Jean, Stop Making Your Teenage Daughter Dance For Your Husband, It Is Perversion.

According to my last article, one of my readers commented that I should leave my eldest daughter out of this “whole thing” of dancing for Boaz, because that’s what we used to do for pervert Walter Masocha. Yes, Walter Masocha took peoples wives and made them dance for him. So one of my readers was implying that my daughter dancing for my husband is “perversion”. She wrote…

“Watanga kuti mwana atambire baba sezvamaiitwa kwamasocha leave your daughter out of this, next thing uchanzwa aakuti she is not my biological daughter so I can marry ha. These western men will brainwash you watch out. Wake up and smell the coffee.”

Let me just make it clear to you dear reader, my daughter is my husband’s daughter. This is his very first daughter. She has to be like her Father. My husband is a dancer, it’s in his DNA. He comes from a family of artists, his younger brother is a professional dancer, one of the best dancers Ghana has today.  The reason why I am even with my husband is because we are connected first through our gifts of expression, then we are connected spiritually, then we are connected sexually.

My husband and I connect because of our gift of expression

So my husband brought his gift into the family, and all his three daughters are trained by him not only to dance, but to sing.  He used to make Charo do splits when she was only one. He made Fadzi’s body flexible, taught her how to stretch every muscle, which was not easy but today Fadzi does gymastics thanks to her Daddy, and she loves it. My Boaz has been there for his two younger daughters since they were babies. Today Charo wakes up and all she thinks of is dancing and showing her Daddy her splits and moves.  She is so good, when people see her, they can tell she’s a dancer by the way she moves even her toes.

DSC_0624 (2)
When she was only one and still in nappies, my King taught his daughter how to dance

DSC_0903 (2)

On her second birthday, Charo could do the perfect split
My sweet Fadzi prefers gymnastics and aerobics to ballet, and she is training to be skilful in gymnastics

My oldest daughter always wanted to be a dancer, when she was little she used to attend ballet classes but somehow stopped, and life circumstances didn’t help, thanks to her biological father, the Zimbabwean fool. She knows him to be a fool too. So when Nino came into her life, he revived her spirit and taught her how to dance again. That is the purest definition of a father.  If a daughter be it Charo, Fadzi or my teenager, can not dance or perform for their father, who then are they legally supposed to dance for? The dance teacher? The pervert out there? Who should daughters dance for?

So just because Walter Masocha used dance to satisfy his demons and his powers, it doesn’t mean that women should not dance for Kings, especially the wives and princess daughters of Kings. Just because Walter Masocha was a paedophile who abused women and girls through dance, it doesn’t mean girls should not dance for their fathers, especially one who is a King. Girls are born to be their Daddy’s little girls.

My husband is of the lineage of King David, he is literally a modern-day David. King David was not only a gifted musician, but he was also a dancer and a poet. In his harem, King David obviously sang for his many children, and they obviously danced for him. Dance was part of David’s throne. David danced, we know him as the King who danced. Even his son King Solomon loved dance so much married a professional dancer. The Egyptian Princess was a professional dancer, and King Solomon loved her so much he gave her a wedding. That is the power of dance.

In the New Testament, the stepdaughter of King Herod, Salome danced for him on his birthday.  Salome must have been an incredible dancer because she danced so well, she pleased her Daddy, and he was so impressed with her, he told her to ask for anything she wanted, up to half the kingdom. She went to her mother and asked what she should ask for from her stepfather, and her mother demanded the head of John The Baptist from her King husband. That’s how John The Baptist lost his life, because of the power of Dance….not just the power of Dance, but a step-daughter dancing for her Daddy.

Salome danced for her stepfather King Herod

Sex pervert Walter Masocha understood the power of dance, not only was he an evil sorcerer, he was a psychologist too. He was able to get married women to call themselves, Daddy’s Dancing Girls, I remember my ex-husband’s sister Gertrude took this role of Dancing for Masocha very seriously, and she used to talk about pleasing Daddy Masocha with her body when she was dancing, and she believed that she would get blessings from God if Masocha was pleased with her dancing.  These women in Agape Cult came to life when they were dancing for the pervert, and after the dance, the pervert would pick the best and bless them by “praying for them”.

Pervert Walter Masocha made women dance for him
Sex Pervert Walter Masocha enjoyed women and girls dancing for him and called them “Daddy’s Dancing Girls

Never mind evil Walter Masocha and how he corrupted your minds, in ancient times, dance was the most powerful form of expression, especially from women and it was used not only for entertainment but for communication.

In one of the books which were removed from the bible by the Catholic church, yes those books that Christians are afraid of, those books that black people were told not to read by the white man, in one of those books we read that Judah married a single mother who had her own children. In Jacob’s old age, Judah’s stepchildren became a comfort to him, he loved those children so much as though they were his own blood grandchildren. One of the children, a stepdaughter of Judah, was incredibly talented, she was a dancer. Yes, the children of single mothers always play vital roles when their mothers are married. This daughter of Judah’s wife, the little stepdaughter, stood out and played a major role in the history of Isreal.

When the brothers found out that Joseph, their brother whom they had sold into slavery when a teenager,  was alive in Egypt and was now the Prime Minister, they did not know how to break the news to old Jacob. Because he had grieved Joseph so much, almost to the point of death, and he had found comfort in his step-grandchildren, they must have reminded him of young Joseph, the brothers were afraid to break the news to their ailing Father that Joseph was still alive. Not only was he still alive, but he was also now the most powerful man in the most powerful earthly dynasty. They thought Jacob would go into shock with the news and die.

So they spoke to each other, and agreed that the news of Joseph being alive should be broken to Jacob with music and dance. So Judah called his stepdaughter, who was an incredible singer and dancer, and told her to do a special dance routine for her old grandfather, and when she was dancing for him, and he was so happy with her dancing, he told her to sing sweetly that Joseph was still alive in Egypt.

And this beautiful stepdaughter listened to her Daddy, her own NINO. And she did exactly what she was told by her Nino, and put on her dancing shoes and her dancing robes, and went before her old grandfather, and danced for him. Jacob was so delighted with her, she must have danced her heart out that day, and the universe must have shook, and she sweetly broke the news, that Joseph was alive. And Jacob received the news through dance. And he rejoiced and was taken to Egypt to see his long lost son.

That is the true power of dance. But the story of King Herod’s stepdaughter and Jacob’s step-granddaughter taught me that there is a special place for stepdaughters to their stepfathers. A stepdaughter is normally a very priced gift to a man, especially when he loves the mother.

And dance is not just about shaking the body and entertaining, dance is spiritual and it is the highest form of expression. There is no denying Judah’s stepdaughter also danced for her Daddy, and made her Daddy happy with her gift.

Sadly black people always make Daddy Daughter relationships perverse. Whether stepdaughter or biological daughter, daughters are supposed to be totally smitten by their Daddys. It is the father who is supposed to bring out the best in his daughter. It is the father who is supposed to teach his daughter, step or biological that she is beautiful. I am so blessed to have a husband, a King who teaches his three princesses these life principles.

If a man marries a woman who has a daughter, he is supposed to love that daughter as though she came out of his blood, because spiritually she becomes his blood. My husband teaches my daughter not only dance but music and art. He is the one who goes to her school to watch her dance or act.

DSC_1190 (1)3
It means so much to my daughter when her Daddy comes to school to watch her act and dance, in this picture she was so exhausted she had just finished a musical
My Boaz has trained my daughter the importance of expression and art, and he normally teaches her to punch him hard (their thing)
The King directing a photoshoot of his girls


Photo taken and directed by her Daddy

My teenage daughter, my 5-year-old daughter and my 2-year-old daughter all love to be taught by their Daddy. They all love to dance for him and impress him with their artistic skills, be it ballet, aerobics, modelling or even boxing. They are his princesses.

My King is also blessed to have me, I am not a professional dancer but I love to dance, I love expression, so I dance for my King and he loves my imperfect dancing. He teaches me to move correctly, he will stand up and show me how to be skilful like Jacob’s grand-daughter, but sometimes he’s just happy for me to be myself as I dance.

He’s more blessed to have Shulamite, his second wife who is a skilful dancer. She has the most stunning body, made for dancing, and my husband loves her dancing so much when she dances he feels like just taking her to the moon, so they can dance in the moonlight together.

Then there is Hagar, my husband’s Asian third wife, she saw us dance at the weekend, and she’s now talking of taking me and Shulamite to a Bollywood dance class, and we are so excited about that. It would be lovely to wear those Indian dance robes and put up a dance for the King.


My husband’s third wife Hagar wants to bring Bollywood dance to the Harem

Just like King David and King Solomon, a King’s Harem should have dance always, not only from his daughters but from his wives too.

A King is no King without Dance in his Harem…when we dance for the King, its symbolic of our intimate relationship of worship to our heavenly Father

And for my King, he will have Davidic, African and Bollywood dancing all over his palace…

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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