As Shulamite Writes About The Promise, I Get Told By A Turkish Man, Your Mother Hates You, So What?

It’s unfortunate that I have to share Shulamite’s new blog post in the same article with a post from someone who is of the synagogue of Satan but hey its the reality of the twisted and cruel world we live in. So I couldn’t let this man from the synagogue take all the glory, I had to share something from Shulamite which is more breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s not a coincidence that I received the most hateful comment when something deeper is happening in the Royal Kingdom of King Kofi.

Anyway, yesterday after I posted my article about me and Meghan Markle, this man called Harold, could not help himself but write a very long essay on my Facebook page in response. It is very long, but I had to post it in full for you to understand the total depravity nature of this man.

“Firstly, let me say it here that I’m not Zimbabwean. I’m saying it just so you can stop believing the lie you tell yourself that it’s only Zimbabweans that don’t agree to most of your posts. Of course,  by now your handmaid Asare already knows I’m from a country that plays a big brother to them and to the rest of Africa.No doubt she knows this; she knows our traits and our superiority. So she must have told you already. Lol. I have been following your stories  and I quite understand the misfortune of a family you came from. Truth is, while your family wasn’t perfect(which family is anyway?) you have to take some of the blame. I see you as someone who overacts; when you are agreeing or in support of something or anything, you over do it.Emotion guides you more than reason. Where reason would have asked you to exercise caution, emotion blinds you to it.  Your mother didn’t show you love, and so what? Should that be something to whine about all the   time all your life and shouting about it for the whole world to know?  Your father said despicable things about your mum, called you a bastard. So what?
Must      you carry a trumpet and be blowing it all over the place just so the whole world would hear that he called your mother a whore and you a bastard? What you lack is wisdom and this is what Zimbabweans and everyone else is  trying to pass across to you and for that reason you feel they hate you?  I think you are the one who hates them. You insult them daily because your mother is from there. You ask them why they fail to condemn your mother? Even the Ghanaian man that lives with you knows quite well that it’s wrong for anyone in Ghana to publicly insult and condemn his or her mother no matter her sin. I’m surprised that he encourages you to hate your mother and makes no effort to broker peace between you and your family. Perhaps the status quo plays to his advantage. I have been to Ghana and no Ghanaian would encourage his wife or woman that he truly loves to severe ties with her family. Your problem like I earlier said is you over-support what you believe and you are more led by emotions than reason.You over-supported and defended your ex-mother in-law because you believed in her and loved her until you abandoned her and parted ways with her son; you over-supported and defended Bishop Massocha or whatever name he is called and he had a huge influence on you then that you could equate him with God until you later abandoned him and exposed him. Now you are doing the same thing and having same devotion to the Ghanaian man who gave a ridiculous excuse for not paying your bride price but had no qualms paying for her own Ghanaian wife.  A man who truly loves his woman would have gone to any length to pay as it were, whatever amount, and the not rosy relationship you have with your family would have even prompted him to  ‘buy’ you out with at whatever great price. Does not the Bible say that God bought us with a price? Is it only a matter of time that you may see the Ghanaian man in the same light as you later saw your ex mother in-law and Bishop Massocha whose devotion you gave them was once second to non? Look at the illusion he is giving you and making you believe: he is a descendant of the Isrealite King David(a Ghanaian man from the lineage of Jacob, lol). What’s more, haven read you like a book that you are jealous of Meghan because she is married to Royalty and that she has servants that attend to her, he has told you that he is the “king” in the north(surprised that both of you would plagiarize the Game of Thrones theme which happened to be the work of White men anyway given your supposed stance on staying true to what is African), and         has gotten you Asare Abena to be your handmaid just so you could feel the vibes of “royalty”. When is the scale gonna fall off? When it eventually falls off, if it will ever will, will you write about it just the same way you wrote about your ex-husband’s mother in-law and the Bishop Massocha?”

According to the investigations done by my online PA Asare, this man is actually from Turkey. Now that’s very important in understanding why he is this hateful towards me. His facebook comment on my wall is without a doubt one of the most satanic and demonic comments I have ever received in my history of blogging. This man writes from the very pits of hell, he gets so emotional about me, he seems obsessed actually, he lives on my wall. He hates my King and Lord husband and refers to him as The Ghanaian and claims that his people are superior to Ghanaians.  Each time he writes his demonic comments almost all Zimbabwean women on my wall will like his comments and shower him with complements like, “Love you Harold. Well said Harold. Could like your comment a million times Harold.”

One Zimbabwean woman who worships the Turkish Harold and supports my evil mother

When my online PA Asare told me that she had done an investigation on him, and found out that he was Turkish, it made so much sense to me. He seems to love being adored by black African women, which gives me the shivers. He travels to Africa a lot, especially Ghana and Nigeria, and seems to enjoy exploiting vulnerable African women who probably throw themselves at him because of his skin colour like they do on my page. Those women who are still colonized in the brain.  Asare told me that a lot of Turkish men actually go to Ghana and Nigeria to abuse and exploit African women.

Well, Harold thought by telling me that he is not Zimbabwean, somehow that will make his satanic post sound better. Even the Zimbabweans on my page called him out for his extreme demonic comment which disturbed them.

A lot of people do not know this, but Turkey is actually a Western Asian country, not a European country.  When you go back to history, Turkey has deep cultural connections with Greek, Persian and Roman Empire that’s why we all assume it’s a European country because of how it was historically influenced by Europe. The mystery of this Middle Eastern country goes back to the Old Testament biblical era. The Turks were the servants of these very powerful Greek and Roman Empires. When the Jews were overthrown by the powerful emerging Empires, the jews fled mostly to Africa where there were people who already looked like them and sadly they mixed with the Africans and lost their identity…. Now the powerful empires, Greek, Persian and Roman, over time sought to replace the Jews with a different race altogether and converted the Turks to Judaism and gave them some sort of status as Jews, because they knew that the Jews were the most powerful people on earth, because of their GOD. Because the original Jews were scattered all over the earth, especially in Africa, and powerless, without an identity anymore, the Turks became the Jews. Most of the “Jews” we see today, are actually Turks, who are the most powerful yet subtle tribe from the descendants of Ishmael, the illegitimate son of Abraham.  These Turks are all over Europe, and they pose as Jews, and when the nation of Israel was “Reborn” these are the people who claimed to be Jews.

But it says in the book of Revelation, that they are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jewish but are not.

Today, they claim to be Jews but they are not…

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Revelation 3:9

It explains why the true people of the bible were black people, yet today you have Arab olive-skinned almost caucasian looking people claiming to be Jews.

Also this week, Donald Trump is fighting to make Judaism a nationality….that is prophecy just about to be unleashed before our very eyes. Those who say are Jews are about to be made into a NATION.

So this Turkish man Harold on my page, speaks with venom from the pits of hell because he is a direct descendant of his forefather Ishmael, the chief enemy of Isaac, Jacob and the real Jews. Each time I write about my husband’s concubine Hagar, he seems to defend Hagar at all costs, because Hagar is his sister. He hates my husband because my husband is a descendant of King David, the very bloodline that his people have been trying to destroy for hundreds of years.

He hates it even more, that my King has a concubine of his bloodline because she is being used prophetically to return the wealth that rightfully belongs to my King. True to his forefathers, he comes on my page to defend Hagar and calls her beautiful even though he has never seen her full face. He says Hagar is smart because she is not a fool like Africans. When he says Africans, he means the children of Sarah, the sons of Jacob, especially those of the lineage of Judah.

Harold is from the synagogue of Satan and hates Africans

Another comment from Harold…”I have been reading your posts about how you plan to disinherit the beautiful Indian her rightful possession which she earned not only by the verbal promise of the Ghanaian polygamist and jealous you but by her own virginity. I never wanted to comment on it but you wouldn’t stop writing about it. You wouldn’t stop because you had expected that the Indian would be fuming with fury and yelling and hurling insults to express her frustration having been used and dumped but you are somewhat taken aback that she is taking everything so calm and all well composed. She even sent you a thank you text to let you know she has read all you have written about her. You seem to forget something, Jean: The Indian is not an African. You think you are tough by showing and asserting that you are. You are merely following in the footsteps of your forefathers who thought themselves great and strong before the White man while the White man made him believe he actually was until it was too late for him to realize who actually was stronger.”

Harold actually accuses me of acting like my forefathers, the real Jews, whom he labels “Africans”  but lol, he doesn’t know that I am actually a Hamite by bloodline but married to a Shemite.

Anyway, enough about Harold, he is actually like Haman in the book of Esther. Haman in the book of Esther was a descendant of Ishmael. Now I have my own Haman on my Facebook, he is the enemy of the real Jews. There is a reason he is called  Harold, he is a Herod and a Haman. It’s not a coincidence that he has one of the loudest voices in my Facebook comments sections, and Zimbabwean women actually bow to his Satanic comments. Whatever the case, my husband is a King by bloodline. He is a descendant of King David, of the tribe of Judah, like most Ashantis are, but have no idea, sadly,  because they do not believe that black people are the original Jews or are worthy to be the real Jews. But slowly and surely, the truth shall be.

That said, please end this reading by clicking on Shulamite’s blog, she has the most exciting news. Something positive at least.  I am so happy because this means it is actually me…who is being blessed by my handmaiden…now I know why she was always teary and throwing tantrums, bless her…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean




4 thoughts on “As Shulamite Writes About The Promise, I Get Told By A Turkish Man, Your Mother Hates You, So What?

  1. Oh dear, this is what happens when you mess with small minded people’s reality and sheep mentality! This has been going on since the beginning of time. People mocked Noah when he was building an ark, they couldn’t under the word that God had given him about the flood. All the way to Christ, he challenged their way of thinking to the point of anger and we know the rest of the story.
    One of the reasons why I support you even though we have differences in opinion, is that I know what it feels like to be different, jeered and mocked. I could never comprehend, the scale you are constantly bullied, judged and mocked.
    The real history makers are bold and stand by what they believe. You are a trail blazer, and must live your own truth, never ever conform to what society thinks is normal. We were all made to be different and unique and follow our own given paths.
    Let them talk, let the faceless keyboard thugs say what they want- they didnt make you nor will they break you. Walk in your destiny, my dear.
    Congrats, to the future new additon, wish you all much love, happiness and success!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Harold is a great man and he explained it more than anyone else. Jean is totally confused and his under some Satanic spell that masquerades as her husband, the belittled Ghananian. She needs Salvation before she sinks deeper in Ghananian Satanism.


  3. I thought your King was not in a hurry to make babies.You are the one that actually needed to beg him to give the other ladies his seed.

    Jean as long as you are happy that’s all that matters.No need to convince us…personally I love fiction.So for me your story ain’t different it’s no reality so I don’t really have sleepless nights about.

    Harold’s message that you shared. I saw no disrespect or satanic tendencies but I am in flesh not on the spirit as I wrote might be that.

    All the best in your adventures,am looking forward into the mansion and the coming additions in your family.

    May God keep and bless you


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