Jean, What Happens When Your Husband’s Second Wife ‘Shulamite’ Gets Pregnant?

The whole idea of polygamy is actually for the women to bear more children for their husbands. The first commandment which was given to mankind was to populate the earth. It’s sad that in this era we see children as an inconvenience to life. Yet the bible says children are an inheritance. A woman was created so she can bear children, which is her own salvation. For a man, children are actually arrows in his hand. Polygamy has always been God’s way of populating the earth.

Jacob, for example, actually wanted one wife, his beloved Rachael, but God in his sovereignty gave him Leah, so He could use these two women to build the 12 tribes of Israel, along with their hand-maids. Handmaids were used for bearing children for Lord husbands.

My husband and I have six children, but my husband obviously wants more children, I would have maybe one more, but for now,  maybe not. My husband says it’s time for me to enjoy life. But for my husband, he still want’s more children.

So my readers keep asking me, “What happens when Shulamite starts having babies?”

Well,  does Boaz want children with Shulamite? Of course he does. Is he ready to have children with her right now? Definitely not.

This one question from my readers concerning Shulamite getting pregnant really stood out for me.

“Jean I have a question concerning Shulamite – one day she is gonna be pregnant – you know pregnant women can be a handful. So who is going to do the chores when she is not okay? Are u gonna serve her? Or get her a maid or another concubine?? Cant help but wonder.”

Firstly, Shulamite is a concubine. Being a concubine is not an insult to women by the way, it just means a wife of a lower social status. A concubine is a woman who actually feels elevated to be one, for her it’s better being a concubine than not being one at all.

A lot of black women today are concubines, in Zimbabwe they call them small houses, if truth be told, these women are actually happier and more satisfied than the main wives.  In the black communities, they are called ‘side chicks’, these are the modern day concubines. And like I said, most women who are side chicks are very content and happy with their roles in life. If there was no Westernization and demonizing of polygamy, these side chicks are meant to work together with the main wives, and form a family structure, and bear children for their husbands together. But instead the side chicks and main wives are always brutally fighting each other, which always works against the main wives and actually empowers the concubines. When a black man has a side chick, the main wife is the unhappiest of the two women. Yet it should never be like that.

As for me, I have my husband’s concubine in my house. She knows she is a concubine and is happy with that. God has really blessed me, and my husband’s concubine has become my handmaid. So when she bears children, I will raise her children as mine, because they will be born  under my roof. My husband and I  have chosen to uphold the traditions of our forefathers, this is how it was done in ancient times, and we are going back to that.

Shulamite has to prove her loyalty to me first before she can bear children for my husband, she is the one who made an oath to serve me. She pledged to be my handmaid so she could be my husband’s second wife. My husband already takes his seed very seriously, he doesn’t just go around planting it in anything that wears a skirt as we see with a lot of black men out there. My husband is not the man to have his children raised by another man, he finds this as the ultimate insult to his manhood. Why should another man play “Daddy” to his children.

Even I had to prove myself to my husband that I was really his rib, flesh of his flesh,  before he could give me his seed. We were celibate for almost a year,  yet we were living together, because my husband wanted us to know each other first. In the biblical times, a man would betroth a woman, then get to know her within at least a year, though legally she would be his wife.  It was the tradition. So on this journey of polygamy, my Boaz has to be absolutely sure that he will give his seed to a woman who is worthy. I will even be the one to say, okay my King, I think she is ready to have your seed now. She is my handmaid after all. I will even be the one to name her children.

So when Shulamite becomes pregnant, will she stop doing her chores and will I now serve her?

Well, I have had 6 full term pregnancies, one of which I was a single mother. Pregnancy has never meant disability. I had to do everything for myself when I carried my 4th baby. After I delivered her, I was discharged from hospital within hours and took a taxi home. When I got home I had to go shopping so I could cook for myself, and that was hours after delivery. So talking from experience, I do not believe when Shulamite conceives, she will automatically become disabled.

Being pregnant is not a disability
DSC_0399 (1)
I’ve always been active when pregnant

Of course pregnancy is hard, there are hormones involved too, sometimes things get complicated, and if and when it gets to that, my husband will be there totally for his wife, just like he looked after me when I carried his two children, he didn’t let me in the kitchen, so that was nice. I will obviously be there to help Shulamite.  I will never have a problem rubbing oil on my co-wive’s back when she is with child, I will be excited for us. I will be there to help her push. In life we are all called to serve each other, one way or another. Even now, sometimes I serve Shulamite.

So pregnancy will never stop Shulamite from being my handmaid, that’s her calling and job. Don’t modern career women of today work throughout pregnancy, then they go back to work straight delivery, after a few months, some after a few weeks! Don’t they abandon their babies leaving them with strangers at Day-cares and Nurseries all in pursuit of work!  Shulamite bearing children for my husband and I will be part of her job, when the time is right of course.  My husband wants to build a nation, an empire, and he will not be able to do that without his wives and concubines bearing children for him.

The Genesis Of The Revelation By

Mary-Tamar was Jean


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