Why I Will Dedicate My Debut Biblical Polygamy Novel To My Husband’s Second Wife Shulamite, And Unveil Her Face In The Book

I believe in the God of confirmation. I believe that I serve a God who always reveals Himself to me. Yesterday when I unveiled my book cover, Bathsheba, The Fall Of The Crown,one of my followers said something that made my heart jump, because it had been in my spirit and I had spoken to the King about it.



My followers want to see Shulamite. They want to see her in all her glory. But Shulamite is shy and reserved, she has no desire to be thrust into the public eye.  Personally, I love this side of Shulamite, because it makes her mysterious. There has been a huge debate among my readers, some believe she doesn’t exist at all. They say she is a fictional character. Others say she is not the one writing her blog. Some believe she exists, they feel her presence and spirit. Some believe that whether Shulamite exists or not, they just love reading about her. Shulamite is the only wife of my husband who has actually captivated my audience, she is like the Arya of Game Of Thrones, she is the girl who has no face. But people love Shulamite, even when they have not seen her.

I told Shulamite that Zimbabweans may not like me, but they seem to love you, their motive to love you is neither here nor there, but the fact of the matter is they love you. Whether the love is out of spite of me or not doesn’t matter, but you have won their hearts, and they want you to overthrow me, and reign supreme as the King’s Queen.

Just a few days ago I was telling her, “Maybe we have to show them a part of you, but they still won’t be satisfied, they want to see all  your glory.”

So I told my King that I had to dedicate the book to Shulamite.

So when I saw that comment yesterday about Shulamite’s pictures being put in the book, I showed it to her, and to my King.

Then she said, “Okay then, if you put me in the book, then that would be nice, I have always wanted to be in a book, but don’t put my face on social media.”

I then told her that I had already told the King a few days ago that I wanted to dedicate the book to her.

I wrote the book in the wilderness, but when I moved into our house, and Shulamite came to live with us, and pledged to be my handmaiden so I could write, she made it possible for me to revise my book and correct it. She would do everything for me whilst I sat down for hours and hours writing.

This is the vision of polygamy in all its splendour. Polygamy is not only about the husband having a lot of wives. Polygamy is about wives working together as a team to achieve one goal. For me to have the time to complete my book, it was my husband’s second wife who helped me by sacrificing her time so I could write. For the book to go into production, my husband’s third wife Hagar worked hard to make it happen.

That is the purpose of polygamy for women. There is no need to be afraid. Yes, polygamy brings a bit of drama, women fight and biker. Tensions rise. Emotions get high. You are sharing a man, so it’s expected to have wars here and there.

But what marriage has no drama, tensions, emotions and fights? I believe there are way more wars in monogamous marriages.

In polygamy, if the man is mature and wise, the wives become like sisters. And they fight here and there, and then they make up and laugh about the fights. They do not want to live without each other, yet at times they annoy the crap out of each other. I have experienced this, and I can testify that the positives of being a plural wife outweigh the negatives. Right now, we are all looking forward to the King’s birthday, we have bought dress-up outfits and lingerie, we will put up a beauty contest for the King. And he will crown his Queen for the night, and choose his two Princesses. That is going to be fun. That’s the beauty of polygamy.

For me, being a plural has brought me my dream, and I know this is just the beginning.

So yes, I dedicate my debut Polygamy novel to Shulamite. I don’t believe in coincidences. I don’t believe the race is for the wise and swift,  I believe time and chance happen to us all. It’s about grabbing the chance and running with it, when time stops for you. So Shulamite is my own time and chance. She came right on time, by chance as I was finishing my polygamy book. So she will have her pictures, that of her and Boaz, I will have a few of her in the home, and some may be intimate because her name is from the Song of Solomon, the greatest love story ever told.

I gave her that name Shulamite, because she reminded me of Shulamite of King Solomon.  She said she was black, but comely. People despised her for her skin colour, she was way too dark for most people’s eyes, but Solomon describes her as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she was raw but stunning, even though he had a Harem full of beautiful wives, Shulamite was something else. Biblical scholars, white men obviously, deny the fact that Shulamite was a BLACK woman, they say she was just tanned by the sun. But no tanned white woman looks black. If they admit that Shulamite was a black woman, its detrimental to white supremacy’s standard of beauty because it means that the most beautiful woman in the world was a very dark-skinned woman, according to the wisest man who ever lived.

Shulamite was not only a beautiful black woman who caught the attention of the flamboyant King Solomon, but she was also humble and simple-minded. King Solomon was the first celebrity of the world. His fame and fortune was the talk of every house throughout the four corners of the world, yet this dark-skinned, no make-up shepherd girl in the woods with a black face scorched by the sun shunned the celebrity luxury lifestyle at King’s Harem, and she chose a simple life of being a shepherdess. And she is the only woman King Solomon fell in love with, truly, madly and deeply. But he could never have her. The King in all his splendour could not buy Shumaite’s love with money. In my opinion, Shulamite remains the most mysterious character in the Bible.

I believe when I called my husband’s second wife Shulamite, she took on that anointing of Solomon’s Shulamite. She bears a stark resemblance to the Biblical Shulamite. This was Bathsheba’s daughter in law, so its no coincidence that my book Bathsheba will be dedicated to my own Shulamite. She has made me glow with her magic hands.

Shulamite did my hair, and does my make-up just how I like it, natural and subtle

O She really is my husband’s lily among thorns. My husband’s second wife has no desire to wear a crown. She does not want to be the Queen. She does not want a royal wedding. She does not want fame. She does not want her own mansion. She does not want riches. She just wants a simple like of being a shepherdess in my husband’s Harem. She wants to look after the King’s children, cook for them and play with them. She wants to serve me, her Queen and do her chores whilst I sit here and pen this article. I wouldn’t have the luxury to write articles daily was it not for Shulamite.

So yes, she has earned my praise and won my heart.

So when you read this book, the first thing you will see is…

Dedicated to my maiden, co-wife and sister, Shulamite…

And yes every reader of Bathsheba will look upon Shulamite’s humble beauty…and see her at her simple best, in all her glory at home with my children…and also in her husband’s arms…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamr was Jean


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