Why My King’s Third Wife Hagar Had To Kneel Outside The House At 6AM In The Morning

So after the King’s birthday, Hagar went home and the next day she got really upset with Boaz and started sending him texts telling him that he was too controlling and she was finding it difficult to submit. She said she was an independent woman who believed in equality and did not want to commit to a life of being “told what to do”.

She then texted me and asked me if she was wrong to feel the way she was feeling.

What I love about Hagar is that she is an open book. Like me, she wears her heart on her sleeve. Shulamite is not like that, she’s a little reserved and at times it’s hard to know what she is thinking. Hagar is very open and real, and I like her for that. When she has a problem with my husband, she actually runs to me and asks me to help or talk to the King on her behalf. So she said she feels like she’s having to go back into the dark ages and be a “submissive wife” like those olden women.

The thing about Hagar is one minute she is very submissive and the next minute she’s a feminist and she becomes so rebellious. Because she was born in England, she’s a white woman in an Asian woman’s body really. Her mentality is that of a white woman so she’s at war within herself. She already refused arranged marriage from her family, because she did not want to submit or be controlled by men, so she has always been strong-minded.

So when I asked my Boaz what was going on with Hagar, he said I shouldn’t worry about her, he’s dealing with it.

So I told Hagar to follow her heart and just do what she feels is right. I feel like she’s really struggling to cope, though she tells herself that she can do this “submissive thing.”

On Wednesday she texted me and said Kofi was ignoring her texts and she’s sorry for “rebelling” and I should put a word to Kofi for her.

My husband always says that women are like children, and I really see it in Hagar. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t even know what she wants or what’s good for her. All she knows is she loves my husband and can’t live without him.

So as usual, I pleaded with the King on her behalf and he told me that he would speak to her if she changed her profile picture. She had put a profile picture which said, “Sometimes women are Kings too.” Within an hour of me telling her what the King said, she removed the profile picture. So she sent some love music to the King asking for forgiveness.

So Thursday morning before she went to work Hagar came home at 6am in the morning, and my King went to meet her in her car. He said she was not coming in the house because she had not earned the right to enter the King’s gates.

When he came back he told me that he had told her that she had to learn from me. He asked Hagar if I, his first wife and Queen was happy or not? And Hagar said I was happy. And Boaz told her that you even jealous Jean because of how blessed she is, so if submitting to a man was bad,  how can she be so happy?  She is happy because she is a submissive wife, and she gets the best of me, my King told her.

DSC_0631 (2)
The King told Hagar that I was so happy because I was a submissive wife 
My happiness comes from serving my King

So my King said Hagar got out of her car, and knelt down outside at 6 in the morning, and said ” I will always submit to you my King as long as I live.”

My King told me that when she got out of her car, and knelt before him in the cold morning, and said she was sorry for rebelling against the King, he knew that this was the sign he was waiting from the God of Isreal that the Davidic Dynasty has been re-born.

And my King told me that what happened was symbolic. Hagar being an Ishmaelite surrendered all to Isaac, in her spirit. He also prayed for her, as she repeated that Kofi’s God was now her God, and his people were now her people.

She told my Boaz that whatever he wanted her to do, she would do with all her heart from today.

My King said he took her hand and kissed her, and told her to stand up, and that she was in the safest place, the King’s arms, and told her that he loved her. He would be her friend and lover, even though he was her King.

On Thursday she then called the vendor and booked the viewing for the mansion for Saturday. Since I don’t want to go and view the mansion, Boaz said he would take Hagar who is very good with communication skills. Hagar also made enquiries about an Indian restaurant my husband is thinking of opening, and he wants her to use her recipes. In one day, she did so much, and my King said that’s the place he really wants her to be.

 I still believe Hagar needs more time to adjust to her role as wife and PA, but I am glad she makes an effort to be the woman my Boaz wants her to be. She is slowly shedding away her feminism skin and becoming the submissive wife of the King.

May my husband be blessed with wives who are submissive and not thorns in his flesh like the women of today, who despises their husbands and sees themselves as equal to men.

May all his wives be like Sarah, who called her husband Abraham Lord. May all his wives be like Bathsheba, who lay on the floor bowing to her husband King David.

May the King’s Empire grow mightily through Hagar the Ishmaelite and may all the wealth be returned to from Ishmael to Isaac.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean




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