The Real Reason Walter Masocha Was Allowed To Appeal His Conviction Of Paedophilia

On 27 April 2015, Walter Masocha was convicted of multiple sex offences, one including a child, and was put on the UK sex offender register for sexually abusing a child.

Myself and Walter Masocha during my time in his church

I celebrated the victory. I had fought a very long hard battle with the man who almost took me to the grave. But things were about to take an unexpected turn.

For Walter Masocha to appeal his conviction, he had something in his hand. His lawyers advised him that he could appeal the conviction using that something he had in his hand.

That something was the letter I had written to him about two weeks after giving birth to Fadzi, in a moment of darkness and despair when I was being given pressure by GOCC female Church members, my then best friend Charlotte Marshall who was an Illuminati elite white woman, my uncle Sekuru Patrick Matambanadzo and my own father Chief Mutota to drop the charges against Walter Masocha and get my ex-husband to come back to me.

I had given birth and was not sleeping, as each time I closed my eyes I saw Walter Masocha. I saw a snake, a cobra, then I would see Walter Masocha. I was being tormented by this man in my dreams.

One of my friends had told me that I was going to lose my mind or die, because of everything I had done to Walter Masocha, reporting him to the police and destroying his church. She went as far as to tell me that I needed to see a doctor as there was something seriously wrong with my mind. She had been a close friend of mine, but suddenly turned against me and called me a psychopath.

So with all the pressure around me, and not thinking straight as I had just had a baby, I sat down to write the letter to Walter Masocha,  with Charlotte encouraging me, and it went like this…

Dear Archbishop and Apostle most Reverend Dr Masocha ( Prophet of Jesus) 

I write to you today humbled and in much trembling and fear. I had a dream my lord, and I saw you as an angel of God in my dream and my heart has been troubled for fear of your majesty for a while now. I had no rest till I started writing this email to you. You really are a man of God.

I wish I could still call you Daddy. I miss you Daddy. I miss how you used to call me your baby girl. How you made me discover my self and the way you protected me. I miss you. You once told me that I am always in your heart. Today I am that prodigal daughter, lost my place no longer worthy of your father love. The deep love you had for me. It was not of this world but heavenly.

But I am saddened that I’ve lost my place as your daughter, your most beloved daughter. I am no longer worthy. I come to you today as your maid servant, my lord. I pray that in your heart you will have mercy on me, and find it in your heart to forgive me, not as your daughter but as your maid servant. I come before you bowed down on the floor, asking for your mercy.

You once told me that you will love me no matter what, and that our bond will never be broken. You said your love for me was deeper than the love I had for you. Today I hang on to that.

I’ve been trying to get hold of DC Scott Wayne so I can drop the charges and withdraw my case. You are an anointed prophet of Jesus and i see that today. Archbishop I misinterpreted your deep heavenly love for me for abuse. The love you had for me is not understood by the human mind, and in my spiritual weakness and distress I misunderstood that love you had for me for abuse.

You did nothing wrong to me and all you ever wanted was to raise me up as your daughter. In your grace if you allow me I want to clear your name publicly, and restore your reputation to the world. I will make your name known, that you are the prophet of Jesus. If you let me and allow me, my lord I will restore your reputation and will let the whole world know that you are a man of god. I see you as an angel of God.

Please do show this email to the police if you need to. That is how I want you to know you can trust me. And I want you to know that if you let me, God will restore the church of Jesus Agape For All Nations Ministries International to its former glory, as you always said we are the seed. I see what you meant. And I will help you to restore that, as my way of serving you as your maid servant for all the damage I caused.

I pray I hear back from you. I am sorry for the anguish and pain I inflicted on you and your family and most importantly the church of Jesus. I am so sorry Archbishop. Please forgive me.

Your maid servant


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

This was the letter that Walter Masocha had been waiting for. He knew that with this letter, he would go free. The day he got it from me, he thanked his Egyptian gods. The job had been done, thanks to my best friend Charlotte Marshall, my own family, Patrick Matambanadzo and GOCC church members, these people had worked on me to the advantage of Walter Masocha.

So the moment I clicked send, I then decided to call the Detective who was dealing with the case, DC Scott,  so I would drop the charges against Walter Masocha. I called DC Scott’s office and he wasn’t in. I left a message. After about an hour, DC Scott called me back.

“Oh Jean, I have been meaning to call you actually, your case is looking really good. We have a lot of evidence and witnesses. A lot of women are coming up to report him. A new date for the trial has been set and you should be receiving the letter in the next few days if you haven’t already received it.” DC Scott told me.

“Really…” I replied quietly. I was suddenly filled with regret over the letter I had sent to Walter Masocha. I knew I had done something I should not have. Hearing DC Scott’s voice had suddenly empowered me.

“Yes Jean, things are looking really good for you. You have a strong case. For the Crown Prosecution to set a date for a trail, it means things are positive for you and finally moving forward. I really believe you are going to get the justice you have been wanting for so long Jean. So well done. Anyway, you called me, what did you want to say?”

I couldn’t possibly tell DC Scott that I had just ruined the whole case by a letter I had just sent to Walter Masocha. I wished I could take back the email, but the letter was gone. Had DC Scott called me a few hours before, that letter would have never been sent.

“What did you want to tell me, Jean?” He asked me again, as I was just quiet, not knowing whether to tell him about the letter.

“Ummm, nothing, I just wanted to ask how the case was going. And I am glad things are looking positive Scott. Thank you.”

After I hung up, I was filled with confusion and guilt, I could not believe what I had just done.

But still I was determined to go to the trial and fight this man, with or without the letter, I knew this was a fight I could not afford to give up on.

The trial came, I testified. The other victims testified, and Walter Masocha was found guilty of sexual abuse.

His Lawyers tried to use the letter during the trial, but it was dismissed, as I had written it days after giving birth, under distress and not in my right frame of mind.

But still, Walter Masocha wanted to cling on to the letter…

After he was found guilty of sexual abuse, he took the letter I had written to the High Court to appeal his conviction.

With the letter in his hand, the appeal was granted…

To Be Continued

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar



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