R Kelly Proves That Most Women Choose To Be Abused

I wasn’t surprised that R Kelly had a sold-out gig and had women mobbing him screaming “take me hostage” and “piss on me” after the Surviving R Kelly documentary went viral worldwide. These women who were begging R Kelly to take them home and make them sex slaves are not mentally unstable or under some spell, they are simply being women.

The V75 nightclub was filled with 80% women – who were all there to support the controversial R&B artist. They took selfies with him, they screamed his name and they danced in front of him.

These women who were mobbing R Kelly in the club on his birthday, and the thousands who didn’t make it there, are actually praying to their gods that R Kelly will take them as his sex slaves. They want to be R Kelly’s sex slaves. Again these women who are obsessed with R Kelly today are not mentally unstable, they are simply being women.

The world seems shocked that R Kelly had a sold-out gig after such a damaging documentary about him. The world is shocked that women were screaming at the shamed R’n B star to take them hostage and urinate on them, literally. The shock is because the world doesn’t want to accept that women, and a lot of them ‘like’ the idea of being dominated by a rich famous alpha male like R Kelly.

As disturbing as it is, a lot of women out there want to be beaten and urinated on by R Kelly. They were screaming for him to do the worst things a man can ever do to a woman. If he sleeps with them, it will be the ultimate bonus and a dream come true.

I have said this in the past, that women are weaker than men, physically, emotionally and mentally. I find it laughable when women deny being the weaker sex, and somehow want to equate themselves to men.

It’s always women who are manipulated by men who hold power. It’s always women who make the most foolish and stupid decisions in the hands of powerful men. In black Pentecostal churches, 70% of the congregants will be women, who entrust every decision they make in their lives to their male Pastors.

Men like R Kelly continue to prove to society that women are weak in every aspect of their being, especially intellectually. It’s not a mental illness, its how they were designed by the creator.

Because of that, men, a lot of men take advantage of that mental weakness in women, and the women gladly comply until they can’t take it anymore.

Here in the UK, a judge recently blamed a woman left paralysed by an abusive partner telling her that, ‘you chose to go home that night’ after she chose to ignore the advice of the police to leave her abuser. I agree with the Judge 100%, it’s about time women take responsibility for the part they play in abuse.

After everything that was said about Sex Prophet Walter Masocha a few years ago, it was women who were at the forefront of defending him.  These women, who most of them slept with Masocha, these women chose to be abused by Masocha.

Women can’t have their cake and eat it too. They want to be ‘vulnerable’ women when the position suits them. Half the time they deny that we are way weaker than men and easily manipulated. They only take the position when it works in their favour.  I think it’s about time women are held accountable for choosing to be with men that they are well aware are abusers.

I am glad that a UK Judge was bold enough to tell a woman that she chooses to go to her abuser, hence it was also her fault that the man got her paralysed.

The funny thing is, the same women throwing themselves at R Kelly today ignoring the Documentary will be same women doing a part two of the Surviving R Kelly documentary in 5 years time. They will come out all crying and expect the world to sympathise with them.




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