Why I Find The Hatred Towards Meghan Markle Very Encouraging

Meghan Mackle is the most hated woman in Britain when it comes to Tabloids and social media comments. However, I am one person who has actually been encouraged by the way Meghan is hated. Some of the comments, which are approved especially on the Daily Mail website, are beyond shocking, and they come in thousands each time an article is written about her.

Meghan is attacked and called names for smiling, she is called mental and deranged because they say she is always grinning like a mad woman. They call her ME AGAIN or Sparkle because apparently shes too self-obsessed.

Each hateful comment gets more likes, and any comment that supports her gets hundreds of downvotes. She is attacked for wearing expensive clothes, shes attacked for wearing a £25 H&M dress.

They call her unborn baby names. They say she’s evil and vile. Shes attacked for the way her half-siblings treat her. Shes attacked for not speaking with her father. Shes attacked for holding her Husband’s hand. Shes attacked for her freckles. They say her skin is too oily and greasy. They say her hair is always untidy. They say she always looks unkempt. Shes attacked for apparently changing Harry. Shes attacked for not being invited to Kate’s birthday bash.

However, I find the hate rather encouraging, and sometimes I can’t help but laugh so hard at the comments and articles about Meghan.  My husband Boaz always says to me you get worse than that from Zimbabweans. And I say, the white British people have gone all Zimbabwean on the Duchess Of Sussex, the only thing they do not do is use filthy obscene language on her.

Heavily Pregnant Meghan is attacked for being herself and called ‘mad’

I also love the striking resemblances of my story to Meghan Markle. And reasons why shes hated, are very close to home.

I am a divorcee.

My Boaz is from a foreign country.

My siblings hate me.

I do not speak to my so-called mother.

My world is my Husband, and his family is now my new family. They are the only contacts I have on my WhatsApp messenger.

All the above makes me the most hated woman to ever come from Zimbabwe.

Through it all, I refuse to be silenced and continue to be loyal to MYSELF.

I refuse to be silenced by my haters 

So of course, I am encouraged that Meghan is hated so much. She still comes out smiling and holding her husband’s hand even tighter. I’ve grown to like her for that. So the white British public are literally praying for her divorce from Prince Harry.

The White Brits are praying for Harry to leave Meghan 

Oh and that one is very close to me too, Zimbabweans and my ‘family’ are literally on their knees praying that my Boaz leaves me.

Zimbabweans are praying that Boaz and I divorce 

However, life is such that when you have an entire nation praying for your unhappiness and divorce, it simply means that your marriage will be more blessed. And your haters will be your audience when God prepares a table before you in their presence.

So yes, maybe I am the only one, but I do find the hatred towards Meghan very encouraging, she must be my sister from another mother. Talking about mothers and hatred, my ‘mother’ Miriam says people hate me (by people I mean Zimbabweans) because I am somehow I am carrying the spirit of bad luck. She calls it ‘sari’ or ‘ munyama’ in shona. They call it bad luck, we call it DESTINY.

Oh well, if that’s the case, I would rather be hated by a whole nation and find true love and happiness, than to be loved for losing myself. And I know the Duchess Of Sussex will agree with me on this one.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar was Jean



7 thoughts on “Why I Find The Hatred Towards Meghan Markle Very Encouraging

  1. Jean jean jean jean jean jean jean jean, u & the royal princes have nothing in common, Boaz & Prince Harry have nothing in common, stop fooling yourself. You jean is a confused woman who needs mental help. If u r not Zimbabwean why do u give you give yourself the award of the most hated woman from there. You are an ignoramous who has loose screws in your head. That Boaz of yours doesn’t need prayers to divorce you he only needs a bit of common sense & he will see through you. If anything l have empathy for the children in your custody, l pray & hope they grow up to be resiponsible adults not monsters like you & masocha.

    Jean get a life, get a real job because you are not a journalist by any measure. Or rather go & get real deliverance, lm sure masocha deposited some gross evil things in you every time he kissed & slept with you.

    To you Boaz, you are no superman, u r dealing with a scrupulous woman who needs psychiatric intervention, if you truly love her seek mental health intervention for her, she really needs it.



  2. Keep writing Jean, these responses show that you are someone and your opinions matter otherwise no one responds to a mad woman unless they too are mad. Your facts and reality cannot be disputed. I for one pray for your union and blessings.


  3. Some people you need to give Jean a break! She was abused hated but stood strong! She stood her ground. Yes like Meghan. Why rain insults on her. You wanted her to be a victim. Leave Jean alone

    Jean keep exposing paedophiles. You are a journalist. We supported you from day one and will continue. Keep it up


  4. I have gone through this blog systematically. The comments are vile on the blog owner. Why why why! Zimbabweans you have a problem. You attack the victim. Just because she stoold up to your Papa Magaya aka Socharism. Did u want to continue heing secually abused by Walter? Were you wanting to get this man to bless you too. Sisters were you waiting for a blessing of a car. He got exposed. So dont insult Jean. If she is not a journalist why r you reading her writing. A young mother stood up and will continue. Remain focussed Jean. Dont stop writing.
    I think you should write a book on how a cult leader was sleeping with many women who ALL DENY. They might deny. But know there is no smoke without a fire.


    1. Jean, not too sure which Zimbos but your story made you many followers like me. I hate to see any woman abused. And I am a Zimbabwean. Are you simply saying those who listened to your story and are happy that you are a happily woman in your current relationship are a small fraction compared to those who hate you?
      Getting a bit confused.


  5. Thank you, I enjoyed this article and your sentiments! I am a hated daughter as well! It’s creating a new path, charting new territory, leading a new way while breaking from the old toxic masculinity and abuses.

    Liked by 1 person

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