knew I would write these words down, but you have made me realize what an amazing virtuous woman Grace Mugabe was and continues to be, no wonder she raised a grounded down to earth beautiful daughter like Bona Mugabe. She married a way older man, but boy, she loved the devil out of old Mugabe. She honoured her old husband, at least publicly anyway.  Grace would never degrade her husband like that even to relatives. She stood by him in sickness and in health. I am sure in the last 20 years of Mugabe’s life, Grace was mostly hungry, but she never showed it, never made noise about it, as old and wrinkly Mugabe was, she even bragged in front of the entire world that her husband only had eyes for her, and was not a “babazonke” whatever that is. She covered up his weaknesses.

Grace never walked the walk of shame you walked yesterday into that Prison van. That was proper Game Of Thrones Cescei walk, and my heart bled for you Marry as you covered your head in shame with a Chanel scarf.

Grace never tasted Chikurubi prison, where a woman is degraded to relieve herself in front of others. She never fell out of favour with her lord husband, no matter how old, sick or impotent Mugabe was.  Grace Mugabe is a virtuous woman by her own right, a second wife who became a Queen. Zimbabwe hated and laughed at her and called her mad, but at least she never once bit the hand that fed her. Even the enemies of Mugabe still respect and honour her today, and make peace with her. She has a mansion, she has her children and grandchildren. She is still young enough to find love again….And what do you have today Mary?

O Mary Marry quite contrary, I will end with this scripture for you,

” A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.” Proverbs 14:1

Right now the General is no longer your husband sweetheart, he is now your MASTER. You are now a slave girl to him. He is now to you like a King, and he will do whatever he wishes with you because you have lost his favour, ( Ecclesiastes 8)  he is now sovereign to you. And when men become Kings, they have no mercy for fallen royals. Just read a bit of history, and see how Kings dealt with wives like you, your head would have been on a spike weeks ago, you are lucky you a were born in this era. Have you ever heard of King Henry the eighth?

Maybe it’s not yet over for you Marry, maybe there is still a little love in the General’s heart, you bore him children. As stone cold as he is, maybe his heart can be softened, I am sure you know the way to his heart. For your own sake, plead for mercy. Pen him a letter from that dungeon you lie in today and ask for pardon. Take it from a woman who once had to do that, even when I had done no grievous sin and I was put away for being loyal to a fool, when I began to suffer I pleaded for mercy, but God answered me and brought me my Boaz, my King and Lord. Today the fool lives outsides my gates, reading everything I write and commenting.  It is your season to beg and kneel down. Own up to your sins, and ask for mercy not just to your Master but to the God of Israel. You are now in those moments where no one else can save you, even lawyers can’t, but you might save yourself. You have already fallen from grace, you have nothing else to lose.

You must still know the ways to his heart, pen him a letter from the dungeon

It is better to save your soul, because as it stands now, your fate is in Constantino Chiwenga’s hands…there is no law in Zimbabwe. The General himself is the Law sweetheart so his favour determines your heartbeat.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


4 thoughts on “Dear Marry Chiwenga, Grovel To Your Husband If You Want To Save Your Soul

  1. I don’t always agree with some things you write but I agree with you on this one. As a married woman myself I know not to go to war with my husband regardless of what happens. Mary you cannot disgrace this man in front of His whole family. Someone should have advised her. It’s only her husband who can take away this dark cloud that has fallen on her.

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  2. You are wrong about Grace : Peter Pamire; James Makamba to name but a few of her conquests. She was a slay queen but realised also ZANU people are ruthless and will eliminate you so she became one herself.
    She and her clan should be eliminated and pay back the money is her get out of jail card.
    Just saying!


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