So Hagar Has Denounced Her Country And Her People To Follow My King And Be His Concubine

Friday after  I told my King to put away the spiritual bondwoman Hagar, my husband listened to me but did not say anything. In the evening he approached me and told me that he was not going to put away his third wife Hagar, but she was going to stay.

He looked me in the eye, and said he had to take control of his own household. He said I had to trust him. He said my revelation about Hagar was true, she was a spiritual bondwoman, but God told him to keep her still.  He said Hagar had called him and had told him that she was ready to denounce her people, her culture and her former gods. He said that this was a sign from God, that under this New Covenant, Hagar could be redeemed. He said Hagar being his concubine was her highest redemption, just like he also took away my reproach of being a single mother and redeemed me.

My husband called Shulamite, and told us both that Hagar was officially joining the family as his wife or concubine more like. He said he had told Hagar to come to the house, and Shulamite, the children and I should go to the Love Den Apartment for the Sabbath night, and order takeaway, as it was not booked. The children were so excited, they love spending time at the Love Den, it’s like their holiday home.

Before the King could finish talking to us about Hagar, she was already parked outside the house. She came into the living area, and literally fell to the floor and started crying.

Shulamite asked to remove her coat, but she wouldn’t. She looked so heavy laden she was wearing scarfs and a jumper and a coat.

Hagar started by asking for forgiveness from me and said I was her Queen and she was my maiden, and it was wrong of her to accuse me of deceiving her out of her womanhood. She said she was not here to cause any discord in my marriage to the King, and she wanted a chance to prove her loyalty to both me and my Boaz.

I honestly wasn’t sure if this was a Bollywood performance or real because the tears were a little exaggerated, not the sort of cry you do when you are asking for an apology. My husband and Shulamite were looking at me.

I chose honesty, and I told Hagar that I did not trust her, my gut was telling me that she was a trouble maker and thought she was superior.

Then my husband said to me, “Babes, she has apologized, let’s not make this whole thing barbaric, she has bent the knee to you, give her the chance to submit to you as her Queen.”

Then as she knelt, she said to my King that she was ready to leave her people and her gods, and follow the God of King Kofi.

Hagar has left her country and pagan gods to follow the King of Isreal

She made a declaration, and denounced her country and where she was raised, and said her name was now Hagar Nino. She said she was now a black woman in her heart and spirit. She confessed that she does not want a house or a title of wife, and she now knew who she was spiritually, that she was a descendant of Ishmael and was not worthy to be a wife of an Israelite. She said she just wanted to live with the King and serve him and make him happy. She said she will give up her job as a part-time teacher, and work as my King’s PA.

So my husband prayed for her, and made her say the prayer of confession that she was now a daughter of Zion. He told her to never look back to her people or country, lest she be turned into a pillar of salt, and find delight with the King. So Hagar said the words…

“My King Kofi, your people will be my people and your God will be my God…” She believed in the God of Isreal and forsook all the Indian gods she grew up worshipping. It was emotional for Shulamite and me to watch. I found myself celebrating in my heart, I was so happy for Hagar. She was free.

My Boaz read her Psalm 45…and told her that when I agreed for him to take a third wife, he promised me the greatest honor. He told Hagar that on his wedding to me, she would be among the royal daughters who will walk me to the King. That is her honour as my husband’s concubine.

When my King asked me months ago that he wanted a third wife, he promised me that if I say yes, it would be a sign that I was his honourable Queen, and he would reward me with the highest honour of a royal wedding, just like how King Solomon wed Pharoah’s daughter, even though he had many Queens and Concubines, but only one was worthy of the crown.

So my King told Hagar, that he would fulfil his promise to me, and crown me as his Queen, and Hagar would have the honour of his most priced concubine.

 “Kings’ daughters were among thy honourable women: upon thy right hand did stand the Queen in gold of Ophir.” Psalm 45

“The daughters saw her, and blessed her; yea, the queens and the concubines, and they praised her…” Song of Solomon

Oh Christians will tell you that Psalm 45 is about the Church and Jesus, when they cant understand prophetic reality, they take to the spiritual realm. But Psalm 45 is a literal prophecy of the rebirth of Isreal and the King of Isreal marrying his foreign pagan wife.

This is the most accurate video which predicts my future wedding to my King. Funny enough it was shot by a Zimbabwean and depicts a Queen raised in a pagan country who has to forget her people.

So my King was bold and told Hagar , that her place in his HAREM was as his beautiful concubine, the exotic one, and she shall serve her Queen, and be loved by her King.  He told her that she was now under grace because she accepted who she was, and she doesn’t have to be put away.

Hagar stood up, and I hugged her. And she hugged Shulamite. And Boaz told her that this was now her house too, even though she will move in when God gives the King a bigger house, palace.

My Boaz dismissed Shulamite and I  and told us to go to the Love Den, he said he would come to there later but wanted to spend the evening with Hagar in her new home, and pray with her and bless her.

So Shulamite being Shulamite, so sweet to my King, said to him, “Can I go and do Jean’s hair, I have already bought the hair. It will be beautiful I promise, its like natural hair.”

My King hates artificial hair, Shulamite has been trying to convince him to allow me to wear faux locs, but he was saying no My hair has been damaged from the colouring so protecting it to grow it was needed.

The beauty of it was the King said yes, just like that.  And we all couldn’t be more excited. That is the power of faith, Shulamite bought the hair last week, and told me that the King would allow her, and soon she would do my hair. I told her that she was crazy.

Well, she was right. We went to the Love Den to actually do hair and left Hagar and the King to it.

My husband always loves to tease me with pictures of him and Hagar, so by the time we got to the Love Den, I had about 5 selfies of him and Hagar literally making up! Hagar had quickly dried her tears and was all over my King.


Meanwhile, Shulamite and I had a good time doing hair, the children watched a movie and we ordered takeaway.

The King joined us at around midnight, he chose to go clubbing for about an hour before that, I was like, “Baby it’s Sabbath, you shouldn’t have gone clubbing…” But the King does things his own way. He is like David.

It was the first time we all spent the night at the Love Den, the King, myself, Shulamite and our 6 children. The Love Den is a two-bedroom townhouse apartment but with plenty of space because it has three floors.  So somehow we made it work. Besides Shulamite had to do not only my hair but my daughters too, so we went to bed around 3am.

DSC_0352 (2)
Our Love Den is a Two Bed townhouse apartment, but the children love it because it is so cosy and quirky and on three floors

DSC_0357 (2)

Anyway, in the morning, my King loved the faux locks look so much, though he still maintains my natural hair is way better. He took me to the barbers on Sabbath morning. He said we are under grace, so we can get our hair done on Sabbath, lol. We both had our hair cut, and we looked so fresh we couldn’t help but take selfies.

I thanked the King for allowing me to wear faux locs
He took me to the barbers and we both got our sides shaved
Shulamite did a great job in beautifying my daughter and I


The Sabbath service was quiet and calm. Hagar did not join us, my husband told her to stay at home and rest as apparently, she had not slept all night. So the Sabbath was a freestyle one,  we didn’t dress up. The children chose their own scriptures, they always love anything to do with King David and his household, but yesterday they read about Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Shulamite didn’t join us as she was putting baby Chaka to bed and she was tired from doing hair all night.

DSC_0401 (2)
With 5 of my  6 children yesterday
DSC_0359 (2).JPG
The children loved their freestyle Sabbath class
DSC_0372 (2)
They had a calm and quiet Sabbath at the Love Den
DSC_0368 (2)
They chose their own scriptures to discuss

But anyway, as it stands today, my Boaz has one wife, his Queen, yours truly from Ophir,  and two concubines, one black and beautiful of his kind, one light and beautiful, an Ishmaelite. He says the three of us are his dream come true, and He will make us so happy, and we will make him happy and fill his palace with many children, and the three of us shall build a Nation.

I am my husband’s Queen, hair and natural make-up done by Shulamite

For now, the King says he will not add any more wives to his Harem, but will concentrate on building his Black Mornachy and enjoy the beautiful Lillies as he calls the three of us, that God has given him.

Oh, yesterday I was so flattered, it was a special Sabbath, it’s rare that he does that, but my King loved our pictures so much he posted them on his Facebook.

Sometimes, rarely, my King puts a crown on me in front of his nobles

So, how do I now feel about Hagar one may ask? Well, I am going to give her time, as instructed by my husband. He is the wise one.  Hagar is a boss lady, and loves to take charge and be in control, so I think submitting to me will be a challenge initially. But I love her still and trust my King, so I have welcomed her into my house.  Hagar and I have a lot in common, so we have clashed because we are very much alike. We both denounced our countries and gods to follow the King. We both had traumatic childhoods. We both never had a mothers love. We love taking selfies with the King, we love public displays of affection, yes so un royal….  Shulamite, on the other hand, hates selfies and mostly refuses to have her pictures taken. She is very shy and won’t even kiss the King in front of us. So Hagar and I are more alike, but I am just happy that I am her Queen now, and I know she will serve me faithfully and will be a great delight to my husband and expand his Empire.

The Genesis of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean



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  1. Not to derail the current post, I am not on social media at all, except for Tumblr and follow blogs. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a posting discussing your blog on:
    Not sure if you’re familiar with the site.
    Of course it’s a lot of naysayers but I will say it’s seems like you are a bit of a celebrity. Speak your truth and stay blessed!


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