What My Eldest Daughter Thinks About Polygamy

A lot of my readers have asked how my children, especially my 15 year old oldest daughter is taking this whole lifestyle of polygamy. Some have even claimed to be ‘concerned’ about her. What am I teaching my daughter? I am asked. What if one day she also becomes a Shulamite or a concubine to some man? Will I be okay with it?

First of all, my daughter is me. She is my very first love. She taught me unconditional love. She is her mother’s child. I spoil her, I choose to give her too much love. I never got such a crazy Mama’s love, so I can only give it to my first love. Now that she is a teenager, she is my best friend. I talk to her about every little thing.

My daughter is ME

So for that reason, my daughter is ME. She is the daughter of a Queen, raised to think like a Queen, even spoilt rotten by a Queen. Biblically and socially, culturally too, it is practically IMPOSSIBLE for a daughter of a Queen, a royal princess to ever be a concubine or side chick. It will be an abomination to mother nature if my daughter becomes a concubine. It doesn’t even make any sense and nature won’t allow it. The Universe will cry.

Asking me if my daughter will ever be a concubine is like asking Kate Middleton if Princess Charlotte will ever work as cleaner in McDonalds?

Not only is she a daughter of a Queen, she is the daughter of the King. Her father is building an EMPIRE for her. My husband trains her to be a Queen. He tells her how to walk, how to speak, how to even answer a call. He shows her how to open accounts and buy and sell. She is only 15, but already has her own Amazon Account where she sells and raises her own money to buy her Iphones. My Boaz has taught her how to hustle and how to be a black business woman, therefor she says she never wants to work for anyone. Her dream is to run her own properties and to be a model. That’s my baby girl, how can such a young woman ever be a concubine? She has Queen engraved on her forehead.

Now what does she think about polygamy?

I have raised all my children to be independent thinkers. I have taught them to use their own brains in a world were society is controlled and people literally behave like zombies. I have taught them the importance of not following crowds and sticking to whatever you believe in no matter how unpopular it is. I have also taught them that just because the majority thinks a certain way doesn’t make it right.

So my daughter is intelligent enough to understand that polygamy is a very practical way of life, which was lived by our forefathers. She loves the word “concubine” she finds it funny. She understands more the reasons why women enter into polygamous relationships. She herself says she doesn’t want to live that lifestyle. She has a little bit of feminism in her. She is very passionate about women rights. She is always debating with her brothers, because they always tell her that “You can’t expect men and women to be the same, we have different roles.”

She is also very protective of me, so she watches every move of Shulamite, and Hagar, she is my CCTV Camera, nothing passes her ears and eyes. She is extremely territorial, and Shulamite worked hard to became her friend. She is still working hard for her approval.  Shulamite had to win her over by luring her with make-up, and that was their starting point.

So she understands polygamy, she understands the bible very much especially the Israelite lifestyle. She has memorized a number of Psalms. She loves King David, her favorite patriarch, if he was here today she may have had a crush on him.  Every Sabbath she blesses us with her angelic voice as she sings with her Daddy. She has a personal relationship with her maker, she is on her own spiritual journey.

Just yesterday she asked me what I was writing about, and I told her that I had written about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and black people on my wall, especially Zimbabweans  went crazy because I called Kim Kardashian a whore.

And my daughter was like, “But she is a whore, everyone knows Kim Kardashian is a whore. None of my friends likes her. Nobody likes her Mum, not only is she a whore, but she’s a tramp too.” Well, I don’t know what a tramp is, or how to spell it, I am not well versed in teenage talk but I agreed with my daughter that Kim Kardashian is an absolute tramp, whatever it means.

That’s my daughter right there. She is way smarter than a lot of people who comment on my articles. So for her, polygamy is just a way of life, it’s not a sin, it’s just not for her, which is absolutely perfect, because not all men should be polygamists.

My daughter is me, but also very different from me. She only wants two children, and says she doesn’t understand how I was able to birth 6 children. She has many friends and is popular among her peers, and I was very shy and clumsy, I was a tom boy.

I know my daughter is destined to be a Queen of her own King, and she will run her Kingdom with grace and wit.

She just wants her mummy to be happy, and she thinks I am way too strong and brave for my own good. Sometimes she advises me, sometimes she mothers me. Because of her own journey in life, she has developed a thick skin and sees life from a very different angle. She is wise enough to understand her mother, and be always there for me.


Then sometimes I have to seize her phone and shout at her and be the “strict” mother, though I fail hopelessly and my Boaz laughs at me that I am too soft on her and I can’t help it.

One day he said to me, “Why are you afraid of your own daughter, you are actually sweating because you don’t want to ‘upset’ your own child. Stop being too soft, never think that she will ever feel what you feel towards your own mother. Don’t be scared of her losing her love, you actually give her way too much love and she’s intelligent enough to know it, and she will use it to her own advantage when it suits her.”

And I will be like, “I know, its kinda sad, but I can’t help it, I just have to spoil her.”

Sometimes she plays the mother role to me


She is just a happy teenager, a little spoilt by her over protective mother, but she loves her mother so much and supports everything I do, and no one should ever be “concerned” about her…in fact she can’t stop asking when we are going to start filming our reality show…

This weekend she’s planning of going make-up shopping with Shulamite…

So she is very much okay with my lifestyle…

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

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