My Husband’s Second Wife Thought She Got The King The Best Birthday Present, But I Won His Heart With My Pencil

So after Shulamite left for London last week on Sunday, she didn’t just ruin the birthday surprise for the King (though it wasn’t her fault) she also left me unable to do something I had purposed in my heart to do, to draw the King’s official Royal birthday portrait. God had put in my heart the burden to draw the King in his royal attire for his birthday. This birthday was very special because it was the first birthday he officially celebrated since he was born. Prophetically, it is the birthday which ushers him into his royal Davidic Kingdom in the North.  I had planned to draw it on Sunday, the eve of his birthday, but then Shulamite left and I was left holding the babies and I got so busy.

During the week I got my pencils out and I started working on the sketch, but my hand was rusty since I have not drawn anything in a long while, and sadly my energy to draw the portrait just left. All week I wasn’t able to hold my pencil though I kept seeing myself completing it.  Then when Shulamite came back, she asked me why I had not finished the drawing and I told her that after she left, I could never do it really. She encouraged me, and my energy came back.

On Saturday night, I forced Boaz to spend the night in Shulmaite’s chamber. I needed the night alone to draw, my drawing spirit had come back. So I slept for a couple of hours to get inspiration, then I woke up at around 2 am and started working on the portrait. By 5am I was done. Well sort of. The portrait had taken shape and I just couldn’t wait to show it the King.


I prayed over it, then I took a picture and sent it to my King’s WhatsApp. I prayed that he would be up, and behold, he was. He replied to me and immediately changed his profile picture and put the portrait. I thought he was going to come to our bedchamber, but he didn’t.


So I decided to go into Shulmaite’s chamber, which was funny because the previous night she came into mine to see the King as she was desperate. I like that we are now free with each other, our bedchambers are no longer that sacred, we are sisters now, she can sleep in my bed, and I can sleep in her bed.

The King and Shulmite were both up, looking overwhelmed at the photo I had sent him. I walked in with the portrait and switched on the light and knelt before the King. He sat up looking very surprised and overwhelmed at the sight of the drawing.  Shulamite bless her, she started to cry because she said the portrait was so beautiful. Her tears are always very near, but it was beautiful. I was glad the moment had happened in Shulamite’s presence, because her emotions and heartfelt tears made it all so emotional, like an official ceremony. And I sang to the King the song we always sing for him as I presented the portrait to him, and I got a little teary too. The King was covering his face, so overcome with emotion as well. Boaz loved his royal portrait so much he said it would look perfect in the palace.


The portrait is titled, “The King Of The North”

DSC_0796 (2)


The King told Shulamite to take the portrait from me, and he prayed for me and blessed me. We went downstairs, and we had a good chat and coffee. It was such a magical moment and Shulamite said it was the best image of Kofi she had ever seen.

I later completed the portrait in the day, and framed it. The children loved it, even little Chaka could recognise that it was “Nino” as he calls him, and I knew that I had done a decent job imitating the King of the North with my pencil.

DSC_0804 (6)


DSC_0811 (2)
King’s Official Royal Birthday Portrait in his Royal Attire

DSC_0812 (2)

In other news, Shulamite came from London with some clothes for Boaz as her gifts for the King’s birthday. She bought him tracksuits and stuff that he would never wear or allow me to buy him. He hates trainers, he hates tracksuits and says he doesn’t want to look like a young boy. He really is an old soul. So I was surprised when Shulamite gave him all these clothes that he doesn’t actually wear. But he was like “Thank you, sweetheart, I love the clothes,” to her and kissed her and hugged but didn’t say a word.

So she made him wear the tracksuit all day Sunday and took pictures of him. And I was thinking, but he used to warn me not to buy him such clothes. So I asked him why he didn’t tell Shulamite that he hates tracksuits and he said, “She gets upsets really quickly and she’s more emotional than you, so there is no point in upsetting her. I just have to wear it.”

DSC_0718 (2)
Shulamite made Boaz wear a tracksuit

Honestly, my King is such a sweetheart, he treats his wives differently according to our needs and strengths. He will wear the tracksuits and trainers just to make Shulamite happy because he understands that if he had told her that he didn’t like it, she would actually break down.  And bless Shulamite, she was so happy that the King loved her choice of clothes. On Sunday, seeing the King wearing her clothes she was acting as though she got him the world.

Then after Hagar saw my portrait, she then texted in the Whatsapp group and said her official present for the King was still yet to come…

Well, the King’s concubines can go to the moon and back for him, but I know that I gave him the best gift ever, the one which touched his heart. The gift which binds his destiny. The gift which he will treasure until he dies.

It was my gifts of the pencil and pen which brought me to a King in the first place, and it is my gift which will always win his heart.

 “A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Proverbs 18: 16

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men.”Proverbs 22:29

And here I am today, after all I am his Queen.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean





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