“Jean Thinks White Women Should Serve Her”, Well It Is My Birthright To Have Handmaids

So after my article yesterday, I had a lot of my readers on Facebook get very angry with me that I have a handmaid who gets my children ready for school whilst I sleep. Some compared it to slavery, and some said it was abuse which should be reported to the police, and obviously most of the people who think like this are Zimbabweans.

They said a true African woman has to do her own house chores. They said in polygamy women are equal. I dont even know what bible these Christian women read. They claim to love the God of the bible, yet when they see someone like me actually live the biblical reality, they call it morally wrong.

All Biblical women had maid servants.

From Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Esther, the list goes on. These HOLY women who were chosen by God had servants. They had maidservants raise their children for them, like do all the hard work. It was never morally wrong back then, so why do black CHRISTIAN women have an issue with a daughter of Zion like me having a handmaid?

Isn’t it amazing, that black people will have a problem with a black person having servants, yet they will bow down and applaud if its a white person who has black servants.

A few years ago, I watched black Zimbabweans get so excited when a video of a black handmaid and her master’s white son dancing to a Jah Prayzah song went viral. The black Zimbabweans were so happy that the maidservant and the white master’s child had a “bond” apparently. For black Zimbabweans that meant a lot.

Then I come out and share how I have a bond with my own handmaid, and behold the black Zimbabweans wants my handmaiden to report me to the police, because apparently England is tough on abuse. Since when has having servants ever been a crime in the UK or anywhere in the world? Isn’t this country build on the back-borne of servants.

The British Queen, the most powerful woman on earth, has a multitude of servants, she has one servant just to make her bed. A bed chamber maid she is called. Has any one, ever accused the Queen of abuse. Is it not her birthright to own servants. Are her servants not proud to serve their Queen? Do they not see their servitude to the monarchy  as an honor and calling?

Don’t all members of the British Royal family have servants?

Just watch the video bellow, and see how proud the SERVANTS of the British monarchy are? They know their place, that they were actually born to serve.

Now let me make this absolutely clear to you my readers, especially Zimbabweans. I make no apology for who I am.

It is my birthright to have servants.

Back in Zimbabwe, I was born in a household that would have had a hundred servants under normal circumstances. Just because true African royalty was abolished centuries ago under the white rule, it doesn’t mean there are no royals in Africa. The father who raised me, is a direct descendant of Chief Mutota, the grandson and heir to the Great Zimbabwe dynasty. The father who raised me, has the ancestral spirit of the founding father of Great  Zimbabwe. He is a descendant of Ham,  and if there was never any white colonization, he would be sitting on a throne as we speak.

When you are royalty, even if you are to live like a beggar, the universe will testify of your blood. Even Disney’s Lion King teaches you that. The father who raised me built a palace in Zimbabwe, and his life testifies that he is a son of Great Zimbabwe. His palace is always surrounded by servants. He passed this crown onto me ever since I was a child, so my entire family hated me and treated me like a slave, because I was meant to inherit the crown.

Zimbabwe is a country that carries so many curses and I refused to be part of the pagan dynasty.

However the universe has always testified as to who I was. Even my birthright from pagan Zimbabwe required I had servants.

DSC_0936 (2)
Even my crown from Zimbabwe required I had servants

Even before I met my King, when I was still married to the Zimbabwean fool, I had a maidservant live in my house for 5 years. I borne my two boys with a maidservant in the house who did everything for me. I never asked her to be my maiden, she just became, and served me wholeheartedly. In return, I treated her like my sister, even though I was her mistress. Those who know me will testify that when I was married to my ex-husband, I had a maidservant. My older brother was so jealous that I had a maid, so he wrote me a long email saying it was morally wrong for the woman to be my maid servant in the UK, for some reason, my own brother became my own maid’s human rights advocate.

In the end because of the pressure from my own family to “not have a maid” I had to let the maiden go, and I helped her so much to become something in life, I changed her life, just like I have always changed the lives of people around me.

Then when I split up from my ex-husband, his opening statement in court as he tried to take my children away was that “Jean doesn’t believe she came to the UK to work like the rest of us, she actually thinks white people should be her servants. Her father took farms in Zimbabwe from white people. Jean believes she should use white people just like her father does.”

The Judge (a white woman) was so angry with me obviously, she vowed to take my children from me just because of what the fool said, yet not once did I ever say I want white people to serve me. But the God of Mary-Tamar prevailed, she could never take my children from me.

Well life is very funny indeed.

As I became a single mother of 3 children with a baby on the way, I was alone with not even one person to help me. My mother whom I had brought to the UK to help me abandoned me. My midwife,  a black woman was so concerned that I had no one to look after my children when I went into labor, but she said she wouldn’t take the case to social services, but would pray that God would give me helpers. I prayed to God that he would send me helpers.

Three weeks before I gave birth, lo and behold I dreamt a dream, and in that dream a white woman was telling me that she was going to come to my house and serve me. A few days later after the dream, I met the woman at a black Hebrew church, and as she saw me and knew instantly that I was a single mother in need of help.

She came to me and told me that she wanted to come and help me, as I delivered the baby. Even though she was Illuminati and from a rich white family, she bowed before me and said she wanted to serve me and I should be her Queen.

Another white woman, a Zimbabwean, came into my life at that time, and behold I had two women, both white serving me as I had Fadzi. These two women, without me asking them , pledged to be my handmaids.  For about 6 months, they served me faithfully, until my Boaz came to join me in the UK.

Like I said the Universe testifies of who I am. It has always been my birthright to have servants.

The plan of God was to remove me from Zimbabwe, and give me to my King in Ghana.

I never planned to have a handmaiden, but behold she came to me, and bowed and said she wanted to serve me, because I was her Queen. She is not the first woman in my life to look upon my countenance and bow.

The beauty of it is that she is my husband’s delight, his concubine, his second wife.

Did the daughters of Zion not do this? Didn’t they give their handmaids to their husbands?

So if you Christian black women have a problem with me, a daughter of Zion having a handmaid, please do take it up with the God of Israel, I did not ask to be a Queen.

Don’t all your Spiritual Mamas and Spiritual Daddies have servants, are you not all servants to your so called “spiritual parents.” The hypocrisy of Christianity boggles the mind really.

So I will end this article with a direct quote from my ex-husband, “Jean thinks white women should be her servants.”

Well, my birthright is freely given to me, especially now that the 400 years have come to an end.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean

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