So My Husband Wants An Asian Woman As His Third Wife, He Says She Will Be A Better PA Than A Black Woman

Okay,  last week started with so much positivity, my Boaz was invited to a business meeting with one of his Asian property investor friends who had a property he wanted to show him. My husband was really looking forward to this meeting, and he said to me that his friend was bringing his PA to the meeting, and he wished he had his own PA to go with him as well.

So he phoned one of his Asian female friends who is a part time PR and  a part time College English teacher, he met her months ago at a networking event.  They worked together on a LookGold PR project before. My husband had told me about this Asian lady months ago, that he liked how she thinks, she resonates with blackness, my husband had said.  Anyway I got to find out this week that they had kept in touch now and again, so my husband told her about the meeting, and she agreed to go with him as his PA.

My Boaz took her to the meeting, and came home very impressed with her skills and how she had conducted herself during the meeting, especially how she helped close a deal with one observation and comment. He said she was very professional, detailed and her communication skills were exceptional for the property investor to trust him,  and he ended up offering my Boaz a lot more properties than they had originally agreed, and they signed a deal.

To celebrate the success of the meeting and the signed deal, she invited my King  to her school the next day, she wanted him to meet the other staff, because she had told them how talented my husband is and what an skillful entrepreneur he was, she also wanted them to have lunch together.

As a way of thanking her, Boaz invited her to the house for Sabbath Service at the weekend. He said she was so excited and was counting each day.

Well Sabbath came, and she turned up, and we had the most blessed Sabbath. She was polite, respectful and during testimony time, she shared her testimony that she was no longer religious, and was serving God in her own way. She lost her mother at a very young age and she is from a very strict family. She used to practice Sikhism, which is the religion she was brought up in. She said she had refused two arranged marriages from her family, and it feels like she is an outcast from the family that is why she is 31 and still unmarried and childless.   She said most of her life she felt lost  and that she was born in a culture which is cruel to women and could not wait to be “reincarnated”. It was a very emotional service, her testimony was touching.  She asked Shulamite and I how we have been been able to live happily and our stories brought a smile to her face.

After the meal, she asked me about my writing and told  me that Boaz had told her that I have written a book and she couldn’t wait for it to be out and read it. She said she would really like the opportunity to help market my book, if I allow her, as she has had experience in book marketing. My heart jumped as we spoke about my writing.

We also had a good laugh as we connected on Instagram, I showed her pictures of my dinner date with Boaz, and she was like, “Why has he worn this yellow jumper like all week!” He was even wearing it on the Sabbath and he wore it when he visited her at her work. We laughed at Boaz and I told her that yellow is his favorite color and I bought him the jumper, so she said she was going to buy him more yellow gold jumpers of different designs, lol.

Later on she helped Shulamite in the kitchen after the meal.  She stayed a lot longer than we had thought, it seemed she literally did not want to go home. In the evening she said her goodbyes, and Boaz escorted her to her car, and about 30 minutes later, he came back into the house.

He asked to have a chat with me. He asked me what I thought of her. I genuinely thought she was pleasant to be around. Boaz said she said she asked to come back next sabbath if I was okay with it.

It was then that Boaz told me that he was considering her as his PA and third wife.  Boaz said she is happy working with him and there is a connection especially when it comes to business and likes him as a calm alpha male as well. He said she had said coming from where she comes from, culture is very strict but she has always be on the quest of finding herself and and is looking for a place of belonging, as she hates her culture so much. She would rather be a third wife of a man she connects with than to be married to a man she doesn’t love and be an only wife.  Boaz said she said, “An arranged marriage will be a life of self denial and that’s not the road I am able to embark on.”

Boaz said she understood that it was a taboo in her culture for her to be with a black man as the society may not be able to comprehend but life is about being true to yourself and finding your own happiness. She is ready to make this sacrifice if she is invited to join our family. She is willing to give up her teaching job, and her PR job, and focus all her experience and expertise in serving my husband.

All this came to me as a very big bombshell, because I am very much against interracial marriages. I believe that people should marry according to their races, and bloodlines should be kept pure. This is also what the God of Israel taught his people, that they should not intermarry with other races and pagan wives. So I told my husband that there is no way I can accept an Asian woman to be my husband’s third wife.

“But Sarah had an Egyptian handmaid, and this woman is an Ishmaelite. She will be your own Hagar, and will serve you more than Shulamite does, is this not what you have always wanted?  You have no idea how much she fears and respects you, she knows that her fate is in your hands.” My husband tried to convince me.

“This is a woman who grew up having all her decisions made for her. She grew up and refused to have an abusive culture dictate her destiny. She hates her culture, she hates her religion and she hates were she came from. She is exactly like you, just that she is Asian, but she wants to be free, and is looking for a place to belong. Shulamite serves you domestically, she came so she can cook, clean, mind the children whilst you write. Hagar will serve you professionally in the industry she is trained in, and as an English teacher, she will do all your proofreading of your books, and do your “paperwork” for you, and the administrative work you always need doing. She is coming so she can help with the publishing side of your books. She is also very passionate about BBE and black empowerment, and as a PR she has experience in Event planning.  Allow her to serve us, to serve not only me but you as well.”

“But what about the black women who have taken time to apply to be your PA and your third wife? I thought your priority was always black women?” I asked my Boaz.

“I have thought about it, but for us to be able to dominate this industry of properties and PR, it will be good to have this Asian woman, our Hagar, as one of us. In properties, I will be dealing mostly with Asians. She knows her job very well, no black woman will beat her to it, the ones who have applied. She is a very good PA. This industry is already dominated by Asians, so having her by my side can only expand our Empire. She accepts that she will be a third wife, and that you come first before her, and she won’t spend nights with me. She said she is already used to that, she lives alone in a rented apartment, and would love her own house. Her father and stepmother denied her a house because she refused arranged marriages. She is willing to forsake everything for me, including her parents.” Boaz said.

My husband explained to me that since the 400 years of slavery has come to pass, there is going to be a shift of power to the selected. And that will also mean that it starts with what God promised Abraham and his seed, Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael and Isaac are brothers, separated by their mothers. The heir was Isaac, so as history and power is being reversed, Ishmael is supposed to serve his brother Isaac. So our own Hagar coming into our life is symbolic and prophetic of the times we are about to enter.

“But are you not afraid of what her family can do if she joins our family,  we read about crazy things in the papers all the time.” I asked my Boaz.

“Why would God call us to this, if he will not protect us.” Was my husband’s reply to me. “You are always talking about thinking outside the box, and that God is not in a box. Now God is giving you your own Hagar, but you can’t even see it.”

So I told my husband that I needed to pray about it, and have a bit of time to think about it. I need a big sign from God, that he want’s Hagar to join our family. I did not get any bad vibes about her, her spirit seems pure, she was kind, polite and shy. She loved the food Shulamite prepared, she took part in the Sabbath service, she was good with the children, and we spoke about writing and books.

Boaz said to me, “Think about it, you have never experienced that unconditional mother’s love, Shulamite’s did not grow up with her mother, and Hagar’s mother passed away when she was only little. This is the most powerful thing you three have in common, which will make me love the three of you even more, and is that not a bigger sign than anything, that the three of you do not have mother’s love.”

I found it very easy to speak with her, for the few hours she had joined us, she felt like one of us, but the only difference was she was not a black woman.

Maybe God is trying to tell me something. Maybe this woman is not dark brown in color, but her spirit is. Like my Boaz said, she resonates with black people. She is willing to forsake all and find a place of belonging. My husband is a man of great wisdom, I do not want to be the one to stop what God has ordained, but I also don’t want him to be unequally yoked with someone he is not meant to be with. I am his prophetess wife, it is my duty to pray for him.

So as I take this to my Lord in prayer, I am anticipation His answer, and what He will say to me about Hagar, He did say in His word that the Ishmaelites are blessed, and Hagar’s seed will be a great people too…

If my King is meant to be with Hagar, he will be with Hagar. We have already said we are trusting God to lead, and bring his third wife to him…

The Genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

PS, last week was a very eventful week, I really enjoyed my dinner date with my King, he took me to the local pub and we had such a beautiful quality time. When I wore yellow, my color for the season, he was like I will also wear my yellow jumper. Yellow represents gold, so I guess we are in the season of gold.

Dinner date with my King last week






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