Why I Am Happy About The Latest Olinda Saga

First of all, let me just say, the girl code rule doesn’t apply to me, at the lowest of my low, many a women (including so called social media influencers) have always publicly taken pleasure in my pain,  be it abuse from Walter Masocha or abuse from my own family,  I am one woman who knows what it feels like to be kicked by other women when I’m down. If anything,  it has taught me to be the woman I am today,  I fix my own crown and I am my own best friend. I had to get that out of the way, I don’t owe any woman no girl code rule,  it’s never been owed to me anyway.

Now back to my story about this woman called Olinda, the most famous and admired woman in Zimbabwe,  I think that says more about Zimbabwe as a people than it says about her.

A few days ago when someone sent me her story asking for my opinion,  I said to myself why should I even waste an hour of my precious time writing about this woman, but then I thought about it, and I kind of smiled, for some reason I have always lived to see my desire on my enemies one way or another. The God of Mary-Tamar is always good to me like that, that’s why Walter Masocha is on the floor as I write this…just saying.
Anyway, 3 years ago, when this Olinda woman first went public about her marriage breakdown with her ex-husband Stunner,  crying on live Facebook threatening to commit suicide,  I mean she had the pills in her hands for Pete’s sake,  so because I didn’t know her before,  I genuinely felt sorry for her, and I was moved to write a heart felt open letter to her, asking her to be strong, literally pouring my heart out to her. A lot of women found comfort and strength in the letter,  my inbox was literally flooded. I hate to see women genuinely abused, so I was moved and so where many women.
But what did this Olinda woman do, she took that letter and ripped it apart and threw it back in my face. Whilst she was at it she spit at me too. It was fair enough if she didn’t like me reaching out to her, but cruelly insulting me for reaching out to her was just vile. It taught me what kind of a woman she is. She went on a certain Mike Tashaya’s wall (another Zimbabwe influencer) where I was being viciously attacked and joined in, saying she didn’t appreciate the open letter and that I am a woman who always play victim all the time.
If anything this woman taught me a very big lesson,  I learnt never to go around extending my sympathy and support to any woman who cries abuse, some women are carrying all sorts of Jezebel spirits and energies. Not all women who claims to be victims are victims indeed.  I learnt never to throw my pearls at swine ever again.
So I humbly took my open letter back, lol. Then I just sat down and waited patiently as I always do. Treat me wickedly for no reason,  and my God has a way of always showing me that I should never fret over my enemies.
3 years later, the woman who accused me of always playing victim all the time is out there playing victim again, lol, the irony of it all. She is literally on the floor,  crying and weeping again that her fifth latest husband has abused, used and left her.   Somehow all her many husbands are wrong, and she is always the victim.

Well you may be able to fool a lot of people, but you can’t fool everyone all the time. Her crocodile tears always generate the sympathy she craves, and for some reason thats what keeps her going, the social media buzz.  But hey, numbers don’t lie, the fact that her numerous husbands keep running away from her, no matter how she buys them and marries them herself, that speaks volume.
Oh well,  what can I say, I have no ounce of sympathy for her. If anything she’s ripping what she sown. Her own seeds are germinating. She reminds me of a woman who went viral after her husband recorded her lying that she was being beaten up, when she was on the floor screaming. Luckily the husband recorded her. That woman and Olinda must be sisters from different mothers.

A wise woman builds her own house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands, Proverbs 14vs 1.

 I hear women saying never gloat when a fellow woman’s marriage breakdown, you could be next. What a lot of rubbish from women who have no faith. I dont live my life thinking one day my husband will leave me, I am a virtuous woman, my bible tells me I should laugh at the times to come, not fear.
DSC_1529 (3)
My younger Melanin King will never leave me, I treat him like a King
I have a younger husband,  but he will never leave me, I know that to be true. I don’t beat him up or abuse him because he’s younger than me, I treat him like the King he is.
I was also a single mother and I also invited my husband from Ghana, but 5 years later, and two children later, he treats me like a Queen and as I write this article,  he’s making me full English breakfast and he’s about to go and play football with my boys after. That’s how it’s done Olinda,  just saying.  Not that you will ever learn or change, you live in a vicious toxic cycle.

Men bring their loved ones from Africa all the time, women bring their loved ones from Africa all the time. It works if love is the root, its never an excuse to abuse.

My husband has lifted me up actually, you are supposed to be a help meet for your husband, not a headache for him. Never look down on a man when he has nothing, tomorrow he may have everything, and another woman will enjoy his success.
DSC_0667 (2)
My husband has worked his way up with my support
Thirdly, money, or fake money, doesn’t buy love. Not sure whether this woman actually has the money she claims or she just fakes it. Anyhow, going around marrying yourself is always gonna work against you. Honestly how many surnames can one woman take, I am sure she will marry herself again soon since she is addicted to the idea of getting married, lol.
Fourthly, recording a live video saying with her own mouth that she regrets having her baby daughter, like really.  Some people dont deserve children,  no wonder social services and police are always in and out of her house. And she is supposed to be the ultimate role model for Zimbabwean women, I mean you couldn’t make it up could you?
Lastly, post natal depression is something very serious, and it’s never an excuse for bad behavior.  You can’t act crazy and when you feel embarrassed about your bad behavior then you claim to have mental illness. Have a bit of respect for people out there who are actually battling mental illness,  especially post natal depression. None of them will go on live on social media and say they regret having their children.  Woman, I know you will read this since you are a social media addict, stop playing victim all the time and take responsibility for your damn actions.  Have a bit of self control man, do the social media likes and comments mean more to you than your children and sanity.
And please spare me this hypocrisy about women lifting each other up. That has never been applied to me and it’s made me a stronger woman. If anything this Olinda is the way she is because she is applauded for every crazy thing she does in the name of women lifting each other up.  I guess that’s social media today, someone has to entertain the masses.
Zimbabwe really is a country of wonders.
I really pray her husband files for divorce and seek legal advice on how he can stay in the country. He has a baby here, so that should work in his favor,  and the domestic abuse he’s endured will certainly help his case. Mostly I pray he finds a young black woman who can at least love him and treat him like a King. But hey, maybe the husband will also go back to her for more coins and security.  It’s a crazy world out there people.
Anyway,  what do I know,  let me stop writing and file my nails.
Girl code rule  my foot, allow me to smile and gloat.
Yours who stands on her own and fixes her own crown
Mary-Tamar was Jean

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