Dear Black People, Sorry But Baby Archie Is Not Black

So Meghan Markle unveiled her son Archie to the world in South Africa last week. The world had been eagerly waiting for this baby, especially black people. They were anticipating his Afro and blackness, lol. I remember when Meghan gave birth to Archie, black people across the world, especially in Britain celebrated the birth of Archie as “the first black baby in the British Royal Family.”

I cringed in utter embarrassment as I watched the celebrations from black people. It’s in times like this I feel embarrassed to be black,  the level of inferiority complex in black people is just beyond pathetic really.

I am so glad that Meghan’s baby came out more Caucasian than black people expected. There is no way you can point at that baby and say that’s a black baby. The reason is simple really, none of Archie’s parents are black. Prince Harry is a white man, and so is his wife. Meghan is the seed of a white man.

The only black person in this picture is Desmond Tutu

Then you have black people getting all upset when this truth is told. Like they get so emotional when you tell them that Meghan Markle is a white woman, and her baby is also white.

“But there is the one drop rule! It doesn’t matter if your father is white, as long as there is black blood in you, you are BLACK! White people will see you as black, period! That’s what matters.” A lot of black people will aggressively shout this from rooftops as they claim Meghan Markle and Archie as their own.

Do you black people even realize how racist and ridiculous the “one drop rule” is? Why should white people be the ones to tell you who is black and who is not? Why should they say for anyone to be white, they have to be undiluted, 100% Caucasian, and that same rule can not apply to black people?

Maybe its true that black people have a lower IQ than white people, because I can not fully understand how an entire race accepts the most demeaning racists assertions about themselves, and then take it as some sort of pride. What else explains the level of depravity in the minds of black people?

For any black person to celebrate Meghan Markle and her son as black people, there must be something wrong with your IQ surely. Have a little bit of pride black people. Please. Have just an ounce of integrity, and stop claiming anyone and anything that is rejected by white people.

This is not a black family

Baby Archie is not black.

Meghan Markle is not black.

And for the record, Prince Harry ain’t black either, I have read a few articles by black people also claiming him.

There is nothing amazing about having a “black woman and child” in the British Royal Family. Even if Meghan Markle was actually black, marrying Prince Harry is not a breakthrough for black people.

One black girl actually wrote on social media that when Meghan Markle was walking down the aisle, she was doing it for every black girl out there. Like seriously, no wonder we are a laughing stock to other races.

What has Meghan Markle done for black people since she married Harry? Name just one thing she has changed for the black race?

If anything, because of her black mother Doria, Meghan Markle’s presence in the British Royal family has brought nothing but reproach and scorn if truth be told.  I have never seen a woman so disliked by an entire nation and race since I was born. This woman is without a doubt the most hated woman on planet earth. And I thought I was hated by Zimbabweans.

A woman is not supposed to be hated by her husband’s family and people. If anything, when a foreign woman marries a man, and leaves her country and people for her man, the people should embrace her and love her, not hate her. I left my country and people to be with my Boaz, and Ghanaians love me and embrace me.  The same with Ruth, Esther or even Rehab the prostitute. Even Ghanaian Sally Mugabe was loved by Zimbabweans when she left her people for Robert Mugabe. But for Meghan Markle it’s been the exact opposite.  British people absolutely loath this woman.

Then you have black people saying, “But she is like Princess Diana, that’s why they hate her.”

Ummm, no she is not, Princess Diana was loved and adored by white people, the ruling race, that’s where the difference is with Meghan. Princess Diana was the people’s Princess, literally.

Off course black people adore Meghan, but according to white people, their opinions are irrelevant anyway, and can you blame white people, since black people have such a low pathetic opinion of themselves anyway.

Black people will argue that Meghan Markle is hated because she is black. Thats not entirely true. Meghan Markle is hated for many reasons actually. English people are not particularly kind to foreigners, that’s why they conquered the world. That’s why immigrants are treated so cruelly in the UK.  The English see themselves as the superior Nation to all nations in the world, hence their monarchy is the most powerful in the world, despite their brutal history.  Meghan Markle is mostly hated because she is an AMERICAN.

Secondly Meghan is disliked by white people because she has black blood in her,  that cant be denied, the one drop rule has made white people angry. According to them, why should a woman diluted by black blood marry their white Prince?  But that’s different from being hated because she is a black woman. Diane Abbot is hated because she is black. Michelle Obama is hated because she is black. Winnie Mandela was hated because she was  black. These women know what it means to be black, and having to fight for their right to succeed in a white ruled world.

Meghan Markle on the other hand, has had mixed race privilege all her life. If anything the reason why she married the English “Prince” is because she has the white privilege through her father. If Meghan was a black woman like us, she would not be with Prince Harry. This is a FACT.

The difference between Meghan Markle and real black women

So it makes me cringe when I see black people celebrate Meghan as one of their own people. The level of desperation to be accepted and to belong is just pathetic. What an insult to the true daughters of Zion.

If being part of the British Royal Family is such a big breath-through for black people, at least celebrate the right person. The only “breakthrough” to celebrate here if there is any, should be Doria Ragland. She is the only black person connected to the royal family as far as the truth is concerned.

The only black person in this picture is Doria Ragland

But then again, Doria is a black woman who wants nothing to do with her own people. That’s why at her daughter’s wedding, no single black person was invited from her side. That’s why she had to have her daughter by a white man. This woman is black in color, but she would rather be identified with white people. It also explains why her daughter Meghan has only ever dated white men.

So I don’t know what it is that Black people celebrate when it comes to Meghan and her mother. It’s all very sad really. We are desperate to belong to white people.

Anyway, claim royal baby Archie all you want black folks, the struggle of belonging is real I get it, but please do not mention black and Archie in the same sentence, its embarrassing and insulting to some of us, the few who take pride in our undiluted melanin and who do not need white people to validate our royalty.

This is what a black baby looks like…oh how I miss my Charo, she was such an adorable little thing as a baby. She still is super cute, but I miss the chubby melanin baby she was.

This is a Black Shemite baby, Charo Desitiny Offeh
This is a Caucasian Edomite baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

So dear black people, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is not black, and will never be black. He will never know, feel or experience what it is like to be born with a skin that has melanin pigmentation.  And no, I do not hate his mother Meghan, I do like her very much, I think she is different, and I do relate to her to some degree, but not because she is black. And its okay for Archie to be white too, there is no need to get all upset about it.

The genesis of the Revelation by

Mary-Tamar was Jean

160 thoughts on “Dear Black People, Sorry But Baby Archie Is Not Black

    1. It is tragic the way Meghan is being treated. If the RF had not so been Racist or Bigoted Princess Diana’s Chaps would be happier. H&M and their precious little Chaps would have been so much happier. No matter H&M will continue to live a great life. Question? Because H&M and their precious little Chaps are Bi-racial do any of think it is right that H&M precious little ones should have the title of Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet? Such a rotten mess. I hope that H&M will continue to do well.


  1. First and foremost they are human. I am American and historically Meghan and Archie would have been bought and sold, would have had to ride the back of the bus, amd eat in the kitchen. They also would not have been accepted by their white family. So I think its the common experience that makes black people embrace them


    1. Except they don’t have common experience with most black people. Archie will grow in in a white enclave as one of the most privialged people on the planet. Meghan came from privilage as well.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. History is that history. Build a future of happiness without the hate from th past. Yes have the past as a lesson never to go there again but do t live in the past live for your children a pond teach them to love all people regardless of colour or what happened in the past. It’s the present and future that matters.


  2. Most African Americans have someone in their family who looks like Mehgan and Archie. I think the problem is with the word used to identify us. We are more than just a color. Ancestry, Heritage and experience doesn’t seem to factor in enough.


  3. We need as human race to move past the black white biracial scenario to be humans. Americans British whatever. Colour has never mattered to me I was brought up strictly to judge people by their actions never colour. I was lucky and hence when I see someone acting like an idiot I don’t see a white idiot or black idiot I just see an idiot. I thank my parents and grandparents who brought me up not to hate anyone but to hate the behaviour. Wish other parents would stop teaching their children that another colour is bad. I see it is whites and blacks. They teach their children to hate based on colour. We will never unite as nations until that is stopped. Some blacks teach their kids to hate whites because a hundred years ago whites did this or that. Some whites teach their kids to hate blacks because of this or that. Move on past this nonsence and live for today and love for today and our futures.


  4. Diane Abbott is hated by half if Britons because she’s a leftist terrible politician just like Anne Soubry who is white.

    Michelle Obama is irritating only when she talks about politics with soundbites similar to her husband. That’s all.

    Little does people care about black women (which is neither good or bad), let alone caring enough to hate them for who they are. BTW, I’m a black man..

    ⚠️ Finally, to the commentator who said most Afro-American families have women who look like Meghan. That’s not true. You could have had that if it wasn’t for the influx of immigration fresh from Africa increasing the average dark skined in USA. Meghan looks biracial through and through. And if she hoes ti Haiti, she will be white as hell compared to the locals.


  5. Sick of people blaming the royal family and saying they are racist. Meghan lied she has no proof at all it was second hand information, so she was using words someone else said not something said to her. Courts would throw that out but gullible people believe her when she has been proven to be a liar again and again. Recently she spoke about her hard upbringing? She never had a hard upbringing. She went to top private schools went on holidays overseas had everything that real poor people don’t and never will have.

    It was actually Harry who started the conversation about what colour his children will be because he thought it would be cool if they did not have his very light skin. He is a horrible person for allowing this lie to continue and he leaves it to continue out of spite because his father stopped giving him millions to blow. That from a 36 year old man.

    In fact the royal family themselves are biracial bet very few people know that!

    Meghan is responsible for instigating hatred across the whole world because she wanted to attack the royal family. Yet she hangs on to the title given to her by the Queen?

    If the royal family is racist why name your children after them? Why keep on trying to get the royal family to give your children titles too?

    It is sad that both Harry who was much loved by Britain and Meghan who was accepted by Britain had to lie and cause all this unhappiness.

    It is time for them to come clean and apologise.


  6. Wait, so let me get this straight: based on your logic, race is based not on actual DNA makeup, but rather the how closely the physical manifestation of those genes meets the physical “standard” (or stereotype) of what any particular race looks like? So, if you’re light skinned (which could really many anything, depending on the arbitrary cutoff as to what skin color is dark enough to be “real” black) or have hazel or light colored eyes, you’re not a “real” black person. So, that basically rules out all light-skinned people, who now need to be informed they’re actually white. Beyoncé, Billie Holiday, Jesse Williams, Lisa Bonet, Zoe Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe Saldana, Zendaya, Alicia Keys Rihanna, TI, Faith Evans, and the list goes on and on, not to mention every black person with albinism. Nope. Your genetic make up and cultural identification is meaningless. Alllll about your skin color. Now THAT reeks of racism and hypocrisy.


    1. Maybe they should stop trying to lighten their skin like Megain which most you mention above have or nose job after nose job, change their hair or put in straightener. Hey anyone can do what they want but I totally get what this lady that writes is speaking of. I agree your makeup is your makeup but thing with Megain Sparkle is she is black when works for her, not so much when it doesn’t, what ever is the flavour of the day is the band wagon she jumps on. She is a lying, crying, race card player along with many other cards, user and a fake and her husband, that entitled, lying, crying, spoiled clown who was born with slaves and still till this day has them all around him, white, black, brown, yellow, have I missed one. The two of them are the biggest hypocrites around.

      The beautiful, cool, lovely black people are proud, they don’t try to hide their god given natural beauty,, they don’t have nose jobs, lighten their skin, do everything to try and look white. I think it a slap in the face to their race. I am tired of the one’s crying about the past. I hate what happened and think sick re: slavery and way some black people were treated but let us not forget their own people sold them. There was and is a lot of black royalty and rulers, some wonderful ones then some evil just like every race. Look at black people re: movie stars, musicians, models, some of the most beautiful people in the world & most talented and everyone knows it and most are very happy for them.

      Megain going off about the word exotic, I think I would much prefer to be called exotic any day over what we see today which is boring, fake, plastic which she is a well. Same goes for people trying to look more black, we all have beauty. I say it high time to leave the past behind, black people have done just as much harm in places in the world as all other races and many were slaves, not just black. Look at the Jewish people, look at many white people as well that were slaves. They don’t all cry, shout racism or use that card when works for them. They get on with it and not saying all black people cry, the smart ones like many are just like many smart, lovely people from all races get on with things and live for today not the past, they don’t try their hardest to change their skin colour, their beautiful natural features. The only people THAT shout racism and hypocrisy are usually the worst ones.


      1. Very true Megan is only black when she can use and abuse blacks for money and fame. She puts white/Caucasian on her documents. So this liar should decide who she is and stick to it.


    2. You are missing the point she does not have much black in her and her children even less. She has claimed her whole life to be white. However when it suited her to get the sympathy card suddenly she was biracial.


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