So I Have To Get Used To lonely Nights In My Bed Chamber

Since Boaz and I have been together, we have hardly spent any nights apart. I am literally not used to spending any nights alone. I hate a lonely bed. So yes, I am a super spoilt wife.

However, last week I experienced a bit of a change in my lifestyle routine, my Boaz traveled for a business meeting and he was spending two nights away. I was so nervous.

Boaz really is a hands on father, he helps so much around the house, every night he is the one who puts the little children to bed. Every night he wakes up if the baby wakes in the night, our little King can be quite a handful. Yet Boaz lets me sleep every night, he says I have borne six children, so I deserve to at least sleep at night.

DSC_0535 (3)
Boaz is a hands on father
Boaz is a doting father
Boaz takes time to play with our 6 children
My beloved does my hair
He takes me out every other week
DSC_2702 (2)
He cooks the most delicious meals
He feeds the children

So you can imagine how nervous I was to spend two nights without my husband.

Every-time Boaz leaves the house, even the children feel his absence. We are all so miserable without him.

Sometimes I think he is like god to me. He really is my Lord and King I can not help but bow before him.

I cannot help but bow before my King

Its funny how black women are obsessed with Spiritual Daddies. They talk about these Papa’s being their covering. How the Papa’s are like gods to them who makes them feel secure in life.

I kind of understand how these black women feel towards their Spiritual Daddys, I honestly feel the same with my Boaz. He is literally my covering. When he is away, I feel so uncovered and vulnerable.  I have to wear his shirts so I can smell him and feel his presence. My husband is my Spiritual Daddy.

I wear my husband’s shirts so I can smell him and feel his presence

So he went, and he would call me each time he got a chance.  I told him how much I missed him and how our bed chamber was so cold and lonely.

“So how will you cope when you have to share me with your hand-maid?” He asked me.

“Well, you can see her in the day, but at night, the King stays with me. You said I am your Queen and I get to decide these things.” I told him.

“We will see about that”, Boaz replied me. “Take some pictures and send me.” He told me.

So I obeyed my King, and took some selfies. As I was taking the selfies, lo and behold,  Fadzi walked in and asked me what I was doing. I told her that Nino wants some pictures of me as he is away. Fadzi loves photography so much. She always takes some really crazy shots. She is pretty amazing for a nearly 5 year old. So she volunteered to take the pictures for me.

“You have to be sad. Make a sad angry face for Nino, Mummy.” She instructed as she took the pictures.

DSC_0263 e.JPG
As captured by my nearly 5 year old daughter


So I did, look sad, to depict how much I missed my husband. When I sent him the pictures, he loved them so much he uploaded them on his whats-app status.

Surprisingly my nights alone were peaceful, and the children were calm and the baby slept through the nights. I managed to write a lot of my book, if anything Boaz’s time away did me so much good even though I was sick of love missing him.

Over the past five years we spent every day together, Boaz used to tell me that a time would come when we would miss the good old days. He told me that I had had the best of him. We would  spend all day sleeping. We would cook and eat and watch movies. He would tell me I would miss him one day.

Boaz would tell me one day I would miss spending everyday with him

As my Boaz’s career as a PR Consultant, Entrepreneur and Musician takes off, and as my handmaid will be joining our house, I will be spending more time doing my work, writing. God knows whats ahead of us, but I am very excited about the next chapter of my life.


Oh and rarely,  when the King’s heart is stirred, he writes the sweetest things about me on his social media

Change always takes sacrifice,  change always takes pain. But change could be the best thing to ever happen in your life.

I am looking forward to loads of inspiration and writing in my bed chamber. I am looking forward to my King conquering the territories God has given him. I am looking forward to loads of laughter and joy with my hand-maiden.

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean


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