My Husband’s Third Wife Made Me Cry, But She Was Only Trying To Be Like Me

This article is my longest yet, but it has to be, it involves my emotions I never quite write about. So this is for the faithful reader not the browser. But before I start, my King hates loud make-up and lipstick, and anything artificial, so this picture is my  rather stubborn side…

Anyway, Sabbath is always the most beautiful day in our family, we come together and worship the Most High in spirit and in truth. Yesterday my husband’s Millionaire friend, Property Tycoon Lord Ibrahim Sani, who also has two wives decided to join our Sabbath Service with one of his wives. He is a Freemasons, so it was refreshing having him join our Sabbath service. So we had quite a full house.

Sadly Lord Sani has recently been in the press falsely accused of sexual harassment by one of his personal assistants and he is in the process of filing a lawsuit against her. When the story broke,  he came to my husband asking for PR, and my husband advised him never to employ a PA or secretary who is not your wife, because one way or another, PA’s and Secretaries always get infatuated with their bosses. He told Lord Sani that a man who has a PA has more control over her than her own husband at home, and he can get her to do anything, because they are always working closely together, she books meetings for him, travels with him, even takes his suits to the dry cleaners, so spiritually, a PA already plays the role of a wife. She is just a professional wife. That is why most of them end up sleeping with their bosses, and if you deny them, they will even accuse you of sexual harassment.  My King strongly believes that women should never work so closely with a man who is not their husband.  So Lord Sani has been taking on my husband’s advice, and is now under my husband’s PR company.

Anyway,  that’s just by the way, but on top of Lord Sani and his wife joining us for Sabbath, Hagar also joined us. Well, recently, my husband’s third wife, his PA Hagar has been joining us for Sabbath Services. I am calling her officially “third wife” because I just found out yesterday that she is no longer my husband’s potential wife, but she is now his wife. When I gave Hagar my blessing, my Boaz went ahead and consummated their marriage.

So Hagar brought the Sabbath meal, and also brought me flowers and she bought my husband perfume. She had told my husband that she was bringing the Sabbath meal, so for that reason Shulamite didn’t cook.

Because we had my husband’s friend and wife for the Sabbath, it was kind of different because we had company. Everything was very formal, we all dressed up. After the service, Hagar warmed the food and Shulamite helped her to serve it, I was talking to Lord Sani’s wife. Boaz was talking to his friend, they were debating about Freemasons’s God and the God of Israel, but I could hear them both agreeing that King Solomon started the Freemasons. We were all sitting in the living area, and the children ate in the other room.

Hagar then dished food for my husband, asked Shulamite for one of my husband’s African clothes and put it around her waist, and decided to come in the living room and kneel for my husband in front of everyone, especially in front of my husband’s friend, who is from Ghana, who was obviously amused by this submissive gesture from Hagar.

I honestly felt very upset at this point, because I am the one who always kneel before my King when I serve him his food. This is not a practice which is done in Ghana, well its not common, I learnt this from Zimbabwe culture, (one positive thing I suppose) and I took it to my Ghanaian husband and he really loves it and appreciates me for that. I used to be married to a Zimbabwean fool and he never appreciated me kneeling before him to serve him his food, in fact he shamed me for it. I remember one incident where I knelt before him to serve him food in front of guests, and when they started praising me, he turned around and told them that I never did that privately and I was “putting on a front”. He lied and shamed me for honoring him, I was so humiliated I cried for days. But when God gave me to my Ashanti King, when I bowed before him to serve him his food, he loved me so much for it, and blessed me.

So yesterday when I saw Hagar doing it, kneeling before my husband, with an African cloth around her, my husband’s cloth for that matter,  I was consumed with jealousy, I am not going to lie. And it was made worse because my husband’s friend Lord Sani praised her for it, and told my husband he was blessed to have a wife who knelt before him. He whispered to his wife that this is what she has to be doing. And in my spirit I was like, “But I do that everyday.”

After we finished eating, when Hagar and Shulamite went to wash up and clean,  my husband noticed that I was quiet and he asked if I was okay, and I said I was. He asked if I needed a drink or something and I said no.

Then when my husband’s friend and his wife left,  I left the living room to go upstairs, and my Boaz followed me. He said I shouldn’t be upset about anything because I had no reason to be upset. He started kissing me, but I pushed him away and told him to stop. He said he was taking Hagar out for a movie, because she had been so good cooking for everyone and serving food.  He said he took Shulamite for a night out and he took me out for the dinner at the pub, so he said this weekend it was Hagar’s turn.

So I kept my peace, and asked how long he would be gone for, he said about 2 hours, and kissed me on my forehead and left. I just sat on my bed, feeling like crying.

When Boaz and Hagar left the house, Shulamite came to my bedchamber and she asked why I was so quiet. I told her exactly how I was feeling, that sadly I felt threatened by Hagar’s behavior. I told Shulamite that Boaz loves me so much because of these little things I do, like kneeling before him when I served him food.

Over the years I have always knelt before my King when serving him any food, even burgers

I hate even writing this down, I actually wanted to censor this article, and remove this part. But I will be denying myself the integrity of my pen and the power of my journey. So I cried to Shulamite, for the first time, she was my shoulder to cry on. I told her that I felt Hagar’s presence in my husband, and I felt like she was trying to replace me. I have never felt that with Shulamite. I have never felt threatened, or displaced by her. But with Hagar I did at that moment. I felt like by kneeling before my husband, she was taking my place, especially in front of guests.

I told Shulamite that I was suspecting they had already consummated their marriage, I could feel it, Hagar was now different, she was glowing.

Shulamite said the same thing, that she suspected something had already happened between them, she could see it in Hagar’s eyes and she had mentioned something strange to her in the kitchen which she didn’t understand.  She advised me to just ask Boaz when he came back. To make matters worse, as we were still talking, Boaz sent me a selfie of him and Hagar at the movies saying they had arrived.

Boaz with Hagar at the movies last evening

Shulamite told me to be the strong Queen I always am, and to be bold, and prayed for me. It was the sweetest calming moment ever. She said instead of being sad, we should do something positive for Boaz for when he came back. We had been talking about doing a choreography dance with my eldest daughter for our King. Shulamite is an incredible dancer, with a beautiful body, and my daughter and her have recently found a common ground on that, on top of make-up. My King loves dance so he always enjoys it when we put up little routines for him. We dance a lot in our house, but Shulamite has brought the dance in our house to another level.

We always dance for the King
Even little Charo is an incredible dancer, she’s always showing her routines to her Daddy

So we had so much fun with the children, within two hours we had come up with a beautiful dance to the soundtrack of One Night With The King, Come To Me My Love by Rita, Israel’s Queen of Song. This song has been our song all week, so it was so lovely to dance it for the King.  The weird thing is the words made sense for the first time ever, and Shulamite and I could feel the emotion of the song and lyrics.

“Where are you tonight, am I wrong or  all right?

Where are you Royal King, shall I ask you to sing, I am not sure

Every dream is all empty in the night…

Our hearts are in need, wanting somewhere to be

And we shiver and sigh, and we cry

Forgive me everything, only you can turn the winter into spring”

Shulamite and I danced every word of this song…

All I know is God has given me a sister in Shulamite, I never thought she would cheer me up and comfort me the way she did yesterday, since she’s always the emotional one.

When Boaz and Hagar came back, I was a different woman, so happy, and I had my dancing shoes on, and I asked Hagar how the movie was. Hagar suggested that she wanted to take all the older children to the movies next weekend. The children loved the idea obviously and were super excited. The children told Boaz that Shulamite, my daughter and I had a special dance routine prepared for him, and Hagar asked to stay and watch.

So Hagar stayed for our dance routine for the King, she didn’t want to go home after and asked Boaz to stay the night and sleep on the sofa, but he told her she had to go home.

After the children had gone to bed, Shulamite, Boaz and I stayed a little late in the living room, and Boaz asked me if everything was okay. I didn’t care that Shulamite was there, I just had to ask him.

“Did you tell her that I kneel before you when I serve your food so she can come and show off before everyone that she is the wife who kneels. Why is she copying me?”

“Why is it a bad thing that she knelt before me today?”

“I didn’t say it was a bad thing, but why is she copying me and making it like kneeling was her idea when she is obviously copying me?”

“Jean, my love, why should you be upset that my own wife is kneeling before me?”

“You haven’t married her yet, so she is not your wife yet.” I reminded my husband.

“Well you blessed her, and she has become my wife since. I wanted the right time to tell you both. Hagar is my wife now. I want both of you to accept her as your sister. There is no need to feel jealous towards her. She is supposed to kneel before me when she serves me, just like you do Jean. You have set an example, and all my wives should.” So my husband turned to Shulamite, and told her that she has to start behaving like a wife, and kneel when serving the King .

“Every King has a protocol on how he is addressed.  Everyone bows before the Queen of England, that’s her protocol. I want all my wives to behave a certain way, and no one should serve me food without kneeling. I will have my own protocol for my household.”

So Shulamite and I agreed to what Boaz was saying, it made so much sense that all his wives serve him a certain way and adhere to his own protocol, though we are all different and will love him and also serve him individually.

But I was still upset deep down, though I was happy, and my husband knew it. So he bed goodnight to Shulamite, and kissed her and hugged her and he told her to expect him later on, and he took me to bed.

And he told me that that yes Hagar copied me, because kneeling was my thing, and he loved me for it. But Hagar copying me was not a negative thing, but a positive, because I am the Queen, and maidens follow their Queen. He told me that he had been with Hagar, and she was now sealed to him, and I was the one who had made that possible by blessing their union, and Hagar knew that, that she could never be without me. He told me that Hagar was trying so hard to impress me, and win my heart, so I should not feel threatened or outnumbered, but rather highly esteemed.

My Boaz said it’s normal for me to feel threatened, and outnumbered by a new wife. He said if I didn’t I would be abnormal and not human. But that doesn’t mean my feelings are the reality, though they are very important, and for my own growth. He said I should always know that I am the most beloved of my King, the one who connects with him spiritually. His “Prophetess” as he calls me, and he said I am irreplaceable. And he said if I bear with him, he is going to bless me so much, the world will be in awe. He said everything he is doing, is for me, his Queen. I am his flesh and bone. He told me to remember who I am.

He asked me as I lay on his chest, “Since I took on more wives, have I treated you any less? Have I been mean to you?”

“No.” I answered him.

“Look at me, ” He said, “Do I not even love you a lot more? Be honest.”

“Yes you do.”

“So why would Hagar’s kneeling make you feel outnumbered? Baby, she is trying so hard to be like you, and I love her for that, she is my wife, but she is your maiden, and there can only be one YOU, because you are the original.”

I felt so loved by my King, I can honestly say I have never felt so in love like I am today. Ever since he took more wives, he loves me a lot more, our love life has become so out of this world, like we live in paradise, in our own universe, on an island. When it’s the two of us, he cuddles me and kisses me and looks into my eyes and says things which takes me to Utopia. This man is a King, I know it.

He loves me a lot more

For that, for the love I get from my King, I would choose polygamy over monogamy anytime. I would rather be one of his 15 wives, than an only wife of a fool.  Yes polygamy brings one or two tears with it, but I believe there are rather more tears in monogamy, I was way unhappier in a monogamous marriage than I am in a  plural marriage.

I love my King. I love his wives. I love the tears too, they make this journey so real and beautiful.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean





3 thoughts on “My Husband’s Third Wife Made Me Cry, But She Was Only Trying To Be Like Me

  1. Jean are u married to your husband legally. As in a church or the registry office. If yes does your union legally allow for multiple wives? If u guys aren’t legally married how would you feel if one of your co wives convinced your husband to marry her legally. What would that mean for this polygamous union you guys have?


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