I Have The Best Co-Wives And They Have Made Me Glow With Pure Joy

So Shulamite travelled to London last week on Sunday to attend to her sick aunt who was hospitalized. She was supposed to come back on Monday in time for the King’s birthday but she could not make it. She was very upset that she ruined Boaz’s birthday because not only was she meant to cook the food, both of us had prepared a surprise for Boaz as he had said he wanted to spend his birthday with Shulamite and I. So everything changed last minute, and we ended up having a quiet time at the Love Den and Hagar joined us.

Tuesday Shulamite called and said her aunt was out of the hospital so she would come back home on Wednesday. Sadly on Wednesday, she told Boaz that she couldn’t make it back because her aunt had asked her to stay till the weekend. The King was not happy and told Shulamite that she has to come home and can’t stay in London any longer and she said she would come.

Well, Wednesday Shulamite didn’t show up and told Boaz that she hardly sees her Aunt so she had to stay.

On Friday Shulamite finally came home, but Boaz was out when she got home. She told me she was sorry for ruining the birthday and said we should still go ahead and surprise Boaz that night. Boaz came home and welcomed her, and I told him that Shulamite and I had a belated birthday surprise for him. He said he was tired and had a big meeting on Saturday morning and needed to be fresh the next day. He was going for the house viewing with Hagar for our potential mansion, so he had to sleep early.

After dinner, he went straight to bed. Shulamite was kind of upset and felt like Boaz was angry with her for staying in London. So we had a good catch up and she asked me for permission to have the King for the night, which I agreed. So around 11pm she went upstairs to ask Boaz to her bedchamber, but she came back downstairs and said he was sleeping and told her he wanted to rest and was not “speaking to her”. I consoled Shulamite and told her that the King had a lot on his mind, he really wants to secure the property against all odds.

I went to bed around midnight, and Shulamite literally followed me to my chamber door and she stood there for like 20 minutes chatting and begging me to let Boaz come to her, I had to tell her we had to go to sleep and she could have him Saturday night.

Around 1:30am I was woken up by Shulamite saying something in twi to my husband, literally sitting next to him on the bed looking distressed. The sidelight was on. She whispered to me that she was sorry for disturbing but she had texted and she knocked on the door but there was no response. I checked my phone and I had like 6 WhatsApp messages from Shulamite saying she couldn’t sleep and I should ask Boaz to come to her bedchamber. The messages were so desperate she sounded like she had texted me crying.

She started smiling as she was talking to him, and hugged him, though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, I was relieved Shulamite was smiling. She smiled at me and reached out her hand to me as she hugged my husband so tight. I felt this beautiful connection with her, and seeing her in my husband’s arms so happy made me happy. Boaz turned off the sidelight whilst she was still smiling at me.

DSC_0758 (2)
Boaz and Hagar left early morning
The mansion is in the countryside with a lot of nature

So they came back from the viewing by midday and we had a very blessed Sabbath of thanksgiving. Hagar shared a testimony and said she couldn’t wait for us to move into our mansion and be my King’s full-time PA. Shulamite had cooked her food was so delicious, we had all missed her Ghanaian delicacies.

I felt so blessed, that God has given me these two amazing sisters and handmaids. I can see myself in a palace, with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, having a laugh with Hagar and Shulamite whilst the King is sitting there watching us.  I can see Hagar and Shulamite both serving me faithfully as their Queen in my husband’s Kingdom and serving the King with all their hearts. I see them probably giving him at least one child each. If God gives us this mansion, I see black royal history being made in such a palace. We would literally start filming our reality show the day we move in.

I can see us all going on holiday together, once I overcome my phobia of flying, lol. I see us three lying on a private beach somewhere, maybe Greece, (I have had beautiful dreams in Greece lol) my children running around, the King playing football with the boys.  I see Hagar giving me a foot rub as I sit on a beach chair wearing an orange swimsuit,  probably writing a blog or book, lol, gosh I would have so much to write about.  Hagar is very good with her hands, she calls them magic relaxing hands. Shulamite would probably be doing my hair and make-up, oh she’s such a talented beautician her hands have made me glow, every time she works her own magic on my face and hair, I get so many compliments about my “beauty”. I love love love my hair, she did an amazing job even the King who is very anti-artificial hair said I am glowing.

Shulamite did some amazing natural looking locks in my hair after she asked the King to allow me to wear artificial locks

I don’t know whoever told mankind that polygamy was a sin and was evil and it harms women.  Honestly whoever started that false rumour about polygamy needs to be stoned to death because they have deprived millions of women of loving husbands and beautiful co-wives and even handmaidens who make them glow…

I am glad that my life is a living testimony and God gave me the will to not only live it but to write it as well…I look in the mirror and I see a glow, a glow which sharing my husband has given me…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

2 thoughts on “I Have The Best Co-Wives And They Have Made Me Glow With Pure Joy

  1. So happy for you my dear, hope all the good things you deserve comes to fruition. I have to say my African superstitious side is showing, when I say this, move in silence my dear and tell no one of your plans. The hate is real and people may not be happy for your future plans. But then again, God always has your back. All the best to you and your famiy- keep living your truth and being an inspiration! Much love as always.

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