Kate Dressed Better During Pregnancy; Meghan’s Palace Troubles, Part 3

Meghan has come under a lot of criticism from her fans over her choice of dress at the Royal Variety Performance last night. Some of her fans accused her of lacking style and compared her to Kate saying the Duchess of Cambridge dressed way better than Meghan during her pregnancies. Last night Meghan chose to wear a halterneck black and white top and a long black skirt by Safiyaa showing her growing baby bump. 

Some have pointed out how unfair it is to compare Meghan and Kate, as they are two different women with two different styles. I could not help but agree with Meghan’s fans. Yes, it is unfair to keep comparing her look to Kate’s. Meghan will never look like Kate, she is from a different culture and country. 

Kate and Meghan have different styles

However, I believe that Meghan is now constantly being compared to Kate because she is failing to make her mark in the style department. Kate has worked out her body type and does seem to have a lot of help around her. Meghan, on the other hand, does not seem to have help when it comes to her wardrobe. During her royal tour in Australia, she stepped out with a tag handing on her dress. I can never see such a wardrobe mishap happening to the Duchess of Cambridge. 

The Duchess forgot to remove the tag on her dress

Now, about last night, I think Meghan wore the wrong outfit which made her body look rather strange. The strapless top did no justice to her shoulders, making her look like she had very broad shoulders and thin arms. The belt made her waist look way too wide. Her body type did not suit the outfit at all. The long skirt was too long and unflattering, so much she struggled to walk in it. The look was a disaster and the Duchess looked uncomfortable and awkward in it. The weather was also way too cold for such an outfit, it didn’t look appropriate at all, especially for a woman with child.  

Kate always managed to look polished, modest and elegant during her pregnancies. Of course, Meghan is not supposed to copy Kate, but a lit of colour and sophistication would be lovely.

Kate always chose modest apparel during her pregnancies

The Duchess of Sussex always tries to play it safe with simplicity. She wears a lot of dark colours too. I think she has to work out her style and get someone to help her with her hair too. Her hair has a different texture and needs a special kind of attention. 

Meghan struggled in her long skirt

No one has to look like anyone, but Meghan is a royal, its her job to look elegant and polished. She will never be able to please everyone, but looking good and appropriate should be part of her lifestyle, just like all the other royals. I hope she finds her groove soon, she deserves the best stylists money can buy. . 


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