Dear Strong Black Women, Please Stop Your “Monogamous” Husbands From Chasing Me

Dear Black Women, especially the ones who viciously attack me because I love and accept that black men can have multiple wives, one of my biggest problems I have when I am out and about is that I can’t get your “monogamous black husbands”  to stop chasing me.

DSC_0336 (2)
As captured by my 4 year old daughter

DSC_0343 (2)

One of the reasons I joined the gym and stopped jogging outdoors was because of black men, black married men especially, they are the worst.

One time I was literally followed by a car as I jogged, then the black guy stopped next to me and started calling me. I didn’t want to be rude, I thought maybe he wanted to ask something important. He then asked me if I was a South African, and said he was willing to give me anything I wanted in life if I became his girlfriend. I didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry, but I told him I was fine and didn’t need “ANYTHING” from him. To make it even more bizarre, I noticed he was wearing a ring, he was obviously a married man.

Then the other time I was jogging, and two black boys, like early twenties or late teens, literally stopped me  and asked  me if I lived around as they had never seen me before. I was like no thank you boys, and jogged on.

Then this one time I was walking into town, and a guy started walking next to me, he was probably in his 40’s, and again asked if I was from Southern Africa, he said he loved women from Southern Africa and asked for my number. I told him I wasn’t about to give my number to some random bloke who followed me in the street. I then said to him, “What are you doing chatting me up anyway, you look like a married man.”

Then he denied he was married, and I told him I could tell he was married.

“Ok, fine I am married, but it doesn’t stop me appreciating other women”, he said.

I was like, “Dude bye, please stay loyal to your wife and stop it right now.”

There are many more times I found myself being hounded by black men, young and old , especially when I am jogging, lol.  Boaz was like, “its your jogging attire, what do you expect when you are in your leggings all sweating like that.”

I couldn’t jog in the parks and grounds anymore because of unpleasant experiences with dogs and crazy people who do not put their crazier animals on leashes.

So I  knew the only way to be safe from black married men was joining the gym. But sadly, though its better, the gym is not as safe as it should be. One white guy peeked through my cubicle when I was changing, luckily I was covered. I reported the case to the police, it was that traumatic. According to UK research 8 out of 10 women don’t feel safe in the gym and are subjected to sexual harassment.

One of the things I have asked Boaz to provide for me is my own gym in my house, and he has put it down on the things he has promised me. It’s really a crazy world out there.

Anyway, my point is, all these men I have encountered who will literally risk a road traffic accident to chat me up when I am jogging are obviously mostly married men, and yet their black wives will be one on my blog telling me how crazy I am that my Boaz took a second wife, my handmaid, which is a win win for my husband, my handmaid, and myself. We are all benefiting from this God ordained holy marriage. I have to say I laugh when I see black women attacking a woman like me for the truth. Like gosh, most of ya’ll, like 95 percent of black women are already sharing men anyways.

I have to say I find it really strange that all sorts of relationships are hailed and encouraged in this world, from same sex marriages, marriage to sex dolls and even swinging couples, yet the only form of marriage that is despised in this world is the God ordained marriage of one black  man having multiple wives, yet these black men turn into crazy whore mongers trying to fight a desire they can’t control.

Not long ago I was walking with my photographer, my 4 year old daughter Fadzi.  She’s only 4 but she’s such a clever little girl.

My clever little photographer, Fadzi

Anyway, we were walking, and she was supposed to be busy taking my pictures. Then I noticed her turning aside and taking pictures. I looked to the direction she was taking pictures, and lo and behold, a black man had literally parked his car, and was looking at us.

I was like, “Fadzi what are you going?”

“She was like, “I am taking a picture of that man because he keeps following us and stopping.”

The guy had no shame at all,  he even started talking (shouting more like) from across the road, asking me to come over to his car, with my daughter.

I was like. “Just stop already, I am with my little girl for crying out loud.” And I wasn’t even wearing my jogging pants or anything.

Honestly, I pray the wife of this black “monogamous”  husband will be able to identify this picture taken by my daughter. The black guy was literally stalking us so much it disturbed a four year old little girl so much she had to pause and take a picture.

My stalker, someone’s black husband as captured by my four year old daughter

I bet you a million dollars that’s some black woman’s husband, who will be on my blog saying, “How dare your husband take another wife.”

So when I see black women attacking me over the matter of polygamy,  I will be filing my naturals nails like, “Lol, but your husbands do drool over me the moment I just step outta my front door. Yet you be both going to church on Sunday telling each other polygamy is a sin. O the shame of it all.”

I just wish these black women were powerful enough to just stop their husbands from literally chasing other women, married at that.

With that, I say Happy Sabbath

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean


2 thoughts on “Dear Strong Black Women, Please Stop Your “Monogamous” Husbands From Chasing Me

  1. I wasn’t even wearing my jogging pants or anything so are you surprised by the guys attention please wear something next time


  2. You trying hard to write but you’re not a novelist, there is too much repetition of the same thought, over emphasis of the same that’s making reading your articles boring, you lack articulation though with unpublished articles it could become better, advice find friends who can read through before posting this form one composition,


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