The Struggles Of Co-Wives, Fighting To Heal The King From ‘Man Flu’

So Boaz been feeling quite under the weather lately, flues and colds in winter are never kind to him, he’s never got used to British weather, I guess no can really.  Even 5 years ago when I met him, he was battling a cold and sore throat as he performed on stage. Every winter, he always has an episode. When he gets a cold I just normally make him lemsip or whatever, give him a bit of TLC and will be asking him hows feeling like every couple of hours or so. When he’s got the flu, he becomes grumpy and doesn’t want to talk. He becomes so miserable so much I miss him and I cant wait for him to come back.

But what I have been learning about plural marriage is that it makes us women take our men more seriously, and we are on our toes all the time, no time to be a crappy wife with an attitude.

When your husband has other wives, you cant have an attitude towards him or be a nag, because he will just go to the other one who is not nagging. You want to be sweet all the time, because you know if you are not, there’s someone waiting to be even sweeter. Polygamy really puts us women in our place.

So Boaz has had the flu, and I’m usually just like “Babe you okay, aww get well soon?” That’s what I always do. Sometimes I get cheeky and accuse him of having the man-flu, in my mind and occasionally verbally.  And when he acts like hes about to “die” I get the olive oil out, and will be like, “Let me anoint you and pray for you,” And he will be like “Just stop it.” He goes on, “Look at you, so happy that I am suffering.”

And I will say to him, “Fine then, talk about refusing prayers when you are ill. You don’t want to get healed.” Then I will just leave him. We have that kind of relationship, we tease each other even in sickness.

But then this time as Boaz has had the flu, I couldn’t really do what I normally do, teasing him and bringing the olive oil out  and all.  Shulamite took this as an opportunity to be the sweetest of them all.

She walked to the shops to buy ginger, lemons and all sorts of ingredients for home remedies. Then she came home and started making all sorts of concoctions. Then she put a thousand cushions around him as if he was an egg. Then she made okra and kenke, especially for Boaz, and started feeding him with her own hands,  I’ve never even done that, ever.

I was looking at her thinking, calm down woman its just the flu, man flu even. No need to go over the top with the TLC. It looked like she was so happy that hes got the flu, so she can pamper him and make me look like the bad guy, like I am Cruella.

I tried to ignore the fuss for a good while, but I was sitting there thinking I have to up my game here, what must I do to be more caring. This is when she took vicks rub and started massaging his chest and back.

It was so bad I went to my prayer closet to seek the Lord on the matter.

Well behold, as I didn’t even expect an answer from above, God answered me actually, it’s funny that God cares about the littlest things which bother us, even the silliest.

Just when I finished praying, I opened my eyes and was answered by my own decoration on the wall.

I like to put meaningful encouraging messages around the house. Sometimes God speaks to me through these messages, especially when I feel down. The message that was on the wall as I opened my eyes was, “Always be yourself, because there can only be one you.”

I was like let Shulamite do her rubbing thing and making home remedies for him, let her pamper him like a baby. I am not gifted like that. We always tease each other and have fun even when life sucks. I am not going to try and be like Shulamite, I am not good at making concoctions or home remedies, I tease him and make him laugh even when he wants to be angry.

So I took the camera out and as he was sitting there looking miserable, waiting for a cup of ginger or something from Shulamite, I told him I am taking a picture for his LinkedIn. He was like stop it, and I was like I am taking this picture and posting it online, so he better look cool and stop pretending like he was about to die from mere flu. I made a face, and he couldn’t help but smile a little even though he wanted to be angry. On the second shot, I could tell he was so angry but he was like I have no choice but to look cool here, shes actually taking the pictures.

Boaz didn’t want me to take pictures of him
But he worked with me right 

Shulamite walked in with a hot cup of God knows what, and I was like, “Sis, he’s had way too much of that please, come on, allow the stuff to work. I am going to pray for him and anoint him.”

So I took my olive oil and anointed my King and prayed over him. For the first time he agreed to be anointed for “flu healing” lol.

It was a testimony for me, that I should never be intimidated by another woman, but I should always be true to myself, and keep doing the things I’ve always done with my Boaz, the little things which makes me my King’s best friend and lover.  When something is so real, it can never be replaced.

Always be true to yourself, and as I write this, my King is feeling a lot better, I think the olive oil actually worked.

Happy New Week my readers

The Genesis Of The Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean



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