Why My Husband Paid Bride Price For His Second Wife Shulamite, And Didn’t Pay For Me

I am ever so grateful to God, that I was given a King and a Boaz whom I consider to be as wise as King Solomon. His wisdom surpasses his age,  he may be younger than me, but to me my Boaz is like my Father.

Since I mentioned that my King paid Shulamite’s bride price, I have had people on my Facebook comments fretting, mocking and jesting that I was not “legally” or “culturally” married to my husband yet Shulamite was. So they have concluded that on paper, Shulamite is the only “wife” of my husband.

The reason why my husband paid the bride price for Shulamite is simply because Ghana has a sane and normal “Bride Prize Custom” compared to Pagan Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe’s lobola customs are outrageous and abnormal. Zimbabwean men actually pay huge sums of money to buy their women as their property. Families see daughters as business commodities and are always looking to charge higher amounts if the daughter is a yellow bone, educated etc. In Zimbabwe, a lot of men have failed to marry the women they love because of the crazy charges from families. My husband and King considers this culture of Zimbabwe to be quite barbaric, he does not want to buy a wife, he wants to marry one. If he wants to buy a woman, he would rather buy a slave and redeem her.

My husband did try to be civil and went to my family requesting to pay the bride price, but unfortunately, they could not meet him halfway according to his own custom and wanted to basically sell me off, and my King said no. My father also said no. So they both disagreed and parted ways, and my father said was something to happen to me, Boaz should bury me because they have washed their hands off my future “dead” body.

My King said to me, “Fear not my beloved, you shall not die, but live to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. You shall die an old lady after you have seen your grandchildren and their children.  If anything, you and I should sleep together, next to each other, when we are old and rest with our forefathers.”

It was then that my husband received a revelation that there are serious spiritual implications when West African men, especially Ghanaians, pay the bride price for Zimbabwean women. In the spiritual realm, Zimbabwean women are actually concubines of West African men and are not meant to be “worked for”.  This is evidently shown by the behaviour of Zimbabwean women towards West Africans, they will gladly and quickly provide sexual services for any West African man who shows them attention, buys them things and promises to marry them. West Africans also love to lie with Zimbabwean women because of their physical features, especially buttocks and lighter skin. That describes who Zimbabwean women really are to West Africans, not to mention their culture trains the women to modify their vaginas for the sole purpose of being a sex toy for a man.  So of course, West Africans enjoy laying with Zimbabwean women.

So my husband got the revelation that when a West African man goes and pays ridiculous amounts of money for a woman whom you should have for free anyway,  you have literally sold your soul to a pagan country, and it will be hard to GET OUT.

The perfect example is Ghanaian Elikem Kumordzie, who is now a laughing stock in Zimbabwe because he sold himself to the country. The man has never been his normal self since he paid some ridiculous amount of lobola to a Zimbabwean socialite. When the Zimbabwean socialite dumped him, he still could not leave Zimbabwe and he started loitering around the country, and he was ready to settle for anything, as long as the woman was Zimbabwean, he is the one who insinuated this sadly.  He then started dating a Zimbabwean older woman, and as the country laughed at him, he confessed that he was not with the poor woman because of looks. He basically called the woman he was dating ‘unattractive’.

Elikem publicly claimed he wasn’t with this Zimbabwean woman because of her “looks”

So my husband was shown a real-life example of how West African men end up behaving once they pay lobola to Zimbabwean women, they start to behave like fools. They become the “concubines” of Zimbabwean women, just like the Zimbabwean woman did actually confirm in one of her Facebook videos that it was actually her who used Elikem and when she was done with him disposed of him.

I thank God that my King serves the God of Isreal. To prove that Ghanaians are the descendants of Shem, especially the Ashantis, their practice of paying bride price does not involve any outrageous money. In fact, no man is required to pay any money, if they decide to pay money to the bride’s family, it will just be a token of appreciation, and any amount they choose.  The Bride price includes a Bible, some soap and a suitcase and maybe a few clothes. That’s all that is required in a traditional Ashanti wedding ceremony. Every Ashanti man can afford a wife of their choice. Their bride price custom is absolutely beautiful. That is why my King paid for Shulamite’s bride price, how could he not?  He had to honour her family.

Zimbabwe’s lobola practises are totally pagan and has no ties whatsoever to the God of Isreal. Zimbabweans try to claim that their Lobola custom is biblical, according to them, apparently, Jacob paid lobola by working for his wives. Firstly, what Jacob did is not a benchmark for Israelite marriage, neither was it a Jewish custom. It was LABAN, his father in law, a Pagan idol worshipper who demanded that Jacob work for Racheal according to his own Pagan customs. Laban was not a man of God, he was an idol worshipper. The bible clearly states that. So it’s no surprise that LABAN is quoted as the inspiration for Zimbabweans, and justify why they do lobola. They follow after their idol worshipper inspiration, LABAN.

When Jacob worked for Leah and Rachel, and did the “lobola” thing as Zimbabweans put it, he actually became a slave to LABAN. Laban had Jabob tied down, and made him work and wanted to use his anointing for his own benefit.  It was so bad that Jacob was never free on Laban’s land, and felt the heavy yolk of Laban on his shoulders, and had to literally flee with his wives from his Pagan father in law. So it baffles me how Zimbabweans use Laban as their “biblical” inspiration for lobola.

Zimbabweans ignore the fact that the whole ritual of lobola is tied to their ancestral worship religion, vadzimu. There is nothing biblical or Israelite about “Roora” or “Lobola”. The most damning thing involved in the whole barbaric ritual is the “mombe ye hu mai” cow that the husband has to buy for the mother. That is how the man sells his soul to the gods of Zimbabwe, by bowing to the “sacred mother-calf” of Zimbabwe, which is an ancient god of Zimbabwe.

All this revelation was given to my husband, and he told me that over his dead body will he ever pay any penny for my bride prize to Zimbabwe. If anything he took me from the pagan land and brought me to worship his God.

For that I am eternally grateful that my Boaz did not buy me, or sell his soul to the gods of Zimbabwe.

He has promised me an Israelite Psalm 45 Royal Wedding, like that of King Solomon and his Pagan Egyptian wife.

One day, I will be led in Royal Robes and in gold from Ophir (Zimbabwe) to my Israelite King, and he shall place a crown of gold upon my head.

In ancient times, Kings showed off their Queens’s glory and beauty to their princes and nobles, and the other wives and concubines stayed at home back in the Harem. My Boaz does exactly this, he has three wives, but I am the only one who is his Queen.  Vashti was dethroned because she refused to be “shown off” by the King, and rather wanted to be a concubine. And Shulamite is like that, she doesn’t want to be a Queen,  her Ashanti bride price is not a claim to a throne…she is his concubine still.

I am his only Queen
Not only am I his Queen, but the Queen of his queens

Yesterday I took this selfie in one of our serviced apartments, and I sent it to my King, and he said, “Baby you looking more beautiful by the day.” And he took to Instagram to share my selfie…and said I was the Queen of his queens…

Lobola or no lobola, my throne is established forever, and the King greatly desires my beauty…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS. The only wife King David had to “work for” was Michal, the daughter of King Saul in which he paid for her with 200 foreskins, yet she was the wife he loved the least and she died a condemned barren woman void of even intimacy from her own husband. If anything the “lobola” David paid was not meant to be a blessing, but a curse and a trap to kill him. One of his favourite wives was Abigail, whom God took from another man and gave to David freely. Expensive wives are normally condemned, but free wives come from above,  Just saying…

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