By Refusing To Announce The Royal Birth, Meghan Is Proving She Is Difficult

Since Meghan joined the British Royal Family, I instantly became a royalist.  I have been glued to any news and updates regarding her and Harry. I really like Meghan, but I think she has her faults like any of us. This latest decision of hers really exposes her weakness. She is difficult, yes I’ve said it.

Yesterday, social media was buzzing after Buckingham Palace announced that Meghan and Prince Harry plan on keeping the birth of their baby “private” for a while before announcing the news to the public.

The statement read…

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have received from people throughout the United Kingdom and around the world as they prepare to welcome their baby,” the statement reads.

“Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private. The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

I can understand why people have reacted negatively to this latest announcement by Meghan and Harry.

Meghan chose to marry into the royal family. She knew what it meant to be a British Royal. I remember her husband Prince Harry in their BBC engagement interview saying he did warn his wife as much as he could about what it meant to be a royal and what was ahead. Meghan then chose to exercise this privilege of marrying into the British Royal Family by giving up her career as an actress and leaving her home country,  moving to the United Kingdom to marry into the most famous family in the world.

After her move to the United Kingdom, everything was very public for her. She publicly gave a BBC interview with Harry when he proposed to her. In fact she spoke way more than Harry during the interview, sometimes cutting him before he finished his sentences. She showed us her engagement ring, “traditionally” standing outside to pose for the press.

Meghan publicly showing off her engagement ring

Then there was the big royal wedding. It was very public of course, funded by the British tax payer. She welcomed us all, in our millions to watch her get married to her prince.

Meghan’s public royal wedding

Then soon after her wedding, on Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Meghan announced that she was having a royal baby.

After the grand announcement of her pregnancy, before her bump was even showing, she infamously cradled her tiny bump at every occasion. I remember writing about it that she needed to tone down the cradling, it was getting a little bit annoying because no woman in the history of pregnancies has ever cradled a bump like Meghan did.

Meghan’s bump was the most cradled bump in world history

Oh and the very public but not so public lavish baby shower…

Its all been very public with the Duchess Of Sussex, so when I heard that Meghan has decided to keep the birth of this most famous flaunted pregnancy ever private, I just couldn’t comprehend it. She can’t have her cake and eat it too.

The very public private baby shower

I totally understand her not wanting the Queen’s male doctors in the delivery room. I totally understand her choosing her own birthing team and possibly a home birth. I totally agree with Meghan not standing outside the hospital hours after giving birth like what Kate and Diana did. I respect that.

But announcing that a baby has been born? What is wrong with that? Just an announcement that she doesn’t even need to type herself. Just letting the world know that mother and baby are doing well? The Royal Baby bump that she has been flaunting in our faces for over 6 months at every occasion is now suddenly private?

I can’t agree with Meghan on this one. I think this is where she has rightfully earned her nickname, Duchess Difficult.

There is such a thing called humility, honor and respect. And I think Meghan has lost it here.

I see everything from a spiritual perspective.

This takes me back to King David, my favorite royal of all time. The Davidic Dynasty was the only authentic royalty that ever existed on this planet, yet the King was selfless and had respect for the people, even the peasants and slaves.

King David danced in front of slave girls when the ark of the covenant was brought back. That was humility. When his own son Absalom was killed in battle trying to kill his own father, King David mourned for his son and was totally overtaken with grief, yet for the sake of the people who had fought for him, he put his own grief aside and  thanked the people for a battle well fought, which included killing his own rebellious son whom he loved dearly. That is honor and selflessness. Then when he was in exile, his mighty men risked their lives to bring the thirsty King a cup of water, and the King refused to drink it pouring it on the ground, saying he couldn’t possibly drink the water that men had risked their lives to get. That was respect.

King David, who had a throne bigger than what we see today in the British Royal Family understood that being royal meant serving the people and honoring them.

But Meghan is refusing to just announce to the British public that a royal baby has been born.

What about all those people who actually love and support her, and want to know when the baby is born? No one will touch the baby, no one will have access to her or the baby, people just want to know. Don’t her fans who support her deserve that at least.

This is a baby who belongs to the British Monarchy, 7th in line to the throne.

I don’t know, but I have to say, Kate Middleton takes the crown of selflessness and humility on this one. She at least tries to honor the British Public which is commendable and graceful. Princess Diana too, she honored the British Public and was selfless in doing so. Both Kate and the late Princess Diana shared the joy of their royal babies with the public.


Maybe that is why Kate will be the next Queen. Yes I doubt Camilla And Charles will ever take the throne. I believe the throne will go straight to William and Kate.

As for Meghan, I think she has accepted that she will never be Queen anyway, and  is literally giving the British Public the middle finger and wants to do her own thing.  I suppose, she’s kind of saying, “Well maybe I don’t want to be royal after all, you guys don’t even like me, so eff off.”

On the other hand, can we also blame her, the British media and public have been very unkind and unwelcoming to her. So maybe this is her way of retaliating.

Anyway, all the best with the birth Duchess Of Sussex, you really are a stubborn and difficult woman, but I still like you.


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