Zimbabweans, You Got It Right, Yes I Am Jealous Of Meghan Markle

So the penny has finally dropped to Zimbabweans that I am jealous of Meghan Markle.  On my blog, I always get such comments from non-Zimbabweans, this one below is just one of many. My readers claim to sense the jealousy each time I write about the Duchess.

“Lady you got some nerve! You are clearly jealous of Meaghan. And how dare you speak to us (black people) like you can speak FOR us? Know your place girl!!!! If it wasn’t for Meaghan or any other black woman, who happens to be the mother of humanity, your racists, ignorant, bland, less than pretty self would not even exist. You act like Queen Charlotte, Queen Elizabeth 2 Great great great great grandmother wasn’t black. Oh yes she was. You will not slander Duchess Meaghan on my watch. We sick of your jealousy. Just accept the fact, you could never be us.”

I am a little disappointed that it took Zimbabweans almost 2 years to finally notice that I am jealous of the Duchess.

You do not have to speculate or add two and two together. Let me spell it out for you boldly…

I, Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho am jealous of Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex. 

My Father in heaven, the God of Israel has the exact same feeling towards pagan gods. He says he is a jealous God. So when you all accuse me of being jealous of Meghan Markle, I take it as a compliment and a badge of honour. I am like my heavenly Father.

The God of Israel alone wants to be worshipped and He feels so jealous when that type of worship is given to idols.

I feel exactly the same when I look at Meghan…I believe I am not only a queen but the QUEEN.

My Boaz told me that when people accuse you of being jealous of someone, they are trying to say you see yourself as an equal to that person, or you want what they have.


My jealousy over Meghan has driven me. She made me realize that it was not too late to grab my CROWN.

DSC_0855 (3)
Meghan made me realize I had a crown to claim

You see, Meghan is just like me. The people who are supposed to love her hate her with a passion.  Today, she is the most hated woman, by white people, her own blood. She is only loved by black people, even though her identity leans more towards white than black. She is the seed of a white man. But white people despise her, but those are her people.

If Kate Middleton does anything, even if it’s wrong, she is praised for it. But if Meghan does the exact same thing, there will be a riot. If anything, the presence of Meghan in the British Royal family suddenly turned Kate into the most loved royal. I do not know how many enemies have joined forces because of their common hatred for me. Is that not the same thing which happened to Christ?

I am without a doubt the most hated woman to come out of Zimbabwe. The people of that land despise me, with a passion. Another Zimbabwean can write what I write and be praised. But if I write it, Zimbabweans will feel like stoning me to death. I can write that a certain person is a paedophile and rapist, and Zimbabweans will defend the paedophile just because of their hatred for me, they will say, “Let the paedophile be Jean!” They will join forces with a paedophile because of their hatred for me.

So I am very much like Meghan, being hated by your own people is something I have in common with her. And I really like that, because such a thing doesn’t happen to just anyone, it happens when you have a calling. The hatred is rather spiritual. Zimbabweans don’t even know why they hate me so much, they just know that they hate me. They call me annoying and attention-seeking, and funny enough Meghan is hated for the very same reasons. 

Anyway, I have more things in common with Meghan than just being hated by nations. She comes from a dysfunctional family. Her siblings hate her. So yes, even for me there will be no “family” at my royal wedding.

She is also a divorcee who married a never been married before Prince…I was more than a divorcee, I was a single mother.

And like me, Meghan is a go-getter, she did everything in her power bag herself a Prince. Whilst white girls were waiting for Prince Harry to sweep them off their feet, Meghan had already set her heart on the prize, she went as far as going to PR companies to say, “Please link me up with a British prince”.  She begged Piers Morgan to slot her on his breakfast show. She was determined to make it in England, no matter what. That is why they hate her so much, they hate her guts and that her guts actually paid off.

When I was a young girl, growing up in a very strange little town in Zimbabwe called Karoi, (little witch), I used to feel like I was in the wrong country.  I truly believed I was a lost Princess of some Kingdom. I grew up with no television or any influence of the media or outside world. I knew no celebrities or TV shows, my father built a mansion he could not complete so he made us live in it without any electricity or even running water. What made it worse was he was a well-known personality in this little town, and the mansion was in an area with rich neighbours who were mostly white, and boy they laughed at us. Their black maids and gardeners even laughed at us. When I look back, those were the best years of my childhood. When I was being laughed at for living in a mansion with no electricity by maids, I looked at every person who laughed at me and told them in my heart that one day you will know my name.

I never felt belonging in Zimbabwe

I developed a passion, and I loved that wild life deep inside. It was like I was living in the woods, with nature, I killed a python once, and I played with chameleons and lizards. I used to spend hours sitting on ant hills, talking to them, imagining their majestic little Kingdom and I felt like they understood me.  As a child, I learnt a lot from ants and I spent a lot of my time writing and imagining, I never played with friends and I always tell my children that growing up without electricity and television was actually the best thing which my childhood gave me.

Now I understand what Solomon meant when he said if you want wisdom, go down to the anthill and learn from those little majestic creatures called ants. Those were my childhood friends.

So when I see Zimbabweans laughing at me, I smile because they do not know what drives me to be the woman I am today. I grew up in their country, but I never felt like I belonged there.

Just like Meghan, they still laugh at her today and say Meghan is a deluded mental nutcase who will never be an English Princess, just go on The Daily Mail comments on Meghan, they actually sound like Zimbabweans to me…especially Piers Morgan.

Now, do I have to spell it out for you again why Zimbabweans hate me…lol

I have my King, I have my handmaidens who bow to me every day…

My Empire may not be as big as Meghan’s but unlike the peasants, at least I have an Empire and I have my maidservants.

In my inbox, I have women who write to me that they want to come and join my King’s Harem. I have women ready to serve me.

So for me, Meghan Markle was but a sign, and God used her mightly to show me that He will hand over to me what is rightfully mine. I have her to thank because right now I am becoming…

As for you Zimbabweans who are accusing me of being jealous of Meghan, of course it shocks you, because you can not be jealous of the Duchess, that will be just ridiculous. I love that you all know your place. That you were born to serve her. You were born to defend her. You were born to adore her. That is the job of peasants by the way. All you can do is defend her to me, or against me…lol, and gaze upon her glory and beauty, which in my own Kingdom, I have.

I am grateful that my jealousy of the Duchess has been fruitful. This year is a very special year, it’s the year of the Return for the chosen. For me, in my household I have seen this prophetic year manifest in ways I had never dreamt of.

I am so glad I denounced my birth country for this life I live today.

My own family, my “mother” curses me every day and wishes that harm comes my way. She wants my son to be disabled. She is praying every day that I won’t make it. My own siblings curse me every day and pray that I don’t make it. I grew up being scoffed and mocked by my own, so how can your mocking and cursing as Zimbabweans hurt me…it actually blesses me.

Like my father King David said, “my own son Absalom is trying to take my life, so how can I stop strangers from cursing me, let them scoff and curse, that maybe God may see their mocking and feel sorry for me and bless me instead.”

My mother opened the door for me to be hated, she called it bad luck, and often told me that, “Une munyama yekuti vanhu vakangoona face yako vanonzwa kukuvenga”. She would tell me that you are carrying the spirit of bad luck that people just see your face and hate you. I used to believe it, and I absolutely hated myself for being an unlovable person.

But my Prince charming came and told me that “No, baby, you are the purest, sweetest human being I have ever met. Only evil people hate you.”

And I believed the report of my King, that only people with an evil heart hate my light.

And I stand today with more than what Meghan has. You see the striking similarities I have with the Duchess, and it scares you, and you cant put your finger on it…

So please Zimbabweans, be my guests. Mock me I beg. Laugh at me I pray. Tell me I am deluded, please say it. Say it a thousand times. Say that I can never be like Meghan Markle. That’s what I want to hear from you. You have no idea how those curses will  bless me…

Tell me again, that I can never be where Meghan is today…


The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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