Dear Tammy Kemp, How Dare You Insult Black Women As You Justify Your Treachery

Dear Tammy Kemp

So I have just watched your interview on CNN which you did 6 days after the Amber Guyger Hug/Cuddle/Bible/Forgiveness saga. You seem pretty shocked that the African American  community was outraged by your strange actions towards a convicted white murderer.  I have to remind you that your actions didn’t just anger the African Americans, it angered pretty much the normal black community throughout the world.

I wasn’t going to write you this open letter, had you not shed crocodile tears and defend your strange behavior by saying, ” I wouldn’t get this criticism if Guyger were a black woman.” When I heard you utter these shocking words, I had to stop watching the interview for my own sanity.

I became so angry with you, that the only way I had to quench my anger was to write you this open letter.

How dare you Ms Kemp, turn your treachery into some sort of reverse racism?  How dare you now paint Guyger as a victim of racism from black people?

Judge Tammy Kemp defends hugging a convicted murderer on CNN

You hugged a white woman who entered a black man’s house whilst he was watching TV at night and eating ice-cream, dressed in his boxers, unarmed and shot him dead just like that. Why does it even baffle you that black people are outraged by your misplaced “compassion” towards this cold blooded killer?

I wouldn’t even call what you did to Amber Guyger “compassion”, I think there must be a new word for it in the dictionary. I know compassion and that certainly was not compassion.

Before you even begin to play the reverse card here, there is something you need to get into your head. Lets get the facts out of the way, Ms Kemp. You seem to not even know who the black woman is in this world.

Please, do leave black women out of your madness. Do not insult the pain and suffering of the black woman. She already goes through enough without you adding to her pain.

The black woman remains the most looked down upon, the most misrepresented, and the most abused and despised woman on earth, even by her own men. So how dare you, Ms Kemp, as a black woman with so much power and authority in the first world, when you have betrayed your own people, then you want to justify your actions by insulting the your fellow black women.

Its so strange that for an African American woman, you don’t even know that no black American woman in this world has ever had the privilege of SHOOTING an unarmed WHITE  man be it in his own home or in the streets for no apparent reason. Therefore it’s practically impossible for there to ever be a black Guyger.

No black woman has ever had a privilege of receiving any sympathy in the American judicial system. Black women in America go down for non violent crimes like shop lifting diapers. Such black women are beaten by the police, their dignity is completely stripped as they face the unjust law, they do not get hugs and they certainly don’t have their weaves stroked and fixed by the other female white officers.

A black woman is more likely to be given more than 10 years for shoplifting a pack of diapers whilst Amber Guyger gets less for violently murdering a black man.

So how dare you play the reverse race card on CNN, and say you hate that we limit our compassion to one race? Are you mad woman? When has black people, especially black women ever received any compassion from white people especially after they have committed even the pettiest crimes? When has black women, convicted black women ever received any compassion in the court room? Do they not get worse sentences simply because they are black?

The reason why the world is shocked by your actions is because what you have done has never been done before. Well, not so boldly and openly anyway.

If Guyger had been a black woman which is impossible anyway because she would not  have done what Guyger did, but if there was some bizarre reason that a black woman had murdered an innocent white man, the fact is you WOULD NOT have hug that black woman. If anything you would have given that black woman a life sentence. In fact you would have sentenced the black woman to death!

If you had dared hugged her, stroked her weave and given her a bible, you wouldn’t be having the privilege of being interviewed on CNN today to explain yourself, you would be simply out of a job!

You are a disgrace of a woman Ms Tammy Kemp, how you ever came to be a Judge is beyond my comprehension.

Not only are you an Unjust Judge, you are worse than a traitor.

You have insulted the pain and tears of all black women who were raped, beaten and abused by the white man during slavery. You have spat in the face of the mothers who bled so deep for you to even be sitting on that throne in that court room today. Black women like Harriet Turbman and Rosa Parks paved the way for you, only for you to mock and insult them and their history as you play the reverse racism card today in front of the entire world. Your actions in that court room are the reason why black people continue to be shot like animals everyday in America, and there is never justice for their spilled blood, thanks to traitors like you.

I am not in America, I am in the UK, and I was born in Africa, but still you have deeply offended me. I really pray you read this somehow, the internet is such an amazing place, one way or the other, we type things in our own offices or houses, and the next minute someone as far the moon is reading it.

From a black woman to a black woman, I really pray that somehow you lose your job. You are not morally fit to be a judge. There is something not right in your mind. What a sunken place you live in. No I am not the forgive type, I believe more in justice. Why should I forgive you when you are not even sorry for betraying your own people? Why should I forgive you when you justify your evil and treachery using black women? You choose forgiveness in the bible, I choose the justice side of it.  I pray that the Atheist groups planning to sue you win their case against you for making a mockery of the court room and American justice system. May the atheists be blessed with favor from above as they prepare to fight you traitor.

Yours unforgiving

Mary-Tamar was Jean Gasho



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