How To Sit On Your Throne And Smile, When Your King Husband Loves His Other Wives

I never knew the reality of polygamy life was like this, but still I can’t help but say I love it. I love it because I have a King who understands me, and gives me the desires of my heart.

Yesterday in the afternoon Boaz said he was going to the gym with Shulamite, and would  go swimming with her, then afterwards he was going to take her out for dinner. Before they left for the gym, Shulamite was carrying a bag, acting all weird and smiling. I asked her what was in the bag, and she told me that Boaz bought her a dress and she was going to wear it for their dinner date.

I was okay with it all, I was happy for Shulamite, I think she has been struggling a lot emotionally lately.

The only thing is I asked her to cook our dinner before she left, and bath the little ones, and she did.

So they went off to the gym, then afterwards they went out for their dinner date.

Then around 11pm, I was getting concerned that Boaz and Shulamite were not yet back. I texted my husband and asked if everything was okay. I didn’t hear back from him till about 12 midnight, when he video called me from a hotel room, and said he had booked a night for him and Shulamite. He said she needed it.

I was like, “You should have at least told me, because now I have to mind the children at night and do school run in the morning, I wasn’t prepared.” He said he had not planned it, but decided later on when they were out. So I wished them well, and he said goodnight to me.

I have been chatting with Hagar a lot since we went on our date last week. We have clicked. I had already been chatting with her on the phone all evening, so I told her that they were sleeping out in a hotel.  Hagar said she wanted to drive over and came and sleep at my house. So I texted Boaz and asked if Hagar could sleep over, and he said no, she can’t just decide to come over at 12 midnight.

So I was gutted, and so was Hagar. But after about  15 mins, Boaz texted me and said it was okay for Hagar to come over since she was off on Monday. So she came over.

Hagar asked me if I was upset that Boaz has taken Shulamite to a hotel,  and I told her that I am not upset, I just feel like Shulamite is being distant to me. I told her that when we were homeless we spent so many nights in hotels so I am not that jealous. Hagar told me that my Boaz had told her that Shulamite was not “ready” and wasn’t in the “right place” for their “spa massage date” that he had arranged for them, so for now he had cancelled it. So Hagar was quite upset about Shulamite and felt like Shulamite was being a snob, and wanted to talk to me about it.

I told Hagar that Shulamite feels that she will come in and take her place, so she’s struggling, and Boaz keeps saying we have to bear with her, and be more kind and understanding.  And he is trying to reassure her I suppose, that’s why he has been comforting her a lot lately.

So Hagar said to me, “Let Kofi be the one to understand her, she’s trying to have her way with him, she’s the one who told him to book her a hotel. But she is your handmaid, stop being too nice to her and never give her any more full nights with Kofi. You are the first wife, our Queen so  take your position. When she comes back from her “hotel night” give her so many chores she has never done before. And make sure you get Kofi to install CCTV cameras in every room in the house, you have to do that when you have a maid in the house.”

So I was looking at Hagar and thinking, “Boy I misunderstood this “vulnerable” woman.”

“I do not want to be unkind to Shulamite, I do like her a lot, she’s funny and she’s a good person, we are sisters and the little ones adore her. She does do her chores, its just that lately she’s been acting different, she’s going through a faze, like we all do.” I told Hagar. In all honesty, I do not want any discord between me and Shulamite, I am bearing with her in her weaknesses like my husband told me to. At the end of the day she is a handmaid, and she has no house of her own, I think I have to be the kinder and understanding one.

But what Hagar said made me like her a lot more, I like how she thinks. I took on her advice about installing cameras in the house. That is not a bad idea at all. And I took her advice about giving Shulamite chores when she returned from her “hotel night”. I felt like she needed to come back to reality a bit.

I felt so impressed with Hagar, that was an enough sign for me, that this woman was smart and will do a lot of good to my husband’s empire. So I gave her my blessing, and told her that I would be so happy to have her as my co-wife, and I was so happy that she was a virgin, that would be such a blessing to my husband.

So we celebrated the future, and raised a glass to Hagar joining our family and being my husband’s PA and third wife. I really really like Hagar, and I feel like God is rewarding me with sisters and maidens I have always wished for. We have so much in common and our stories are kind of similar.  We slept in the early hours, and in the morning I had to get up and do the school run and everything since Shulamite was not there. Hagar was such a help.

Then this morning Hagar said to me, “Let Shulamite strip all the beds, and clean all the bedrooms. Make her pay for refusing to clean the Love Den at the weekend. She will probably start crying again but don’t have sympathy on her.”

So at around 9 am, Shulamite came back with Boaz. She was very surprised to see Hagar in the house. She went upstairs to her room, and I followed her and asked her how the date night was. She showed me the pictures, and said it was the best time she had ever spent with the King. I told her I was happy for her, and she deserved it.

Then I told her to clean the house, all the dishes from last night were still in the sink. I told her to strip all beds and put new bedding and spring clean the bedrooms. Her face just dropped, like she went in shock, but she said ok, she would do it but after she had had a bit of rest. I said ok.

I went downstairs to join Hagar and Boaz. After a while, I told Boaz that I had given Shulamite chores, and I wanted them done that very morning, but Shulamite had said she needed to rest first but it was now over an hour.

So Boaz texted her and told her to come down, and she did.

He asked her very politely, “Sweetheart, why don’t you do your chores now, and you can still rest the more after.”

To cut the long story short, Shulamite became angry and upset, right in front of Hagar and I,  Boaz stood up and told her to just stop. He told her straight that this morning he had no time for her anger or tears, he had things to do, a busy day ahead of him.  He told her to  be grateful and get on with her chores, whatever it was she was told to do.  Boaz left the room.

Hagar was looking at me with a smirk on her face, she almost made me laugh, I started coughing and she saw it, so she went to the kitchen, and I knew she went to laugh. I chose not to say a word to Shulamite.  Hagar brought Shulamite a glass of water, and told her to drink and take deep breaths, and started comforting her.


I love Hagar, she will be very important in the King’s Harem, she adds a balance between me and Shulamite that I really like. I now understand why the King said he needed 3 wives. There is a balance with the three of us.

I left them to it and went to my Boaz. I told my King that I approved of Hagar. She was sent to us by God.

Then I saw Hagar and Shulamite in the Kitchen cleaning.  Hagar was helping her. They both stripped the beds and spring cleaned all the bedrooms.

So I sat down to watch Daytime TV and my King came and kissed me, and told me how proud he was of me, and that he loved me so much, and he said, “I told you that you had nothing to worry about my love. See, the girls will work together to serve you. And you will always be so special to me” Then he left the house to do his own business. And I found myself smiling, and updating my Facebook status, I just couldn’t help it. I felt complete happiness and fulfillment. I thought to myself, “This is how you sit on your throne and smile, when your King husband loves his other wives dearly, but loves you more and you are his Queen”,  so I wrote…

“She sits on her throne and smiles. She looks up with hope and anticipation. When she imagines, the Universe responds to her thoughts. Even butterflies sit on her shoulders. She’s strong enough to make her dreams come true. She seeks no approval of her happiness from those around her. She creates her own world with her own rules, and her maidens bow before her and obey as her King fulfills her inner most desires.

A Queen is Mary-Tamar “

DSC_0855 (3)

The Genesis Of The Revelation





2 thoughts on “How To Sit On Your Throne And Smile, When Your King Husband Loves His Other Wives

  1. Wow! I so thought this was going to go in a different direction! You are very wise, had it been me..a completely different outcome. You deserve all the blessings that God has for you, it takes a lot of strength and courage to be in a plural marriage and still submit to your King in such a manner. This article has touched my soul, as I struggle submitting to a man who is not my father. So much so that I would rather be single. But you just showed me how God works and the roles he has given us as men and women.
    Thank you my sister!
    P/s Shulamite stop all that

    Liked by 1 person

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