Meghan Can’t Have Whatever She Wants! The Duchess’s Palace Troubles, Part One

Recent revelations by different British tabloids reveal that the Queen had to intervene after Meghan Markle got in a heated exchange of words with palace staff over what tiara she wanted to wear for her wedding to Prince Harry.

Meghan was called to Buckingham Palace to choose her Tiara among a selected few. But when she picked the one she liked, she was told that she could not have it.

Meghan had her heart set on this Tiara with emeralds and Prince Harry hit the roof when she was told by staff members planning the royal wedding that it was impossible for her to wear it.

Prince Harry is reported to have lost his temper and told staff that, ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!’

The Queen heard of Harry’s heated exchange with staff members over the Tiara and was prompted to summon Prince Harry about the matter.

According to the Express, the Queen said to Harry, ‘Meghan can’t have whatever she wants. She gets the tiara she is given by me.’

Meghan who was already tearful and emotional about her father and half-sister humiliating her to the press was not having it easy in the royal household before her wedding.

338c5a4f-94c1-4e83-889f-cfe8af36fe7a-screen-shot-2018-05-19-at-85126-amAgainst her wishes, Meghan ended up wearing a diamond and platinum Tiara given to her by the Queen. She liked it, but it was not her preferred choice.

A source also said that the Queen questioned Meghan’s decision to wear a veil on her wedding considering it was not her first marriage. She ended up allowing Meghan to wear the veil.

The Queen was not happy with Meghan wearing a veil

Well, according to Mary-Tamar, I think the Queen denying Meghan her prefered Tiara may have been to remind her that she had been favoured enough to marry her royal grandson, but that didn’t mean Meghan gets to have a superior position in the royal household.  I think the Tiara incident was more than just about the Tiara, it was about reminding Meghan that she has black blood, and she is not going to rule in the royal household, getting whatever she wanted. I think it’s also sad that the royal staff were not making it easy for her, considering the stress her own family were putting her through.


The positive thing in all this is she has Harry to lean on. It really sounds like she offloads to her Prince, and her Prince is the one who fights for her.

It reminds me of all my relationships, especially the relationship with my so-called ‘mother’, Mirriam. Boaz is the only man who has denied that woman the power she used to have to treat me like an animal.

Only a real man can stand up for his Queen when she’s being intimidated. I applaud Harry for standing up to the palace staff when they ganged up on the Duchess.


Meghan may not be able to have everything she wants, but she has everything she needs, her Boaz Prince Harry and the baby she is carrying.

That said, it doesn’t help that the British Press is starting to be really negative towards the Duchess of Sussex

To be continued…


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