Dear Shingai Musuka, My Ex Husband

I had to wait 5 years to write this letter to you. I have written to everyone who has ever made me go through hell, but I could never write about you.

You were my husband for 10 years, and I had been with you for 13 years. We had children together. We had a family together, a home that the children loved and cherished.

But for Walter Masocha, you destroyed it all.

It was after you suffered from Tuberculosis that you contracted from your older brother, that you believed you had a family curse, and you were going to die.

Your mother and sisters convinced you that you had to join Agape For All Nations Ministries so that ‘Prophet’ Walter Masocha would heal you. You then took me and the children to this man, and that was the beginning of my world falling apart.

You were the first person I came home to tell that Walter Masocha was a sick man, who used prayers to inappropriately touch women, but you told me that I should never sin against a man of God, if he had touched me in any way,  he was allowed by God because of his anointing.

I told you many times that we needed to leave Agape, but you would go to Masocha and sell me out.

You started writing emails to Walter Masocha, telling him that I was a mad woman who was demon possessed and doubting the vision of Agape.

During our time in Agape, you deprived your own children of not only food and clothing, but all your time was now dedicated to serving Walter Masocha.

You subjected me to cruel exorcisms where you forced me against my will to be violently prayed for by other men as you watched. One of the men who used to violently abuse me in the name of prayer was Muchengeti Hove, who has now left Agape, and is trying to get hold of me to apologize for everything he put me through, but my husband has told me to never communicate with him, ever.

Yet you, a man who did far worse than Muchengeti Hove, who can’t sleep because of his guilty conscience, you still walk around this earth as if nothing happened, yet you have blood dripping from your hands, the blood of your own children.

For Walter Masocha, you forsook your own children, and chose him over them.

For Walter Masocha you forsook your own children

For Walter Masocha, you wrote a letter to the police saying I was a liar and was accusing an innocent man of God.

For Walter Masocha, you bore witness for him in court during his high profile trial, going as far as giving him the emails I had sent you begging you to come back home to your family.

For Walter Masocha, you made sure that the children and I were evicted from our family home, after he instructed you to put me and the children away.

For Walter Masocha, you used to report me to social services and police constantly, saying I was about to kill myself and was not fit to be a mother.

For Walter Masocha, you publicly wrote blogs about me, telling the world the most evil lies about me.

For Walter Masocha, you took me through a grueling two years court case where you were fighting for my children to rather stay in care, than be with me, their mother, because you believed God was punishing me for touching the “anointed.”

Shingai, if I have said anything false in the above statements, please take me to court and sue me.

I know you won’t, because you know every word I have written is the truth.

Today Shingai, the man you lost your family for is no longer the Leader of Agape. The dammed Church itself has a statement that they no longer want to even associate themselves with Walter Masocha, after he slept with various women in the church.

Current statement on the Agape Website

Oh and when Walter Masocha was found guilty of sexual assault back in 2015, that Duncan Dougall was the first to go to the papers saying Masocha was innocent, yet today he has no shame releasing that statement, after he once persecuted Masocha’s victims, including minors.

As for you Shingai, this is the man that you defended with your own blood, and for 6 years you have never seen your own children because of him. The bible that you used to support Walter Masocha calls you worse than an unbeliever. In other words, you are a reprobate, beyond redemption.

You see Shingai, I am not like Christians. I do not cherry pick bible verses like what Christians do.

I don’t have those special verses set aside which are used by Christians to support evil.

I am not going down the root of “Forgive”. I am real like that.

Today I choose to CURSE you Shingai Musuka.

I choose to do what my father David did, the moment he said Ahithophel would die for betraying him, he surely died.  I choose to do what Christ did, Judas Iscariot was NEVER forgiven, he had to pay for what he did.

Shingai Musuka, for what you put your own children through, I curse you.

For forsaking your own wife and children for another man, you are cursed.

You will live with the following curses for the rest of your earthly life.

You will never find happiness.

You will be dammed, as your soul already is.

You are cursed as you go out, cursed as you go in.

Your name will always be remembered as a FOOL.

Everything you touch will fail, you will always have the mark of EVIL engraved on your forehead.

You will always have nightmares, each time you put your head down, you will not have sound sleep. Like the biblical King Soul who was rejected by God, you will forever have a spirit tormenting you.

You are today’s Judas Iscariot, you sold your own children, to appease Walter Masocha’s voodoo. Walter Masocha is without a doubt one of the most evil men to walk on this earth today, yet you gave up everything for him.

Today Walter Masocha’s voodoo has lost its power, he hangs his head in shame, his own family and church have disowned him. Some Women have now reported your ‘Daddy’ to the police again.

So you Judas Iscariot, where do you stand now?

I remember the last conversation I had with you Shingai, I was about to go into the Women’s refugee, back in 2013. I told you that I still wanted our marriage to work, I begged you to leave Agape, and your last words to me was, “Jean, Walter is a man of God, time, only time is going to tell who is right between you and him.” You cut the phone on me, and never spoke to me again.

I know you remember that conversation very well, your words came to pass Shingai, time has actually told who was right between me and Walter Masocha.

You are so cursed, your children can’t even bring themselves to mention your name, they refer to you as “that man”. You are so cursed that they do not want to be associated with the name Musuka, they will be taking my husband’s surname, as he is their only true Father.

Isn’t it strange Shingai, that you, your mother and sisters wished me death. You said I was mad and would die a painful lonely death. Isn’t it strange that it was your own sister Gloria who died exactly like you wished me. By the time she died, she was in a wheelchair, violently mad, crying out that she wanted to die.

Isn’t it strange Shingai, that the things you used torment me about on your blog, the blog you called yourself Micheal, telling me that I would die a mad woman, everything you said was fulfilled in your own sister.  I know deep down, you know that it was your wishes on me, the evil prayers you made against me, an innocent woman, that fell upon your own family, killing your own sister.

Let me return the favor, and make a prayer for you too…

May you  Shingai Musuka be like a slug that melts away as it moves, Psalm 58.8

Remember Cathy, the Agape woman who wrote on Facebook that I would die, she never lasted a month after writing that Facebook post, she died exactly how she wished I would die, falling to her death during an Agape church service.

Cathy Chigavazira died soon after she wrote about me on Facebook 

Oh did I ever tell you that my words come to pass. Last year I met Francis Aturia in the street and told him that Walter Masocha was going down. It didn’t even take a year, Masocha is on the floor today, melting away like a snail. His own wife has left him, how glorious is that. I have lived to see my desire on my enemies, and I am not yet done.

Yes, my words always come to pass. Last year, a certain barber chose to shave my son’s head bald, when I had told him not to as my son had spent over a year growing his hair. I was so angry with this barber, so I went back to express my anger. He was so arrogant and never apologized, so I told him that I was cursing his shop, and it was going to close down. He thought I was crazy, said his shop would never close, oh well, it didn’t even take a year, the shop is closed down as I write this.

Your fear was always dying of aliment, especially TB, as it is your family sickness, you will lie on that hospital bed one day, and your mother and sisters will look for me, asking me to forgive you so that you will be free, but on that day I will not.

Oh and don’t even play the Christian card on me, no amount of “ndirikunamata baba” prayers will save your damned soul, these curses I have proclaimed on you will not be miraculously turned into blessings. You are damned nigger.

When you were cursing me, wishing me evil and death, without any ounce of mercy, you really believed your curses would happen because you thought I had touched the anointed of God. You constantly used “touch not”, to justify your curses. Well Shingai, let me ask you once again, who is the anointed one today…

DSC_1400 (2)

Never Yours, Never Was Yours, Forever  Nino’s

Mary-Tamar was Jean







7 thoughts on “Dear Shingai Musuka, My Ex Husband

  1. Oh woow! You said it all sis. At least you can continue living your glamorous lifestyle with your Boaz in peace.

    I am glad your heart is clean now as you have poured all the hateful moments that family put you through. I am still waiting for Walter Masocha to go down for a very long time. I wonder what is going on right now and I wish one day I will visit him in Prison to put the last nail on the coffin lol.

    I am so happy that God blessed you with a gift of writing, you are a perfect writer Jean Gasho now Mary-Tamar. Stay blessed 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t be fooled mate he is still very much in Agape this man they had to release that statement before they bring him back. As for Shingai I saw him last weekend he is living a very good life and he has remarried so l don’t know what you mean that he is unhappy. He seems very happy to me and his wife is pregnant.


    1. Happiness is relative.

      He has no contact with his own children that he had with Jean and you claim he is happy. You sound pretty delusional.

      I cannot imagine myself living without any contact with my own children and claiming to be happy. There is no happiness without seeing your own children. It is feigned happiness. It is not real. And to then know they are now calling someone else dad makes it even worse for any right thinking dad.


  3. jean gosho unoraya chete, why are u so mad at a man who so through your true colours and jumped ship to save his own life. you need guys like huma nino who is probably laced with juju to contain an evil spirit like you.

    siyana nashingi uyo, anopengawao but not kusvika pa level yako, iwewe you take the crown. QUEEN BENZi. l feel sorry for those kids in your custody & you have also lied to the world about you and mascoha, you & him where bonking and the base line of your story with masocha is it was an affair that went bad.


  4. so who is baby Fadzai’s father is he your ex shingi’s child as well or its a different man as you haven’t mentioned him in your blogs and also does he see Fadzai regularly


  5. Your problem is you tell lies too much had you approached the right people you would have been told who the real whores of Masocha where. Top of the list is your nemesis Ruvimbo, Hazel, Winnie and Tarie.


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