My Two Brave Sons Will Grow Dreadlocks: They Survived Miriam’s Attacks

There is something majestic, spiritual and sacred about hair, especially on a black man. It is just glorious. But not only are dreadlocks beautiful to behold, but they are also a symbol of strength and power.

Samson had seven dreadlocks, and his strength was found in his hair. Christ too was a Nazarite, he let his dreadlocks grow.


I have three boys, my first son is not so much into growing hair. He loves his haircuts.

However, King Chaka and King Monie will certainly have some Nazarite anointing going on.

These two boys are very similar and have very similar birth stories and attacks.

King Monie 10 years ago and King Chaka today

Both boys were viciously attacked at their birth, by close relatives. When I became pregnant with King Monie 10 years ago, I called Mririam Matambanadzo with the good news, I thought she was my mother at the time, and she was like, “Ah ah ah, this is a serious case, ko zvawakungo zvara kunge munhu asina kufunda!” (Why do you keep having babies like an uneducated woman). Yes, she actually said that, my own so-called mother. She burst my bubble of excitement and stole my joy of pregnancy.

Miriam was not happy about my pregnancies

Even after King Monie was born, I suffered a lot of attacks from Miriam because she resented me for having 3 children so soon at such a young age. She continues to mock me saying that I am a baby making machine.

But it wasn’t only Miriam who hated me for carrying Monie. When I was carrying King Monie, I was told by my half-sister (Chief Mutota’s daughter)  that he would be stillborn because I did not allow her to move in my house. The words of my half-sister almost came true, I had to pray hard, and when Monie was born, all the midwife could say was, “You lucky lucky boy.” His birth and survival were miraculous.

Now 10 years later, when Chaka was born, he was cruelly attacked by Miriam. This woman was actually praying to her vadzimu/Zimbabwe gods that King Chaka would be disabled. Her witchcraft is on another level, she is one evil woman. She actually picked her phone on Fathers Day to deliver the satanic message about my son.

Carrying Monie 10 years ago and carrying Chaka 6 months ago

So both my boys Chaka and Monie have prevailed against their enemies and survived.

Miriam attacked my third baby Monie
Miriam also attacked Chaka

Not only do they look alike, the boys birth, though ten years apart caused a great outcry from their “grandmother” Miriam Matambanadzo.  Like evil Nimrod or evil Herod, Miriam saw both the stars of these boys, but her witchcraft or sorcery could not work.

The boys will grow their hair as a symbol of power, beauty and strength. I am so proud of them because their spirits must be so strong to survive the attacks of a woman who is meant to be their own maternal grandmother.

Monie started his dreadlock journey in summer, about 4 months ago. And Chaka recently started his at 6 months.

Their dreadlock journey is a consecration to their testimonies of strength and survival, I know these boys have their mark somewhere on the four corners of this world. They are brave little Kings, against all attacks, they thrive.

I just can’t wait to nurture and watch the dreadlocks grow. I am so blessed to have carried these little Kings in my humble womb.




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