I Could Never Take My Boaz Back To Jericho/Zimbabwe, When I Know The Walls Are Falling Down

So this morning I went shopping, preparing for Sabbath and the Passover we have this weekend at Black British Royals. Boaz ordered a taxi for me, and behold, it was a Ghanaian Taxi driver. As soon as I got into his taxi, he asked me, ‘Are you from Zimbabwe?’

I told him I was born there, then he got very excited at hearing that. I cut him right there and told him that I had a husband, who was Ghanaian.

‘Oh wow, it looks like Zimbabwe and Ghana has a special connection. I don’t know what it is but there is something deeper between the two. I have two friends married to Zimbabwean women. We always say Zimbabwe women are very beautiful.’

‘I’m sure you do…’, I replied him.

‘Well, the those two friends of mine recently went to Zimbabwe with their wives on holiday. It was really nice because they all went together.’

‘That’s interesting…’

‘I don’t know how you guys cope with the culture clash though because its two very different cultures.’

‘Well one has to give,’ I told him, ‘ With my husband and I it was me who gave up the culture I was raised in.’

I couldn’t wait to tell Boaz about this little conversation with the Ghanaian Taxi driver, which confirmed everything we had been discussing.


Well, the connection goes back to Isreal and pagan Zimbabwe. First, it was King David and Macaah. Then King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. It appears as though the fall of Isreal was always Zimbabwean women.

Zimbabwean women are seductresses by nature. A seductress lures men into her chamber, then she breaks their thrones and cuts their hair.

My Boaz only managed to escape their snare because he was chosen to rescue me from the Pagan land. He married one who literally needed rescuing from the country, hence I could never take him back there.

Its like Princess Fiona taking the brave Prince who rescued her from the tower back to the fiery dragon. God forbid, I could never do that.

Ok , forget fairytales, lets speak realistically, it’s like Rahab, when she was rescued from the tower of Jericho by the Hebrew spies, how could she take her Israelite husband back to Jericho? Her Boaz took her from Jericho, not the other way round.

That said, sadly West African men will never stop their obsession with Zimbabwean and South African women and being taken back to Jericho by these women. They fall for the seductresses, then they go and serve the pagan gods of their pagan wives.

The great Hebrew Samson was brought down by Delilah, who was a professional seductress. After she lured Samson into her chambers, she broke his throne and cut his seven dread locks.

Today, the connection remains, especially that of Zimbabwean/Pagan women and Ghanaian men. I hope one-day West African men will have a better understanding of who these women really are spiritually, and the implications of paying the Zimbabwean lobola should they fall in love with one.

As for me in my house, I have left Jericho, I can not possibly take my Boaz back to a tower that is about to fall mightly.

Yes, Babylon is falling…and it’s not America or the United Kingdom, its Dzimba Dzemabwe. The Great Tower Of Babel.

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar





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