Dear Meghan, You Can’t Afford To Be Britain’s Most Hated Woman

Dear Meghan

I have never been a royalist, but since you joined the British Monarchy, I have been following your journey religiously. Your story has been quite inspirational and intriguing.

Since you dated and married Prince Harry, all I read were beautiful articles about your journey. But for some reason, the tables turned about a month ago, when you announced that you were pregnant. It was then that the press started to portray you as a very unlikable woman, both in Europe and USA.


It is alleged you announced your big news at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. Apparently, the Princess Bride was so upset that she went away to cry for almost an hour because her thunder had been stolen by you on her big day. And if that was not bad enough, after her wedding, your baby news overshadowed her wedding and became the talk of the world.

Well, I wrote on my Facebook that you needed to tone down on the belly rubbing because it was the ultimate ‘rubbing it in’ to the people you had upset so much. I was viciously attacked by Zimbabweans on my Facebook timeline, which always happens when I give my opinion. But you see, I was right, the reason I warned you to tone it down was because of what’s happening to you today.

The people and the media now hate you, and they have put that hatred into action. When I say the people, I mean ‘white people’ whose opinion matter more than us, black people, as we see in the mainstream media. Black people’s opinion doesn’t really influence much.  The truth of the matter is, white people’s opinion control the mainstream media. The fact that black people adore you doesn’t help you much.

I never thought the hatred towards you could be this intense, but now it is. Over the past weeks the mainstream media has set out to destroy you, and they have no mercy that you are pregnant with your first child.

The mainstream media has no consideration about the impact the negetive press will have on you and your unborn baby.

The media that once hailed you as a Princess now label you a bully who made Kate cry. I thought the words dictator were only reserved for people who the West hated like Robert Mugabe. But today I wake up to headlines of you, The Duchess Of Sussex being called a Dictator and control freak. You have been accused of being too demanding so much that the palace staff do not like you. Your assistant is reported to have quit her job only 6 months after your royal wedding.

Then there was a picture of you segregated from the main balcony at Remembrance Day. It just didn’t look right.


Something tells me Duchess, that your in-laws do not like you very much.

I also read that your royal baby will not have any title? That doesn’t sound right too.

And to make matters worse, you and Harry were supposed to be moving into Kensington Palace next door to William and Kate, but you are now moving into servant quarters instead, Frogmore Cottage where your baby will be born. How can a Princess move into a house which was built for servants? Is that not a downgrade? The Cottage is not only a servant’s quarters but a cemetery for royals.

Harry and Meghan are moving to Frogmore Cottage early next year

I’m sorry but moving from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage sounds more like the ultimate insult.

So my dear Meghan, let me just advise you a little. I know what it is like to be the most hated woman in a country. Zimbabweans hate me. I know what it is like to be hated by in-laws, my first marriage broke down because of that. I know what it is like to be hated by your own blood. I too am not on talking terms with any member of my family.

So yeah, I believe I am qualified to advise you, your Royal Highness. That said, I Mary-Tamar can afford to be hated by my ‘family’, my ex-in-laws and Zimbabweans, I do not need them in my life. In fact, their hatred has done me a lot of good. It made me the woman I am today.

However, for you Duchess, you can’t afford to have your royal in-laws against you. The love of Prince Harry alone will not be enough to sustain you. He is still bound by his loyalty to the monarchy. Unless both of you move to an Island where you live alone, you are married to both Prince Harry and the Royal Family.

You do not have a strong family support of your own, your own siblings are out to destroy you. So for your marriage to survive, you need the royal family on your side, to some degree at least. It was not wise to announce your pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. You need the favour of these people.

You can not afford to have the mainstream media against you either. You really can’t afford to be potrayed as the most hated woman in United Kingdom.

Your job is to be a people’s Princess. Your job is to be loved and adored. Princess Diana chose to be the Queen of people’s hearts. That also was not enough, she didn’t have the support she needed and died before her time.

How can you be the Duchess of the people of United Kingdom, when every morning you wake up to cruel headlines and comments from the very public you are supposed to serve? Being adored by only black people is not enough. You are white too. Being embraced by your white side is your birthright.

Image is everything, especially for a Duchess. I would advise you hire a PR team who will transform your public image and have some control over what’s being written about you. Right now, I believe you are ill-advised, and people around you are not doing anything to help the situation, because every-day the hatred from the mainstream media is becoming more intense. No matter how strong you are, this type of negative press, especially in your position, will have an impact on you.

I would recommend PR firm LookGold London. You do need them, your Royal Highness.

Yours Sincerely






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