The 31 Women Who Allegedly Slept With Prophet Walter Masocha Including His Two Married Daughters

Below is a list sent to my blog as a comment, of 31 women who allegedly slept with sex Prophet Walter Masocha in the Agape For All Nations Ministries Cult. As a journalist, I  chose to publish this list sent on the public domain of my blog.

Unlike R Kelly who has brave women teaming up together to speak up about what they endured in the hands of the sex monster, sadly for Walter Masocha, no woman ever want to come out publicly and speak out against him. No man wants to speak out about Masocha either, like what John Legend did to R Kelly. If anything, women are Masocha’s greatest defenders, women will even leave their marriages for Walter Masocha.

As for me, it was the other way round, my ex-husband Shingai Musuka left everything, including his children for paedophile Walter Masocha. My children are the ones who always ask me when I am going to tell the whole world about my journey in the hands of Masocha, because they are the ones who were directly affected by the evil of this monster who is being protected by many.

However for all the other families who were destroyed by Masocha, for some strange reason they remain very secretive about what they went through. Even in his fallen shameful present state, women remain very protective of this pervert, there is some strange fear around him, maybe it’s his supposed vodoo, because I can’t find any other logical explanation why Walter Masocha evokes so much fear and reverence from men and women.

Anyway, whatever the case, below is a screenshot of the list of 31 married and single women who allegedly slept with Prophet Masocha also know as DADDY MASOCHA sent for the readers of my blog.

I have since removed the two women who are ‘victims’ of Walter Masocha and have already gone to Court trial over the sex offender in the last few years. These women were groped inappropriately by Masocha and have contacted me to have their names removed as they did not embark in a sexual affair with the pervert. The rest of the women on the list continue to defend and protect Masocha one way or another.




On another trending similar issue, I commend the women who collectively spoke out about the evil monster R Kelly. Paedophiles and abusers lose their power when they are exposed. It saves more women from being abused. I especially commend R Kelly’s ex-wife for refusing to protect evil and coming out to speak of her journey and support the women abused by her ex-husband.

Strong women came together to publicly share their harrowing stories of abuse by superstar R Kelly

Well, I am happy that I stood alone publicly in this journey. God brought me a helper along the way, my Boaz who hopes that one day he will come face to face with Walter Masocha for everything he put me and my children through. With my Boaz behind me, no other opinion or defenders of Walter Masocha matters to me.

With Boaz next to me, I have been the only face to stand alone publicly  against Walter Masocha

In it all, God rewarded me with the most loving husband I had ever dreamt of.  I overcame with the word of my testimony and the blood of the lamb.



13 thoughts on “The 31 Women Who Allegedly Slept With Prophet Walter Masocha Including His Two Married Daughters

  1. Unfortunately this is not the real list. The person who gave u the list must have left Agape a long time ago. Please find someone still in Agape for the proper list ufunge u will be shocked!


  2. Oh my!! Chiedza Zunguzah, please tell me she is not married to my cousin Farai Zunguzah??!!! Say its not so!
    Whatever happened to Tsitsi Chikowore, we went to high school together?
    I am so gutted right now.


    1. Chiedza Zunguzah has always been Masocha’s side kick from Zaoga days. It was an open secret to those who knew Masocha well.

      As for Tsitsi Chikowore, she was in a very bad state when she died 2 years ago. She didn’t know her own name anymore. Masocha sascrifed her, another open secret.

      Tsitsi Chikowore was supposed to leave Agape when she overhead Masocha talking on the phone to Daniel Chibanda’s wife when he thought the phone was cut. Tsitsi had called Daddy Masocha who was at a prayer retreat, then she hung up after the phone call, but Masocha didn’t hung up and she overhead him with Yvonne Chibanda. She called the cheating scumbag back and to hush her up Daddy Masocha paid her £10k so she would not tell anyone.

      Tsitsi and her husband used the money for a deposit on a mortgage in Halifax. Tsitsi was haunted by the whole thing, she tried to leave Agape a few times but Sochaz would threaten her about the money. Zvakaoma.

      Apawo her daughter Florence started rebelling, doing drugs and beating Tsitsi up until she became sick. Masocha was also doing things to her, because she kept threatening to leave, so she died two years ago.

      Sad story ya Tsitsi Chikowore.


      1. Oh my God, may her soul rest in peace. I had no idea, that is the most shocking thing I have heard. My heart goes out to her and her family may she finally find peace indeed. These are the stories that we need to hear more of not as mere gossip but for humanity’s sake. All these people were searching for something amd thought they found it in this man. This is so sad, we should have more compassion for each other and understand their journey and where they have been
        Wow I am so hurt over this.


      2. Tinashe’s father is questionable maybe a not so little Masocha. He is into drugs and is dating his own cousin Panashe. Sick sick.


  3. The problem with you Jean, is you don’t understand that these women are not protecting this man but themselves. I pray that people take serious action against you for publishing their names over such a private, sensitive and extremely hurtful matter.


    1. Are you one of Masocha’s side kicks? Protecting yourself my foot. Who are on that list? The reason why people are posting names on this platform is because this man gets to screw whoever he wants in his church and the women just keep mum about it. Martin Luther King said concealing evil is the same as committing evil. Hamunyare makaita sei mahure a Masocha.


  4. Some advise sister U need the right source to give you correct information with actuall tangible evidence. please dont waste pples time with completely wrong names there are proper pple with real evidence do your research u will find them part of journalism is reporting the truth u owe it to the world mazita chaiwo ariko


  5. The problem is zviuya zvakawanana. Judith how many men did she sleep with Sandra’s dad , Sharon’s dad , Masocha all those married men in kambuzuma. They are just as bad as each other.I know Judith from back in the day aisaita


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